The Bible says that pride goes before the fall. Why is this true?

God taught me a long time ago why it is so difficult for any sports team to go undefeated for very long. It is only human nature that, when you are winning, you begin to think that you know everything about what you are doing and no one can teach you anything, so you quit learning. After all, you must be doing everything right and know everything because you are always winning.

What happens is that you get to where you think you cannot be beat and quit thinking of ways the other guy can beat you. But the other guy knows he doesn't know everything because he is losing. Therefore, he keeps thinking and learning and common sense should tell you that it is only a matter of time before he knows enough to beat you.

God has taught me that the time when a really good athlete or army is most likely to get beat and it is easiest to beat them is when they begin to think they cannot be beat because they quit thinking.

I remember when we went into Afghanistan and Iraq. EVERYONE, including all Christian leaders, kept saying that us winning the war was a sure thing because we had the best weapons and best trained military in the world. It wasn't possible for us to get beat. I remember thinking that we should be careful because we were putting our faith in our technology and training instead of in God. We were arrogant.

This was in spite of the fact that we should have learned that lesson in Viet Nam. I was playing in Uncle Sam's black closet at that time and know what weapon systems we had. Believe me that we had the weapons to win that war but we lost it. We had all kinds of technology including smart bombs, IR night vision, stealth technology, the best electronics warfare technology in the world, and technology I still can't tell you about because it is still classified over 30 years later.

By all rights, we should have won that war because we had the Russian and Chinese technology the NVA and Viet Cong were using beat at every turn. It was pretty amazing what we could do back then. We went into that war thinking we couldn't be beat by a bunch of rag tag rebels and we got beat because our leaders quit thinking and the enemy didn't. They found ways to beat us off the battle field while our soldiers were winning almost all of the battles on the battle field.

If you listen to today's lying liberal media, our soldiers got beat by their soldiers. That is not true because our soldiers won almost every battle and were ahead in the game when the politicians pulled the plug. Our politicians lost that war, not the soldiers and the liberal media helped them lose the war the same way they are helping the terrorists win this war.

There were at least half a dozen times during that war that the US could have pretty easily won it but Johnson and McNamara were determined to lose it and did a great job of doing just that. In that war, we were defeated from within just like we are being defeated from within in this war by the lying liberals turning the people against the war and making them want to run instead of fight just like they did in Viet Nam.

We went into Iraq thinking that our superior conventional army would just waltz right over the top of all the armies of the terrorist supporting countries. Because of our pride and arrogance, we didn't anticipate that, just maybe, one country would be smart enough to know that they couldn't beat us in a head on conventional battle and would chose to fight another war with us. Our generals quit thinking and theirs didn't. They realized that they had to find a way to keep from having to face our mighty army in a head on confrontation and their answer was to tie us down in another country before we could invade their country by using a terrorist army, Al Quaeda, to stage a counter offensive against us in Iraq.

It was brilliant and it worked for the last few years. The Iranian generals are still thinking as we approach another phase in this war against terror and our generals better be thinking also or we will get our butts handed to us again.

Iran is using their covert mercenary armies (the terrorists) to try and pin us down in enough places to stretch our forces thin enough so that we can't invade Iran. You have to understand that Iran has figured out that our greatest weakness is that Bill Clinton cut our conventional military in half in eight years, George Bush has not been able to rebuild that force because he has had to spend army building money on fighting a war, and we don't have enough soldiers to fight too many battles at once. They are using that and our own lying liberal media against us.

That is why there is presently an escalation in the fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan and they are working towards attacking Israel with the impressive force they have been building in Lebanon, Syria, Gaza, and else where. DO NOT be surprised if Iran manages to open up another front else where before October 31st to try and stretch our forces out too thin and prevent us from attacking Iran.

When you go into any competition always know that it is good to have the best armed and trained force but that is not enough. Always put your faith in God and not your weapons and pull your head out of your butt and be thinking of ways they can beat you because they will be thinking of ways to beat you. If you don't, you are going to get a lot of bad surprises.

Always remember that anyone can be beat and history proves that to be true because many lesser armies have defeated superior armies. Pray for our troops, generals, and politicians.

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