Iran 3

I have been thinking about this. Iran has been watching the US get our butts handed to us by the terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan and us running from those countries because of our incompetent civilian leader ship and liberal traitors, us being backed down by Russia and China in Syria because we didn't have enough troops to send a force in, and us now being backed down by Russia in Crimea with Russia quickly expanding her influence around the planet while our glorious leader is at happy hour with his commie buddies. Just like the Bible says for the sixth and final judgment of a nation, we are running when our enemies don't even pursue and even running when a leaf blows across the ground all thanks to our glorious traitor in chief, Obama.

Iran is backed by Russia and China in whatever she does and has one of the most powerful militaries left in the middle east, much stronger than Syria. We know she has nukes and is building a nuke arsenal for a surprise attack and I have proved this in a previous essay. We don't know how big that nuke arsenal is but it must be of considerable size by now, probably at least 100 to more than 200 nukes, especially after 30 years of working on developing nukes and with all of the help she has had. That would be especially true if all or most of her nukes are low throw weight tactical nukes of 200 k or less.

Iran really wants to gain control of Babylon because their Shiite sect of Islam believes that Babylon must be rebuilt before their messiah, the Mahdi, can return and set up their global dictatorship, which means they have to gain control of Iraq. To bring their Mahdi, Babylon has to be the Muslim religious and political capitol of the world and Iran believes this means Iran must nuke Mecca and Medina to force the Sunni Muslims to accept Babylon as Islam's most holy site. Plus Iran really wants to destroy Israel and the US.

So, how does little Iran do this?

Iran knows that Obama won't move against Iran, Russia, and China when Iran sends troops into Iraq "to quell the Sunni-Shiite fighting in Iraq" or this may even have been included in Iran's secret deal with Obama and Iran is working with Obama and Valerie planning on nuking several cities in the US so Obama can set up his US Muslim dictatorship (destroy the US). All Iran, Obama, and Valerie would have to do to achieve their common goals is nuke one or more US cities, Mecca, and Medina and blame Israel for nuking all of them. This would give the US, the Muslims, and UN cause to mount a UN force to invade Israel and hold their leaders accountable for the nuclear attacks, after Obama declares martial law setting up his US Muslim dictatorship, and Iran quietly moves into Iraq, taking control of Babylon, with no one noticing. All of the bad guys win.

I think this is more likely to happen than Iran shooting nuke armed missiles at everyone, which could all be shot down. Keep an eye on this.

It is always a good idea to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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