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Remember when Obama, via the CIA, was working with King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and helping King Abdullah's proxy terrorist armies such as Al Quaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, and others fighting Assad and the terrorist organization, Hezballah, in Syria?

Then Obama clearly dumped King Abdullah leaving him stranded without a major power to cover Saudi Arabia's terrorists actions and quit helping King Abdullah's terrorist organizations such as Al Quaeda fighting Assad to make buds with Iran and Rouhani. Obama has lifted sanctions on Iran, reopened trade with Iran and gave Iran 3 to 4 billion dollars to build their nukes.

Remember in the last few days that I told you King Abdullah was withdrawing support for his top terrorist organizations such as the Muslim Brotherhood, declaring them all to be terrorist organizations, and issued a warning that all Saudi citizens who participate in terrorism with Saudi's former proxy terrorist organizations will be imprisoned, giving his people a 15 day grace period and I was wondering why, what is going on? Remember that I speculated that since the US is no longer protecting Saudi Arabia, some one may have threatened King Abdullah with invasion to stop Abdullah's terrorist organizations, you know, the way the US invaded Afghanistan and Iraq?

Today I found out that the CIA is now working with Hezballah fighting Al Quaeda and other Saudi terrorist proxy armies in Syria, you know, on Assad's side so that the US is now indirectly helping Assad, Iran's puppet.

Hmmm, could it be that Obama is the one who threatened King Abdullah and told him to dismantle his terrorist armies? Hold it, what about Obama's threats to invade Syria and punish Assad for using chemical weapons on his own people? Have you noticed that story has mysteriously gone quiet? Gee, does that mean that Obama really doesn't care about people and was only blowing his righteous horn to make excuses for invading Syria....until Obama found out that the US Military Obama is dismantling no longer has enough forces to invade Syria.

What about Obama decreasing the number of visas being given to Israelis wanting to visit the US? What about Obama consistently holding back on providing the delivery of US weapon systems to Israel? What about Obama cutting research and development funds for projects being worked on by the US and Israel? Why did Obama impose travel sanctions on Isreal one week after Putin invaded Crimea? Hmmmm, could it be Obama is making nice with Iran, Syria, and Hezballah because he is getting ready to invade Israel, you know, like God tole me Obama will? Keep an eye on that one.

Gee, it kind of looks like no one can trust or depend on Obama, doesn't it? While Ukraine burns, Obama is playing golf. We all know how much more important golf is than Ukraine or anyone. You liberals better pay very close attention to this, some day it will be your turn so you might kinda want to get yourself some Kevlar T-shirts with extra padding in the back. Just a suggestion.

Hmmmm, I wonder why Obama keeps using US resources to help Muslim terrorist organizations fight other nations, you know, like Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria, and now other terrorist organization? Could it be that Obama is a Muslim terrorist?

BTW, I like to admit when I make a mistake and I forgot to refer to maps before I recently made the statement that Putin taking Transnitria will leave Ukraine completely surrounded by Russia. Actually, Ukraine won't be surrounded by Russia to the north and northwest, Bulgaria lives there. Also note that I have not removed that error because I am not afraid to let people know that I am human and make mistakes so I will not attempt to cover it up, probably because I am a grown up. Anyone who tells you they have never made a mistake is telling you that 1) they have never done anything in life, 2) they are a liar, and/or 3) they are too stupid to realize when they do make a mistake. Obviously, I am none of the above. Hey, I am not a liberal.

Oh yeah, technically, what Russia will do is relieve her Black Sea Fleet forces holding Crimea with the new forces she has moved into Crimea so she can quietly reload those Black Sea Fleet forces on the ships, especially the Russian Spetznaz forces. Then Russia will take the same Black Sea Fleet forces to Odessa to seize Odessa and Transnitria that she used to seize Crimea.

BTW, remember that I told you the Muslims in China are fighting a very bloody civil war with the Chinese government? We know about the recent knife attack by 10 Muslims killing 33 people in China. I just read about a Muslim attempted hijacking of a Chinese commercial airliner 10 minutes after take off. The hijackers were attacked by the other passengers on the plane with several hijackers being killed and the rest hospitalized. It really isn't a good idea to attempt to hijack an airplane flying from a nation in which so many of its citizens are trained in martial arts.

Some experts are saying that the recent commercial airline flying from China to Malaysia was blown up by a Muslim terrorist attack because the plane suddenly disappeared from radar just like when a plane is blown up, there were two people on the plane using stolen EU passports, and the increasing Muslim violence in China.

This Chinese civil war is escalating very quickly and is much more violent than China is letting us know. China's military could easily get tied down by the 300 to 400 million Muslims in their country (about 25% of China's population) fighting this civil war against the Chinese government. China may not get a chance to invade other countries and may end up being divided into two or more countries fighting each other, especially after the Taliban start using their share of the profits from China developing the Afghanistan natural resources to support the Muslims in this civil war. Keep an eye on this. It may be God saving our butts.

Man plans, God laughs.

It is definitely time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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