I Told You So 103

Obama Isolating Russia

Remember that I told you that the only nation Obama would end up isolating, by trying to isolate Russia, would be the US?

Not only did China stand by Putin's invasion and "freeing" of Crimea, but so have India and other nations. I also just saw a video of Obama going to a G-20 meeting, you know, with the 20 top leaders in the world, and very few of the other leaders would shake his hand, you know, the great leader of the world. That was a huge insult sending a big message.

Gee, and I thought Obama was going to make the US more popular. I guess the spoiled liberal commie doper brat child doesn't know how to be popular. Besides, contrary to what Obama and the liberals believe, life is not a popularity contest. It is about surviving and caring for your family in a world full of bullies and butt holes, you know, like Obama and his liberal friends.

You libertarians just got what you wanted, to be isolated from the rest of the world. We will see how well that works out in a very violent and hostile world. We will see if your simple minded idea of playing the hermit and hiding from bad guys works out when those bad guys are intent of hunting you down and killing you. We will see how well we do without any allies. Hint: moats quit working a long time ago, especially against ICBMs. Isolationism quit working about 4,000 years ago but libertarians still believe it will work today. I guess the libertarians haven't learned anything from history. Get a clue, you can't just hide from the bad guys in the real world, you have to stand up and fight against them, especially with today's technology.

Yep, Obama isolating Russia is working out really well. Let me know when it scares Putin out of Crimea. I won't be holding my breath.

It looks like the plans of the upper class trash are failing and they are blaming it on Obama, who, BTW, believed in those plans and has been forcing them on us, therefore, he set himself up, didn't he? So, when is Obama going to stab the upper class trash white crackers in the back and run off to make buds with some one else, you know, the way he did King Abdullah and the way God and I have been telling you he will do to the Euro-American upper class trash?

Man plans, God laughs.

Law and Military

For more than half a century now, the liberals have been subtly teaching us with their law and military hating TV shows and movies, like the Bourne series and many others, to fear and hate the law and military. That hatred and fear of cops, FBI, NSA, CIA, IRS, the military, and others has gotten so bad that, with the liberal traitors having infiltrated and taken upper level control of the government and government agencies, almost everyone is scared to death that, when the upper class trash NAZIs decide to crack down on the people and establish their dictatorship, the law and military people will blindly obey and turn their guns on the people.

I was concerned about this because I know things and a lot of people have changed but I also know that most people who go into law and the military go there to serve and protect good people from bad people, not to bully and oppress people. Then God told me in a dream that 80% of the government officers, agents, and soldiers will turn their weapons on the 20% of the government officers, agents, and soldiers who will turn their weapons on the people, in order to protect the people, you know, just like they went into law and the military to do.

I guess God was right and the liberals are surprisingly wrong. You can bet the liberals are really shocked because they just knew that all of the law and military people would blindly obey the liberal upper class trash orders to turn their guns on the people and enslave the people for the liberal traitors.

Sheriffs across this nation have been publically stating that they will refuse to confiscate the guns of the people just because a bunch of commie leaders passed unconstitutional laws saying those officers must confiscate guns and then ordered those officers to confiscate those guns. Gee, that isn't anything like what we are being taught by the liberal media, Hollywood, teachers, college professors, and other liberals.

Concerning the Connecticut liberal commie traitor laws to seize the guns from the law biding citizens, 250 of the Connecticut State cops signed a letter to the governor stating that they refuse to obey his orders to bully, terrorize, oppress, and steal the guns of Connecticut gun owners. Gee, that isn't like what we have been taught to fear the cops would do.

Today, I just read that a Connecticut State cop who publically stated he will kick down doors and steal...uh...I mean confiscate people's guns was suspended for stating such. Oops, the good cops turned on the bad cop, you know, just like God said they would.

It kind of makes me question those videos I keep seeing turn up on the Internet which are supposed to be cops bullying, terrorizing, and even killing good people for no reason. Could it be most of those videos are cops dealing with bad people who posed a threat to the cops and the people posting those videos are lying to us and telling us they are videos of cops gone wrong? Could it be that at least most of those videos are liberal propaganda to turn us against the cops, you know, just like the lies about our military to turn us against our military? It is beginning to look like it, isn't it?

I guess that just because the liberal traitors who have infiltrated our government are evil enough to give those fascist orders, doesn't mean the officers, agents, and soldiers under them are robotic or fascist enough to blindly follow those evil orders. Gee, could it be that most of those officers, agents, and soldiers are humans and American law biding people just like the rest of us good people, you know, like God told me and I told you? Guess what, those good cops, agents, and soldiers have already organized.

I am pretty sure Obama was informed about this fact a long time ago which is why he is firing so many military officers who won't blindly obey his orders and working on chasing out the good soldiers and replacing them with liberal commie traitors. If God and I are wrong about this, why are Obama and his liberal pals working so hard to chase so many of the good officers and soldiers out of the military? Why would such evil tyrants get rid of so many people who will just blindly follow the liberal orders and enslave and kill the people? obviously, we have been deceived into being afraid of the very people who will save our butts.

The only people you need to be afraid of are the liberal commie traitors who have infiltrated every aspect of our government at the upper levels and are right now attempting to set up their beloved communist dictatorship. These are mostly, but not limited to, the upper level managers and politicians along with their evil liberal activists and Luciferian puppet masters.

Maybe, just maybe the major reason why the liberals have not set up their communist dictatorship yet is because the liberals are afraid of the cops, agents, and soldiers the liberals have taught us to wrongly fear.

God told me and I told you that, after we get right with God, we are too do our best and God will do the rest. God is clearly taking care of it, you know, just like God told me He would and I told you He would. God is our hope.

It is very important to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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