Iran 5

Remember that I told you it wouldn't be long before Iran sent troops into Iraq to fight the Sunni Terrorist groups currently fighting there, you know, like Al Quaeda?

Today I found out that Iran already has troops in Iraq fighting along side of Iraqi troops...and the US...and Syrian troops. Wow, what an interesting little dot that is.

It seems that most of what the US is doing is providing the Iranian, Iraqi, and Syrian troops with Hell Fire missiles and intel via UAVs along with who knows what else. It was all part of that little deal between Obama and Valerie and Iran and Rouhani. Gee, I wonder what else we will find out about that nasty little deal?

I guess we now know who told King Abdullah to stop supporting Al Quaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, and other Sunni terrorist organizations. Is King Abdullah screwed by Obama or what? Don't feel sorry for King Abdullah, he deserves it.

Remember that little live mic a few years ago when Obama promised Russia that, after his second election, Obama could be "more flexible" with what Russia wants?

Russia is in bed with Syria and Iran working against the Sunni Muslims, you know, just like Obama is now. Is it possible that Obama told Russia that he wouldn't stand against Russia, if Russia took Crimea? I have been wondering about that, since Russia and the US now have the same allies, you know, Syria, Iran, and the Hezballah terrorist organization. Something just has not been smelling right in that rat hole.

Remember that I told you that the CIA is helping Hezballah fight the Sunni terrorists in Syria?

Could it be that Obama has ALREADY sold out the Euro-American upper class trash for Islam, you know, like I have been telling you Obama would?

It kind of looks like it, doesn't it? If Obama made a deal with Putin to sell out Ukraine just before Ukraine was about to become a NATO nation, then Obama also sold out NATO and Europe, you know, the Euro-American upper class trash white crackers. Of course, Obama and the Euro-American upper class trash have done nothing but sell out the US.

All Obama had to do was act surprised and bark at the moon a few times, after Putin took Crimea, to make it look like Obama is still on the side of the upper class trash. And you know, those intellectually superior upper class trash white supremacists are falling for it and just continue to call Obama incompetent. I am still trying to figure out what the upper class trash white crackers are intellectually superior to. They are clearly being played by the Shiite Muslims, Sunni Muslims, Russians, Chinese, and US black Muslims. Who isn't playing the intellectually superior Euro-American upper class trash?

Man plans, God laughs.

Have you figured out yet that the Euro-American upper class trash are not as brilliant as they think they are and the rest of us are not as stupid as they like to think we are?

Have you also figured out that the rats who have caused this mess by selling out the West, you know, the Euro-American upper class trash traitors, are going to die?

It isn't if the liberal commie traitors are going to die but who is going to kill them because no one can trust a traitor. Will it be the Russians, the Chinese, you, or the Muslims? My money is on the Muslims killing the upper class trash because God told me they will.

OK, we know that Obama has betrayed all of the good people on this planet, he has betrayed King Abdullah, and he is currently betraying the Euro-American upper class trash.

What should that tell you?

As soon as Obama is finished with them, he will betray Russia, China, and everyone else he can because no one can trust a traitor, you know, just like I told you.

Yep, it is definitely a good idea to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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