I Told You So 104


Boy, the West sure has Putin running scared, don't they? They excommunicated Putin from their holy G-8 cult and are sanctioning key Russians (but not Putin himself - are they actually afraid of Putin? - yep) and you know Putin is trembling in his shoes and wetting his britches....NOT!!!

What is Putin really doing?

First, Putin annexed Crimea. Slap those Euro-American upper class trash faces!!!

Wow, the West really has him scared, don't they? Yeah, right.

Putin is going to sanction the US businesses in Russia and freeze Western assets in Russia, you know, just like I told you he would. To get around the Western sanctions, he is going to start using other currencies and why would Putin need to be tied to the G-8? Who wants to be restricted to doing business with the dying West when he has plenty of growing countries to do business with? Yep, they are really isolating Putin, aren't they?

The EU will self destruct and Europe will splinter in 3...2...1..., especially since Obama is cutting off financial support to Europe and bankrupted the US. Remember that one?

Wait until Putin cuts off or decreases the oil and natural gas he is selling to Europe and sells it to some one else, you know, like China. Did I tell you that Putin is building pipe lines to China to do just that? Can't you just hear the oil and natural gas surging through those pipes to China now?

Wanna bet that the price of gas and natural gas will sky rocket in Europe? I hope they have plenty of bicycles for commuting this summer. It is also going to get just a wee bit cold in Europe this coming winter. Yep, the upper class trash sure have outfoxed Putin, haven't they? Does this mean that the corrupt, power mad, Euro-American upper class trash have become less significant since they have economically and militarily destroyed their own countries to set up their global dictatorship? Does this mean they are never going to get to set up their global dictatorship? Yep and yep.

And, if the Western upper class trash get too tough on Putin, you know, start making childish faces at him, he will cut off the NDN and our NATO troops (mostly US) in Afghanistan will starve, which you know is going to result in a big backlash against the Western leaders by their people. The Euro-American upper class trash plans are failing, big time.

Man plans, God laughs.


I have been coming across increasing intel that even the most liberal and ardent followers of Obama are turning against him AND our government in general (ready for that Christian theocracy yet?). Amazingly, even they are realizing that it doesn't matter which party you vote for because they are all puppets owned by the upper class trash (how is that pagan democracy thing working out?). I keep reading increasing numbers of articles and seeing videos of liberals who are actually beginning to research what is going on and are learning the truth.

Brain numbing, isn't it? Liberals thinking for themselves? Now that is a miracle.

It is just like I have told you, God is letting the evil rulers get what they want so the people will learn the truth and quit believing the lies and propaganda AND it is working. Guess what, increasing numbers of people are crossing the line God has drawn in the sand and the results are surprising because increasing numbers of liberals are turning against the system that is using them. Eyes are opening and people are moving and not the way the upper class trash thought they would.

The actions of the upper class trash are waking up increasing numbers of the left who are realizing that the Christian right is right. Oops!

I guess it is almost time to warm up the tar and feathers, oil the guillotines, load the muskets, sharpen the pitch forks, throw a few knots in the ropes, dust off the drums, clean the fifes, light the torches, and march on the upper class trash castles. I smell revolution coming, big time.

Man plans, God laughs.

Have the upper class trash gotten themselves in really big trouble or what?


Interestingly, the people in Mexico are arming themselves to protect themselves from the evil puppet masters in Mexico who own Mexico's evil upper class trash puppets.

Does this mean that the people around the world are realizing the American people are right for refusing to permit their government to disarm them and more people around the world are going to arm themselves so they can protect themselves from their evil governments? Hmmmm, that isn't quite what our evil Euro-American upper class trash expected, is it?

Man plans, God laughs.

Guess who is going to make a lot of money arming those seven billion very angry people, Putin. Get the picture yet?

I just saw a picture of Obama with the caption: "Islam's Trojan Horse". You couldn't make a better analogy of Obama.

BTW, I think the US media making so much of the missing Asian flight is probably mostly using the flight as a distraction from Obama's crimes. They finally found something Obama didn't cause and they can use to get your attention away from what Obama has caused and is causing.

Some one has been praying, it is working, and we need to continue to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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