Iran 6

The more I have been thinking about Iran, the more things are coming together.

Remember that I have told you that absolutely no country which has made a serious effort to develop their own nukes has taken more than about 12 to 15 years, working completely on their own, to develop at least a small arsenal of nukes and Iran has been working for more than 30 years with the help of a number of nuke owning countries such as Pakistan, Russia, China, France, and North Korea along with also Germany and Iran still doesn't have nukes? Really? Remember that, more than a decade ago, we recorded several large "earth quakes" in Southeaster Iran which were figured to be nuke tests and at least two different Iranian generals bragged they were nuke tests? Remember that Iran had another "earth quake" recently which might have been nuke tests and at least one Iranian general stated it was a nuke test? Remember that once you have commercial grade nuke dirt for making nuke rods for nuclear power plants, it only takes three months to turn that nuke dirt into weapons grade nuke dirt and Iran has been making tons of that commercial grade nuke dirt for about a decade now? Remember that one of the items Iran is working for in the current "negotiations" with the US is for Iran to retain the ability to create enough weapons grade nuke dirt per year for 38 10k nukes?

Just how much more is it going to take before the people of this planet wake up to the fact that Iran doesn't just have a few nukes but is building an arsenal of nukes, probably in the hundreds and possibly even a thousand or more?

38 10k nukes per year for 10 years is 380 nukes.

Remember that Iran has had the Shabab 3 missile for almost a decade which can reach Eastern Europe and Israel from Iran and we recently discovered that Iran also has a multiple stage missile which can reach the US from Iran? Remember that Iran just started building a missile factory in Syria from which Iran's Shabab 3 missiles can reach all of Europe? Remember that Iran just took over Yemen with her terrorist proxy army from which Shabab 3 missiles can easily reach Israel and Iran can also more easily nuke Mecca and Medina to make Babylon the most holy sight in Islam so that Iran can now launch nuke armed Shabab 3 missiles against Israel from Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen? Remember that Iran has a small fleet of "science" satellites orbiting in low orbit from which Iran can drop one or more 10K nukes anywhere in the world she wants including on the US and Europe? Remember that Iran has one of the largest diesel submarine fleets in the world capable of launching nuke armed cruise missiles? Remember a few years ago when the US military became concerned that Iran was building missile launchers into her cargo and tanker ships so she could sneak nukes closer to enemies? Do you think that, just maybe, Iran is surrounding Israel and the rest of us with nukes?

Iran definitely has a multitude of very diverse nuke delivery systems, doesn't she? And you think Iran is just building one nuke?

Remember that Obama stiffed King Abdullah and has been buying Iran years of time to build more nukes with Obama's "negotiations"? Remember that Obama just gave Iran $11.9 billion of your tax dollars to build more nukes? Do you think that, just maybe, Obama just purchased some 10K nukes to use against you?

I do hope you don't think that Obama paid Iran $11.9 billion for just one 10K nuke to use on Chicago and the upper class trash.

Do you know that, if just 38 of the US states get together and decide something, it becomes law and they can even override the President, US Congress, and Supreme Court, revise and even eliminate the US Constitution, and even set up a new government without all of these upper level commie traitors? Did you know that, after Obama nukes Chicago, declares martial law, and suspends the US Constitution, there won't be anything legally binding any of the US states to the US because the only thing binding the states together is the US Constitution? Did you know that, therefore, after Obama suspends the US Constitution to set up his Muslim dictatorship or Caliph, each and every US state government can decide to leave that new dictatorship and form a new nation, therefore, before Obama suspends the US Constitution, he must first destroy all of the state governments so Obama's new Muslim dictatorship can take control of every state by Obama appointing Muslims as leaders for all of the states?

Remember in my dreams that Obama will nuke Chicago, taking out the evil upper class trash puppet masters during a formal ball in the Sears or Willis Tower, on a Monday, a normal work day and not a holiday, and during normal work hours, you know, when all of those government bodies will be in cession so that, with one quick move, Obama can kill all of the puppet masters and their top puppets gaining complete control of the US and all of its states?

No, for some reason, I don't think Obama paid $11.9 billion for just one 10k nuke. He probably purchased at least 52 10k nukes, you know, one for Chicago and the upper class trash puppet masters, one for the US Congress, and 50 for each state congress plus, maybe, a few extras for other strategic targets, you know, like the Pentagon.

Do you get the picture yet?

Do you realize that, after the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, Israel will be forced to take Turkey, which has made herself Israel's enemy, plus everything else north to the Euphrates River, plus Mount Ararat in Eastern Turkey, West to the Nile River, south to the Indian Ocean (she has to take both Yemen and Somalia to protect the Straights of Aden to protect her trade routes with her new Asian friends), she has to take everything east to Eastern Jordan and Western Saudi Arabia to protect herself and in order to fulfill the prophesy in Daniel which says that the Muslim Caliphate will be divided into two parts (the two feet of Nebuchadnezzar's image) with five leaders from the west (the five toes of the left foot) and five leaders from the east (the five toes of the right foot)?

Do you realize that all of this is coming together right now and is not just speculation about things which may happen in the future?

Almost everything which I listed above is something which has happened in the past or is happening RIGHT NOW!!! You are witnessing Biblical prophesy and 15 years of my prophesy happening RIGHT NOW!!! RIGHT NOW, you are living through some of the most critical events in history, some of which were prophesied more than 2,000 years ago, others in only the last 15 years.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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