I Told You So 139

Fake Unemployment

Remember that I have been telling you for years that the government numbers for unemployment are fake?

All of a sudden, completely out of now where AND at this time, Jim Clifton, the Chairman and CEO at Gallup, says that the official unemployment rate reported by the U.S. Department of Labor does not accurately reflect the grim reality of American unemployment. (That is a nice way of saying the number is fake.)


Clifton said, "Celebrating from the media, the White House and Wall Street about how unemployment is 'down' to 5.6%. The cheerleading for this number is deafening. The media loves a comeback story, the White House wants to score political points and Wall Street would like you to stay in the market."


Clifton stated the real unemployment is 12% and has not dropped below 10% since 2008 (still way too low) but my big question is, "Why is he doing this right now, when everyone else is throwing Obama under the bus and not years ago when I was telling you this?" Believe me, Obama is getting the big bus basement ride by the lefties. The timing for this long over due bit of truth is just a little too coincidental.

And don't feel sorry for Obama, not with what he has done and is doing to our nation and us. Please note that the only reason jobless claims are decreasing is because of increased oil production and decreasing oil prices caused by fracking, which Obama tried to stop and is still trying to stop.

Then Obama said he is going to work to put illegal aliens to work.

My first thought was, "Why not put US citizens to work first?"

But that wouldn't fit in with Obama's plans to impoverish and enslave you. You see, if Obama impoverishes and enslaves all of the hard working people who make America great, scatters them around the world as slaves, and replaces them with illegal aliens from lesser countries, America will stop being great and will be easier to control with a dictatorship. Get the picture yet?

The Hilarious Granny Card

Remember that I told you that Hilarious Clintstone (yabadaba don't) will use the granny card to improve her popularity and help Chelsea get elected as president?

Hilarious did a simple tweet using her grand brat to discuss the vaccine argument. It got more than 32,000 "re-tweets", showing just how many really stupid people there are in the US.

With the rapidly growing "Draft Elizabeth Warren" movement showing that the liberals are increasingly giving Hilarious the big bus basement ride, Hilarious had to do something so, "Hey, let's use the grand brat." All of the idiots in America will go "awe" and forget she is a jerk.

The experts are thinking, or at least trying to, that this means Hilarious is fighting the good fight for president in 2016. These geniuses with the right degrees from the right universities keep forgetting just how damaged of goods Hilarious is while the liberal voters and re-voters (often many times) are dumping Hilarious for pathetic Elizabeth Warren. I mean, just how pathetic or hard up do you have to be to "draft" a revealed poser American Indian who still claims to be an American Indian even though everyone knows she isn't?

Believe me, Hilarious is dead in the water. Hilarious doesn't have a prayer. The liberals are quickly bailing out on Hilarious as her ship sinks and she is getting closer to prosecution and prison for Benghazi. (I think the upper class trash will snuff her before they let her go to trial, much less prison, so keep an eye out for her "having an accident". Which is why Billy Boy Clintstone will soon have Chelsea run for president while Billy Boy stays at home with the grand brat. Billy Boy has to show he is still useful for something or the upper class trash will toss him under the bus too, you know, another fatal accident.)

BTW, if Lizzy Warren wins, Can't you just see President Lizzy sitting around the Oval Office in an American Indian Chief's headdress, smoking dope in an Indian peace pipe with her inbred Harvard buddies? Really pathetic, huh? How did we get here?

Oh yeah, we turned our backs on God for paganism.


Remember that I have been telling you liberals what Muslims will do to you after they seize control of the US?

Muslim Jihadis are executing homosexuals and other liberals and threw one homosexual from a building top. When the homosexual survived the fall, the town of Muslims (not just ISIS) finished the job by stoning the man to death. I have been warning you liberals of what will happen when the Muslims take control of our nations and it is now happening in countries they have gained control over. You liberals are dead meat, the Muslims hate you worse than they hate Christians.

But it gets worse.

According to the UN, ISIS terrorists are selling children as sex slaves, beheading children, staging mass executions of boys, murdering children by crucifixion, and burying children alive. UN committee expert Renate Winter said, "The scope of the problem is huge. We have had reports of children, especially children who are mentally challenged, who have been used as suicide bombers, most probably without them even understanding." They said that Christian children and those of the Yazidi sect are common targets for brutality.

Then there was ISIS burning the Jordanian pilot alive and posting a video of it on the Internet. Apparently, ISIS has also beheaded both Japanese hostages. It was probably because of the Buddhist Crusades against Islam, right?

And you liberals are in bed with, covering up for, and supporting Muslim terrorists?

Such is liberal paganism, no true compassion, caring, kindness, or any other worth while human values, just poser compassion, caring, kindness and other worth while human values along with plenty of selfishness. Liberal pagans don't have any shame.

The silver lining for this ugly cloud is that eyes are opening and people are choosing.

After the burning of the Jordanian pilot, King Abdullah put on what, at first, looked like a pilots kit, posed for pictures and even quoted Clint Eastwood from the movie "Unforgiven". Well, at least kingy boy talked the talk but, if you looked closely at the picture of kingy boy, he was wearing camos under his parachute and not a pilot's G suit to keep him from passing out when pulling high Gs. Oops! Hard to fool us veterans. In other words, kingy boy only talked the talk and didn't walk the walk because King Abdullah didn't really lead his troops on a bombing raid. He just did the stolen valor poser thingy in front of the cameras. As all of today's leaders do, King Abdullah sent others to do the fighting for him but at least they did turn up the heat on ISIS.

You know that King Abdullah quoting Clint Eastwood must have burned Obama's butt. I enjoyed that part.

How are you liking the videos ISIS is producing with them beheading people and burning people alive?

Now Boko Haram is also burning civilians alive.

Are you falling madly in love with those "kind, wonderful, peaceful" Muslims yet?

I told you that God would show you the truth and open your eyes. People are getting angry at the evil people who are in the process of taking over our world and fighting back. I told you that, if you let evil people have control and what they want, they will show their true colors and prove all of the great sounding lies wrong.

You think the Muslims won't send us back into the dark ages?

They are now burning all non Muslim books in Mosul.

Did you know that the Muslims burned the library at Alexandria, Egypt when they first conquered Egypt? What do you think they will do when they conquer your nation?

They will burn all non Muslim books, you know, just like they have always done. No more Mark Twain or any other non Muslim literature. You are going to spend your time sitting around in groups, bobbing your heads while chanting the Koran or getting burned alive. Your choice.

Remember I have been telling you that the liberals are in bed with the Muslims?

The State Department admitted that the Muslim Brotherhood US Trip was 'Organized and Funded' by Georgetown University, you know, the liberal intellectuals.

Nothing like a little treason by the liberal intellectuals, huh?

I keep seeing Obama critics saying things such as he is stupid, out of touch with reality, and others, which are all based on the assumption that Obama cares about doing what is right for us and is trying to do what is right for us. None of them are dealing with the obvious, which is that Obama is intentionally committing treason. His terrible actions are intentional and not stupidity. Obama refuses to call Muslim terrorists the terrorists they are because Obama is a hard core Muslim and sees them as Jihadis or great Muslim warriors and not terrorists. The "expert" assumption is wrong or they are covering up for Obama's treasons because they are in bed with him.

Gee, you mean more smoke and mirrors?

Get it straight, the lefties and Muslims are right now staging a political coup against the US and we are losing.

I am also seeing more intense propaganda "news" with false statistics telling us that almost none of the terrorist attacks are Muslim and almost all are right wing patriots. They are also trying to make it look like the killing in Africa is being caused by "Christian militias" terrorizing poor, innocent Muslims instead of Muslim terrorists murdering thousands of Christians.

Nothing like a little Satanic confusion, huh?

They are working to turn everyone against Christians and patriots while turning everyone in favor of Muslims, making it even clearer that the commies are on the side of the Muslims and against everyone else, especially Christians. This is a new and more intense propaganda war by the commies against good people, especially Christians.

Christians Fighting Back

Eyes are opening, people are seeing the truth, and Christians are starting to fight back against the Muslims and commies. This is not just in the US but around the world where they are being persecuted by Muslims and commies, you know, like in the US.

In Iraq, more than 3,000 Christians have formed militias, are being armed by the Iraqi government, are training, and working to take back their cities, towns, and villages from ISIS. They will be fighting with the Kurds and Iraqi Army against ISIS. I already told you about Christians arming themselves in Africa and fighting off Boko Haram attacks. Recently,soldiers from the nations of Cameroon and Chad hunted down and killed more than 250 Muslim Boko Haram terrorists.

Increasingly, more and more of God's people have had enough and are starting to turn the tide by fighting back. Pray for these people.

It isn't just the Christians who are fighting back against the Muslim terrorists. I just saw a video of Kurdish special forces during an operation and they are much better equipped and trained than before. (There are both Christian and Muslim Kurds fighting together.) Since the Kurds held off ISIS in Kobane, they have recaptured 101 other villages from ISIS. The tide is turning but a lot still has to be done.

I used to pray that God would provide some way for me to help these Christian children which are being butchered by the Muslims. What God has shown me with this is that He is using the Muslims butchering the children to anger and motivate the Christians in the area to stand up, empower themselves, with some help from others, and fight back. Those dead Christian children are in Heaven with God and the Christian adults are now empowering themselves to fight back against Islam the way Christianity did during the Christian Crusades, you know, to save the rest of the children.

You notice that this is happening globally and not just among Christians. Germany and France are now negotiating with Putin and ramping up for war because Obama won't. Japan and other Asian nations are ramping up for war with China and organizing because Obama won't. Israel is seeking out other allies because Obama always betrays Israel.

God has taught me that, if you play superman, other people become dependent on you and put their faith in you, technology, democracy, and such instead of putting their faith in the one true God. We decided to play superman and become the police of the world. Everyone else let us and sat around on their lazy butts having a good time while we fought the bulk of the wars, provided them with free money, and such. Now that the US has been destroyed from within by the commies and Muslims, these people can no longer depend on us and must take care of themselves.

It should be obvious by now that God doesn't want one nation or people to micro manage our lives for us. We are to help people empower themselves and not micro manage their lives for them. We can't possibly know what God has planned for other people's lives and we should not be deciding of our own brilliance how other people should live. God gave us His Laws for direction, guidance, and controls. The rest is best taken care of between God and those individuals. For us to think we should decide how is best for others to live is arrogance, you know, just like the liberals.

Should you be a worker, engineer, scientist, artist, or have another vocation?

How should I know, I am not God? I am only a servant or prophet of God and God decides what He wants me to do in my life the same as He does in all lives. For me to micro manage your life by deciding you should live my wonderful and superior way, is for me to elevate myself above God and is blasphemy.


Valery Gerasimov, the chief of staff of the Russian military, said Russia is having negotiations with the armed forces of Brazil, Vietnam, Cuba and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea to conduct a series of joint naval, air force, ground troops, and air assault troops exercises. These exercises are in response to the sanctions the US and Europe have imposed on Russia but please note that Cuba and North Korea are also under US and European sanctions. Don't be surprised if some of these exercises just happen to take place in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico just outside US territorial waters and air space (along with a few "accidental" incursions) just to spite Obama.

I read that Marxist Greece is negotiating with Russia to leave the EU and join the new Russian Federation of Planets. Now, you know the intellectually superior upper class trash will try to stop this but I say, "Let them go" because every dollar Putin has to spend to pacify the lazy, spoiled Marxists in Greece, will be one less dollar Putin will have to spend building his army and conquering other nations. Besides, you know Putin will round up all of those lazy Marxists, put them in his army, and send them all off to die fighting for Putin's glorious Russian Empire, right after he executes the upper class trash Marxists who caused this mess in Greece for treason and corruption.

If the genius upper class trash in Europe were actually intelligent, they would let Greece drag down Russia instead of dragging down the EU and NATO.

Fare thee well, oh Marxist brats! Please, take our's with you.

Homosexual Marriage

Remember that I told you years ago that marriage should be the very last thing homosexuals should want because their relationships are so very unstable and violent that the divorces and criminal prosecutions for domestic violence will over whelm our courts causing people to learn the ugly truths about the homosexual life style?

When those divorces get into court with them fighting over money and possessions, all of the dirty laundry will be hung out for everyone to see and it won't be pretty because almost all homosexual relationships are very unstable and violent. Also, marriage creates the opportunity for "gold diggers" and "gigolos" to pray on those homosexuals who have money, power, and fame. The homosexuals are going to get to enjoy all of the fun problems liberals have caused for heterosexuals who marry and I told you it wouldn't take long for the fecal matter to hit the fan.

Here we are within just about a year of the first homosexual marriages with many states still undecided on legalizing homosexual marriage and I have already pointed out to you one major religious leader divorcing his husband.

It has just been announced that lesbian Rosie O'Donnell is leaving ABC's "The View" because her wife, Michelle Rounds, has left the old nest and Rosie needs to be at home taking care of her kids.

I wonder how much Michelle will get in the divorce to keep quiet about life at home?

The media are trying to put a good spin on it saying, "This has been a very stressful situation. She is putting her personal health and family first. ABC has been wonderfully understanding and supportive of her personal decision to leave 'The View.' Next week will be her last."

You have to understand that, in homosexual life, the man who plays the part of the woman and is almost always dominated, oppressed, and beaten is called the "queen". The lesbian who plays the part of the man and almost always dominates, oppresses, and often beats the female lover is called the "butch" or "dike".

Rosie is very clearly a very aggressive, dominating butch to the point that you could call her a super dike. It will be interesting to see what comes out about this relationship in the divorce. It is possible that the real reason Rosie is leaving the View is because of serious accusations being made by Michelle. We will see.

The homosexual divorces are just getting started. This isn't even the tip of the iceberg.

Have you noticed that, every time liberals get what they want, it never turns out well?

Be not deceived, your sins will find you out.

Cats Update

Just an update for my feral cat field research project. When I first enticed my feral cat clan to live on my property (just across a two lane paved road from the desert), I was concerned about the ground nesting birds such as quail and road runners. At the start of this project last May, I had a covey of Gambels Quail which frequented my yard daily. The covey was fair sized with about 15 adults.

My concern was that cats can much more easily kill ground nesting birds, especially with nest kills taking out entire families, which has been stated by biologists and conservationists as a very serious threat to the birds. At least, that is what we have been taught.

Within a few months of the time the cats took up residence on my property, the quail quit visiting my property, as have most birds, even with me seeding my back yard to draw birds. Birds are not as stupid as we are lead to believe. This is February and few days ago, I was standing looking out over the desert and saw that the covey of quail (running around only about 30 yards from my property, you know, just really terrified of the cats) has grown to at least 40 to 50 and probably more adult birds. Well, so much for that theory. As I observe more, I learn more and it is amazing how much we are taught that is completely wrong.

Ground nesting birds have a significant advantage over ground based predators called flight. To get away from ground based predators, all they have to do is fly 30 to 50 yards over brush the predators can't run through while making at least one turn to throw the predator off and when they hit the ground, they continue to make turns to throw the predators off. This also tends to draw the predators away from nests to follow the birds. Some predators learn to return to the area where the birds were first bushed and search for nests but, when that is successful, killing the young and the adults survive, all the adults have to do is build new nests in a different area and produce more young.

Remember that, for a species population to remain stable and healthy, its mortality or predation rate must equal its reproduction rate and that quail covey is still growing quite rapidly so it definitely needs more predation.

I have come to realize that the greatest threat to birds is raptors and other birds along with rodents raiding nests. It definitely isn't free roaming feral cats.

When I move from one part of my yard to another, the cats follow. They love to be near me, even most of the complete ferals which won't get within three feet of me. I have noticed that, when I show up in a part of the yard, the birds also follow and it seems they love taunting the cats because they could easily and more safely go to another part of the yard without cats to feed. The birds will chatter at the cats to get the cats' attention and then get close enough to the cats to cause the cats to chase the birds with the birds always safely getting away. It is sort of a bird and cat game that frustrates the cats.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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