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I have seen statements on various sites, including conservative blogs, that the Muslim Stream Media are claiming they disproved that Obama attended a Madrassa school and that he is OK. They say the issue about his Islamic indoctrination is now at an end. Major Bull Crap!

First, if he attended ANY Muslim school which teaches the Koran (what else would they teach, the Bible?), then he was taught to hate non-Muslims, that Islam must conquer the world and kill all non-Muslims, and the rest of the stuff they teach in a Madrassa because all they teach in a Madrassa school is the Koran. I don't care what you call the school, Madrassa, Wahabbi, or the Tinker Bell school, if they teach the Koran, they teach hate for non-Muslims and to conquer the world and kill all non-Muslims. Don't believe me? Read the Koran.

Second, they admit that, for a number of years, he attended a Muslim school. To attend ANY Muslim school, the first requirement is to convert to Islam which makes you a....(hmmm, let me think about this)....I got it....Muslim! If you convert from Islam to ANY religion including secularism, humanism, and atheism, you are AUTOMATICALLY branded a hypocrite (apostate) and they are REQUIRED BY THE KORAN to "search them out and kill them." In other words, the Koran REQUIRES that there be a reward for his death by any Muslim, IF he converted from Islam to Christianity. AND all Muslim leaders would avoid him like the plague and definitely not associate with him at all, period, end of debate. Don't believe me? Read the Koran.


In other words, Obama has admitted to having attended a Muslim school for a number of years, which made him a Muslim, and claims to have converted to Christianity but there are none of the required signs from Islam that he has converted, such as a reward for his death and attempts to kill him or at least a refusal by ALL Muslim leaders to associate with him or even be seen in the same room with him MEANING THAT THE ONLY POSSIBILITY is that Obama is a Muslim practicing Al-taqqiya by posing as a Christian to get elected as President of the US in order to hand Islam the world on a silver platter regardless of what anyone says. End of debate. Don't believe me? Read the Koran.

What the Muslim Stream Media is putting out is pure bull crap and propaganda to get their Caliph, Obama, elected as US President.


The only thing the Muslim Stream Media has proved is that they are blatant liars and/or fools. THEY HAVE NOT LAID TO REST THE ISSUE ABOUT HIS MUSLIM EDUCATION AND BELIEFS! End of debate.

This is nothing more than a huge cover up by the Muslim Stream Media. I am sick and tired of the lies of the liberal media. They make me want to puke! You can't believe a thing they say.

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