God amazes me at every turn. God is absolutely so incredibly brilliant.

The US was established as a Christian nation, became the greatest Christian nation in the history of the world, helped spread the Gospel around the world to every other nation in the world and brought about the defeat of the pagan Marxist Soviet Union in the Cold War. Then the US foolishly succumbed to the evil pagan teachings of Marxism, atheism, evolution, witchcraft, Islam, and others quickly turning the US into a communist/Muslim dictatorship WHILE Russia became a Christian democracy now fighting the United Soviet States of America and Communist Europe for their own freedom.

This is a complete roll reversal and probably the greatest iron in the history of the world but I just read something else just as interesting.

You know that other major evil pagan communist military power which is currently working to conquer the world, slaughter everyone else, and repopulate the planet with Chinese, you know, China? Christianity is growing so fast in China that it is believed by the Chinese that China will have almost 250 million Christians by 2030 and will be the largest Christian nation in the world with almost as many Christians as there are people in the US. That will be 19% of their total population, almost 1 in 5 Chinese people will be Christian in just the next 16 years.

It turns out that, while the evil pagan liberal Marxists were conquering the US and Europe from within to set up their glorious global communist dictatorship, the Western Christians were busy conquering Russia and China from within so that Russia and China are becoming increasingly Christian and the West has been taken over by the evil pagan Marxists.

Say what?

But there are still a large number of Christians in the West, especially in the US, who have started fighting to get their countries back from the evil pagan Marxists and Muslims AND the Christians are gaining ground rapidly.

This is absolutely amazing and clearly the greatest irony in history.

Now, what should all of this tell you?

God can't be beat. He is going to win, deal with it. Keep praying because God is listening and it is working.

We also have to keep in mind that, mean while, China remains a major threat to the world. It is just that, in spite of what men are doing, God is still doing a great work in the world most people are not even aware of. Man plans, God laughs.

It is always a good time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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