The ISIS Sunni terrorist organization has captured large parts of both Syria and Iraq and is quickly gaining ground in Iraq with fighting already taking place outside of Baghdad. They are an Al Quaeda off shoot but have been butchering and slaughtering civilians so bad that even Al Quaeda has denounced them. ISIS just conquered Mosul, then Tikrit and have had control of Fallujah for five months. They now control everything from Baghdad west to Allepo in Syria and are a virtual terrorist nation. They have freed more than 1,500 convicted prisoners into their ranks. Their ROE is, if it moves, kill it. If it doesn't move, kill it again.

Hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing their homes with many of those who don't make it being butchered, men, women, and children. It is chaos.

A large part of Iraq's problem is that their US trained soldiers and cops are throwing down their weapons, disrobing of their uniforms, and running for their lives. In Mosul, ISIS captured a number of military bases with huge stores of US provided weapons and munitions so that the Iraq military is being forced to bomb its own bases to keep the better weapons from ISIS with many of the weapons having already been distributed to the ISIS terrorists. The Iraq military is imploding very quickly.

Remember that ISIS is one of the terrorist organizations Obama was providing weapons and training for in Syria to topple Assad. That worked out really well, didn't it? When are we going to learn not to give bad guys weapons and training the bad guys keep using to kill our people?

Also remember that ISIS is one of a number of terrorist organizations funded and equipped by the oil rich Sunni Arab Muslims in the Arabian Peninsula. When are we going to depose these corrupt governments to stop all of this killing?

Iraqi Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, called a state of emergency, has asked for help from the US, and has offered to arm local tribes and citizens opposed to ISIS. Don't be surprised when Maliki formally asks Iran to invade and save Iraq from ISIS. I already told you that Iran and the US are already unofficially in Iraq but obviously not with enough force to stop this surge in death and destruction.

I just saw a video of ISIS Muslim assassins in Iraq driving around in cars killing their targets, every man, woman, and child in the families, wiping out entire families and even tribes. This is very likely the way the Muslims will take out all of the remaining liberal leaders in the US, from middle management to upper level management, including the upper class trash, when the Muslims consolidate power, after seizing control of the US government.

This is not something the Muslims are going to organize in the last 15 minutes. They have considerable experience doing this in other nations, have had lists of liberal traitors in this country for more than 25 years, and their leaders have plenty of military training and experience. They know what they are doing and will do a very good job of it, especially in taking out the key targets.

You know that the Muslim assassin teams already have their hit lists, weapons, and ammunition. Their lists are all prioritized with the most important targets first and the targets close together so the assassins can quickly kill as many people as possible. You know they are doing dry runs on their targets getting to know the neighborhoods, homes, businesses, vehicles, all means of possible escape such as boats and planes, and everything else they will need to know to quickly take out their targets and the targets don't even have a clue. I figure that these assassin teams will start killing up to an hour before Obama nukes Chicago and will probably have almost all of the key targets dead within 72 hours.

I figure the Muslims will draft the rest of the liberal commie traitors into their CNSF, send them to Lebanon and Syria, give them guns, and put them on the front lines to clear the mine fields and absorb the bullets so the Muslims can get as close as possible to the Israeli forces before the Muslims start taking casualties. The Muslims did this quite a few times during the war between Iraq and Iran with Iran killing as many as more than 100,000 old men and little boys in one day on a number of occasions. The liberals will be what the military calls canon fodder.

BTW, the Washington Times reported that the U.S. economy under President Barack Obama is the worst at least since Franklin Roosevelt and, by some measures, may be even bleaker. In other words, just like I have been telling you for years, this is the worst economy in the history of the US. The experts are finally figuring it out or just now telling the truth I have been telling you for years. Get it straight, if our economy is "even bleaker" than the Roosevelt economy, we are in a super depression, not a recovering economy.

In a recent speech in Canada, Lawrence Summers, a former director of the National Economic Council under Obama, told the audience that the problem now faced by the U.S. economy is the lack of demand, which may not be easy to solve. You know, just like I have been telling you, all of those people losing jobs have been decreasing demand and, until you get them back to work earning money to spend, they will not be able to increase demand.

It has taken these experts with the right degrees from the right universities five years to figure this out?

With experts like that running things, you better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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