The situation in Iraq continues to worsen daily. A full half or the Iraq Army has defected to fight with ISIS or been conquered. Most of them, the Sunnis, defected to fight with ISIS, which is why ISIS is now so powerful. Remember that ISIS picked up at least nine Iraq generals, their officers, and their soldiers in just Mosul, all US trained. This means that the ISIS army is now larger and more powerful than the remaining standing Iraqi Army.

Most of the remaining Iraqi troops are in the south and are Shiite but there are enough Sunnis mixed in to make a mess of things though, from what I have read, it is possible that Iraq is purging the Sunni soldiers. Iraq is also building a Shiite militia to aid Baghdad. They better hurry.

ISIS has taken key cities surrounding Baghdad so that the city is now effectively cut off from the rest of the world. This is a new world version of an old world siege. I am wondering if the southern Iraqi forces and militias will form a relief force to save Baghdad and how soon. I am also expecting Iran to intervene in a big way very soon, sending in entire divisions, you know, while our fool in chief is busy golfing. You know that, if Iran doesn't intervene and ISIS takes all of Iraq, ISIS will immediately move against Iran.

Mean while, inside Baghdad, Shiite militias have formed and are freely roaming the streets in unmarked cars, kidnapping, killing, and torturing Sunnis by the hundreds and possibly even by the thousands. You are now finding out just how barbaric and brutal the Muslims really are and they will be bringing that to your nation soon. In this conflict between Shiites and Sunnis, one side will live and the other won't.

Mean while, ISIS also continues to attack Assad's forces in Syria. We can always hope that ISIS will become over confident and spread its forces too thin. The trouble is that ISIS is picking up new Sunni fighters every day and is still growing. No one really knows how large ISIS has become and there are 1.6 billion Muslims on this planet.

King Abdullah of Jordan (the other King Abdullah) has staged his forces along his border with Iraq preparing for war with ISIS. The Iraq Army still controls the areas adjacent to Jordan's border but for how long? ISIS has been threatening to kill King Abdullah as the ISIS forces have been closing on the Jordanian border. This could be the next fight, if Baghdad falls and possibly even before. Remember that I have told you that the Sunni Arabs are not happy with Jordan because Jordan has refused to be part of the Sunni Arab mischief a number of times?

The Kurds to the north, have formed up for war with ISIS. The Sunni Arabs have never liked them either or really anyone else. I have not heard yet whether Turkey is staging for war with ISIS since Turkey bombed Mosul after ISIS captured and is holding hostage the Turkey embassy staff from Mosul. I am sure that mess is not over and will quickly get worse.

Remember that I told you that everyone in that area is susceptible to attack from ISIS and Saudi Arabia? My question is, will everyone just sit waiting for ISIS to pick them off one at a time or will they start working together to defeat ISIS as a team? We will see just how stupid their leaders are.

There is a brief window of opportunity for Jordan, Turkey, Iran, and the Kurds to go on the offensive in conjunction with the Iraqi and Syrian militaries to quickly defeat ISIS. If they do this before it is too late, they should be able to defeat ISIS. The longer they wait, the more closed that window will become and the worse things will get.

The US has four allies in that mess plus Israel and you would think our golfer in chief might suggest to President Valerie that we should do something to help them. I can't understand why Val, an Iranian Shiite Muslim, has not started actions to do something other than send in advisors and intel gathering aircraft. I think Obama and Val may be playing a game of extortion with Iraq and Iran by not helping them in order to get something from them they don't want to freely give. We have seen how this game worked out really well with the US losing Egypt and Israel as allies and Egypt and Israel turning to Russia, China, and India for help. How many more allies can we lose in that part of the world? Hold it, I think we have already lost all of them because of Obama and Val, yep, not one left.

I just read that Obama is trying to get $500 million to fund "Syrian rebels", you know, terrorist groups like ISIS. I bet that will work out really well. When are people going to figure out that Obama is not an incompetent bungler but a competent traitor using Islam to destroy the US and West?

Saudi Arabia and Iran are fighting to gain control of Islam so they can set up the Muslim Caliphate under their control and conquer the world. Obama started out working for Saudi Arabia but has stabbed them in the back and is trying to force Iran to work in a subservient position to Obama to help Obama set up the Caliphate under Obama's control. I think Obama is trying to bribe the Sunni terrorist organizations to support Obama in setting up the Caliphate instead of supporting Saudi Arabia or Iran. In other words, this is a Muslim three way power struggle for conquest of the world and we have unwittingly been made pawns in this power struggle.

Mean while, Russia is calling for peace in Ukraine. Does this mean that Putin is temporarily putting Ukraine on hold so he can come to the aid of his allies, Syria and Iran? Remember that the Sunni Saudis have been waging war against Putin with their proxy terrorist army in Chechnya, threatened to cause trouble for him during the recent Winter Olympics, and have already been waging war against his ally, Syria? It will be interesting to see what Putin does with this quickly growing threat.

Will China physically intervene and take sides with Iran and Iraq? She promised to help Iraq, but how?

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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