I have been watching what is going on in the Middle East wondering what Pharaoh Obama is going to do with the large carrier/amphibious naval fleet he assembled in the Persian Gulf just off the coast of Iraq. It has been there for some time, plenty of time for Pharaoh Obama to have already used it. Pharaoh Obama didn't use it to protect Iraq from ISIS, so obviously Pharaoh Obama doesn't care about Iraq. He didn't use it to help our allies, the Kurds, against ISIS, so obviously Pharaoh Obama doesn't care about the Kurds. He didn't use it to protect the Christians or other minority religions of the area who were being slaughtered more than a month ago by ISIS, so obviously Pharaoh Obama doesn't care about Christians. Also, Pharaoh Obama has not lifted a finger to help Christians being persecuted in Libya, Egypt, Syria, and the many other places. In one of his books, Pharaoh Obama said that, if he had to choose between communism and Islam, it would be Islam. Note that Pharaoh Obama did not say between communism, Islam, and Christianity because Christianity had already been chosen out of the equation.

As I watched ISIS grow in strength with increasing numbers of terrorist organizations joining ISIS and ISIS taking more land from Syria, Iraq, and the Kurds, I saw no actions from Pharaoh Obama and was wondering why Pharaoh Obama assembled the naval fleet. It seemed that nothing ISIS did was going to cause Pharaoh Obama to take actions.

Then ISIS said she would join Hamas in the war to destroy Israel and started waging war against Lebanon to gain access to Israel's northern border so ISIS could attack and invade Israel to destroy Israel. Suddenly, Pharaoh Obama has become concerned about the few remaining Christians in Iraq, you know, the Christians ISIS hasn't already slaughtered, and is going to start a bombing campaign against ISIS to protect those Christians.

Say what?

Remember that I told you about the Muslim end time prophesy which says the Mahdi will come, conquer Jerusalem, stand on the Temple Mount, and give the order for all Muslims to kill all remaining non Muslims and conquer the world? Remember that I told you that Pharaoh Obama's aspirations are to be the Muslim standing on the Temple Mount and giving the order for all Muslims to kill all non Muslims so Pharaoh Obama can prove he is the Mahdi, forcing all Muslims to join in a new Caliphate under Pharaoh Obama to conquer and rule the world?

If Baghdaddy, who just set up his own Caliphate and is gaining in support of his Caliphate, conquers Israel, stands on the Temple Mount and gives those orders, Baghdaddy will be recognized by all Muslims as the Mahdi and get to rule the world.

And Pharaoh Obama?

Pharaoh Obama will be recognized as a powerful leader (if he succeeds at setting up his Muslim dictatorship in the US) but will be required by Islamic law to be subservient and even die supporting Baghdaddy as the Mahdi.

Arrogant, narcissistic Pharaoh Obama serving another man? Not happening, especially since Pharaoh Obama thinks he is Pharaoh and god. Therefore, Pharaoh Obama, to protect his chance to prove he is the Mahdi by conquering Israel, must prevent any other Muslim from conquering Israel.

That is what Pharaoh Obama is doing with his bombing campaign against ISIS, he will be trying to tear down ISIS enough to prevent ISIS from being able to invade Israel and prevent Pharaoh Obama from doing so to prove he is the Mahdi. The Christians are just a front or phony excuse Pharaoh Obama is using to get support from the US for the bombing campaign. Besides, Christians won't be able to continue to say Pharaoh Obama has not done anything to help Christians. "Helping the Christians" is a great excuse and PR tool, that is all.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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