New Nation

With this essay, I am going to explore the basics of building a new nation from the ashes of the nation the pagans have already destroyed and replaced with their commie dictatorship or oligarchy, you know, the USSA. The first thing we have to do before we even begin to design our new nation is learn from the mistakes in the old nation such any democracy, even republics, can only be expected to last about 200 years before the upper class trash will find a way to infiltrate them and destroy them. With today's technology, a democracy of any form may not last even 50 years. Just because you get to vote for some one, doesn't mean they are worth voting for and doesn't mean you will get a good government.


Before you can build a new nation, you have to get rid of the crimes which destroyed the old nation and, to get rid of the crimes, you have to get rid of the criminals. You have to take out the trash. This means we must get rid of the people who have caused and are using this corrupt liberal communist dictatorship for their personal gain at your expense, the upper class trash, politicians, bureaucrats, corrupt judges and attorneys, liberal public school teachers and liberal college professors and administrators, liberal media including liberal Hollywood, unions, non profit corporations, liberal activists, lazy people who don't want to work, and poser Christians prophesying and healing for money.

God is using Obama and his Muslims to get rid of all of these people because you won't. These are the people that Obama must purge and replace with his Muslims to establish his Muslim dictatorship. Everybody except the liberal activists and lazy people who don't want to work will be slaughtered or purged with every man, woman, and child in their families being butchered by the Muslims. The activists, lazy people, and poser Christians, who will convert to Islam, will be "drafted" (at gun point) into Obama's CNSF to invade Israel and protect Obama's Muslim dictatorship in the US while Obama is invading Israel and conquering the world. These people will be given rifles, put on the front lines to clear minefields and absorb the bullets to get the Muslims closer to the Israeli forces before the Muslims start getting shot (what the military calls cannon fodder), at least 83.3% of them will die on the "Northern Hills of Israel" in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, and we just don't let the rest come back to America. They destroyed our nation because they hate it, let them find another nation they love. Besides, they will almost certainly be absorbed into the new Caliphate which will form right after the Battle of Ezekiel 38 and 39.


Then you are going to have to fight a war against and kill off all of Obama's remaining CNSF and Muslim leaders to permanently regain control of your land. This will be a very bloody war because most of it will be fought in the cities with house-to-house fighting. This is so everyone will see the ugly side of this war and know the truth about who are the good guys and who are the bad guys. This war must be fought on a take-no-prisoners and SOS, shoot-on-sight, basis to keep from tying up our limited troops guarding prisoners and because you can bet the Muslims won't take any prisoners so you might as well die fighting.

God is preparing us for this war with such things as our growing militias and giving our troops so much experience in house-to-house fighting in Iraq. God will have us ready for this fight by the time it starts.

New Nation

Then, while the fighting is still going on and even before it begins (which is why will have to secede to fight the war), we have to build a completely new nation with a very limited but effective Christian theocratic government. You have to understand that, just because the old nation doesn't exist any more doesn't mean all of the problems which caused its demise are gone. For example, the people who were dumbed down and brainwashed to believe the liberal crap, will still be dumbed down and brainwashed, even though most will have turned from liberalism by God, it won't be that difficult to turn some of them back. In a new democracy or republic, those people will be voting again, which means you will get the same terrible results. It will not be possible to use a democracy or republic again for at least a few hundred years, which makes it a requirement that the Bible be our foundation and not the wisdom of man. You know, the thou shalt not lie, thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not murder thing which made the US the greatest nation in history.

By using the Bible and the example of Moses, then NO ONE will be able to be above the law and everyone will have to live by the same law. This will make everyone accountable for their actions with no special treatment based on class, wealth, or fame. Even the media, Hollywood, teachers, college professors, and others must tell the truth or face charges for fraud and possibly treason. Attorneys will be required to tell the truth in court or face charges for purgery, fraud, and possibly treason.

What will hold our leaders accountable for their actions?

First and foremost, God, the Bible, then Biblically sound prophets, the military, law enforcement, and the courts. Because of the stigma the European royals have placed on titles such as king and queen, we can still call our leaders president, governors, and mayors or just national, state, and city managers, it is just that they won't be elected and will be appointed by a committee for as long as they keep getting the job done. Why throw out a good leader because their time is up and replace them with a leader who is unknown or questionable? Time limitations on the president of the US didn't stop the liberal commie traitors from destroying the US.

There should be a 10% flat tax on income to run everything from the federal government to the city government, with no other taxes permitted, within which our government managers must operate or be replaced (to strongly stimulate, grow, and develop a new economy.) There will be a treasury which must maintain a working balance plus at least a 20% contingency fund for wars and emergencies. This will require a small, efficient government. There will be no debt management, privately owned government central bank or government borrowing permitted. You don't have to spend government money just because you have it and can return unused funds without being punished. All government corruption must be an act of treason because government corruption caused the destruction of the US and every other great nation. All treason must be a capital crime.

Every man and woman over 18 must spend one year of military training in which they will be empowered to take care of their own lives with six months military training and six months of combined police, fire fighting, and EMT training. All people will be required to keep and maintain military class weapons and munitions (government issued) and show once per year they have maintained minimum proficiency in the use of those weapons, similar to Switzerland only better. All people will be organized into community militias just like in the US colonies to protect their neighborhoods and cities from organized crime and gangs along with being the last defense in our new nation. All conscientious objectors will be battlefield medics or other non combat positions but will still be required to maintain weapons and weapons proficiency. All children must be taught basic self defense in school (to prevent bullying) along with weapons safety. The schools, media, movie industry and others will be required to teach the truth and none of the lies the left used to cause this mess to prevent dumbing down and brainwashing our children again. The basic educational requirement will be reading, writing, and math but no liberal brainwashing crap. Everyone will be taught the entire Bible so everyone will know what the Bible really says and the truth about Christianity. Currently, everything most people believe about the Bible and Christianity is false and those misconceptions have been used to turn people against the Bible and Christianity. We will be doing away with the lies Satan has used to cause this mess - nip everything in the bud for an ounce of prevention.

I have told you before that God has his secret army who will step in and help build a new nation and also help with the fighting when it is time.

Then, economically, you cut the people lose and let them live their lives their way within the confines of Biblical Christianity and Law (basically, get out of their way and let a free market work) while keeping a close eye on them to protect them from each other.

We do our best, God will do the rest. This should give you an idea of how God works and is working to accomplish setting up a new nation which will be better than the US ever was. God has to turn us against all forms of liberalism, Marxism, Libertarianism, paganism, and especially Islam so we, with God's help, can build a new and better nation. The US was originally set up as a Christian theocracy based on Biblical Laws and values with a Republic as the type of government administration but the traitors changed our country from a Christian theocracy to a pagan theocracy and used the pagan theocracy to destroy the republic replacing it with a Marxist dictatorship, which is why our new government must be set up as a Christian monarchy to prevent pagan infiltration and the balance of power being God, the Bible, Biblical prophets, military, law enforcement, and judiciary systems to hold our government managers accountable for their actions. No one can be above the Law and we must all live by the same law.

Remember that just because you vote for some one doesn't mean they are a good some one. The idea that being able to vote for your leaders will make them good leaders is a pagan fairy tale dreamed up by pagan Greeks and taught as gospel by our pagan liberals and has now failed 100% of the time, you know, just like that other pagan fairy tale, Marxism.

God is doing most of the demolition and rebuilding and we will have to do the finish work with a lot of help from God, therefore, it is very important to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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