I Told You So 122

Remember that I have been telling you that the EU and one world order are doomed to fail and will not be the Tribulation one world government and I have even been providing examples of nations breaking up because Marxism has utterly failed?

I just read this article by Ben Shapiro at Brietbart: "According to a new poll from Reuters/Ipsos, nearly a quarter of Americans support their state breaking away from the United States. That included a full 29.7 percent of Republicans, as well as 21 percent of Democrats.

The poll follows hard on the heels of a contentious vote in Scotland over secession from the United Kingdom. And in the coming months, we are sure to see a spate of new secession movements, according to the Washington Post: Venice from Italy, Catalonia from Spain, the Faroe Islands from Denmark, Flanders from Belgium, among others.

One trend is clear: the so-called New World Order, in which national boundaries disappear in favor of global consensus on important issues, is no more. Fragmentation is the order of the day. That's because the internationalism of the socialistic left was bound to fail, and the internationalism of the capitalistic right underestimated the socialistic left.

In many ways, today's global order strongly resembles the global order after World War I."

I hope you realize that a big part of the reason why the vote in Scotland failed was because quite a few English had moved to Scotland, voted, and you know which way they voted and it wasn't to separate them from good old Mother England. I seriously doubt that the issue in Scotland is finished, they have already had one nasty post-vote confrontation, and you can bet the next hot ticket will be Northern Ireland wanting to secede and England isn't about to let them vote on it. If fighting breaks out in Northern Ireland again, you can also bet it will break out in Scotland (who will be the next Sir Braveheart?) and England will have two civil wars on her hands stretching her declining military and economy even further. You are watching the gradual and painful death of Great Britain.

The vote for Catalonia to secede is coming in the next few months and I expect this one to succeed with the Basque also wanting to vote for independence from Spain. The Basque already had one recent civil war with Spain. I expect a big chunk of Northern Spain, Northern Italy, and Northern Belgium to secede from their respective nations along with others seceding from their nations. France could easily fragment into half a dozen different nations, most of whom will start fighting the Muslims for control of their new nations. Citizen organizations have already formed in France to openly fight to protect French people from assaults by Muslims. Greece is also on the verge of fragmenting and, when Britain runs out of money to bribe Quebec, I expect them to leave Canada.

With so many countries fragmenting, the already struggling European Union doesn't stand a chance of surviving and will blow itself apart. Within a few years, especially after so many of our nations lose big chunks of our militaries in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, there won't be an EU. There will barely be a West and definitely not a unified one.

And people are wondering why Putin recently threatened half a dozen EU countries? He has read the writing on the wall and knows there will soon not be an EU. Putin learned the hard way that Marxism can't succeed, has been mocking us for trying, and waiting for us to fail, you know, just like his Soviet Union failed. Those countries Putin just threatened better form their own union or plan on being volunteered by Putin to join the new Russian union.

The 25% of the people in the US wanting to secede is critical. It means that, when Obama declares martial law, you can expect more than half of the people in the US and almost all of the states will want to secede, finishing off what is left of the US Republic. By the time this is over, there won't be anything of the Republic of the US left to repair and rebuild. We will be forced to build a new nation from scratch.

Why is the West breaking up?

Because our leaders insisted on Israel breaking herself up "for peace", which they never got, and God is therefore breaking our countries up to punish us. Remember that God said, "Do unto others as you would have others (including God) do unto you." God is simply dividing up our countries because we made Israel divide up her country. Our world is rapidly changing and we are being punished in the process. It will be interesting to see what is still standing when the dust settles. That will be our new world and I don't think it will be quite so gentle.

Now, remembering that Pharaoh Obama back stabbed and dumped King Abdullah when King Abdullah's plans failed, what do you think Pharaoh Obama will do when the liberal commie traitor upper class trash plans fail? Yeah, he will instantly dump communism and become 100% open Muslim and out for himself.

How long will it take?

Until one catalyst, probably something which we would normally consider insignificant, sparks the explosion. I am waiting for that shoe to hit the floor. That is when things will get very interesting very fast.

Remember that the Catholic Church announced a few months ago that they will dump Jesus by the end of this year and they are already actively converting to Islam? Remember that I told you that the Muslims would only agree in words to accept the Catholic Church into Islam and then the Muslims would turn on the Church leaders?

The Catholic Church has not even completed the conversion to Islam and ISIS has already declared war on the Pope. The different groups of Muslims hate sharing power with each other and definitely won't share power with an outsider. Why do you think Muslims are fighting Muslims in the Middle East right now? The West absolutely doesn't understand Muslims and, when you try to explain it to them, your explanations bounce right off of their already made up thick Western skulls. They insist on learning the truth the hardest way possible.

And all of this is going on right now!

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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