You whacko isolationist Libertarians are about to get what you want because, by the time Obama is through, we won't have any friends. Obama is screwing all of our friends and making nice with our enemies, who can't trust Obama either.

You read about the Muslims murdering tens of thousands of Christians and Obama refusing Christians asylum in the US so those persecuted Christians are going else where, especially South America. Then you read about Prince Charles of Britain talking about the Muslims murdering Christians and taking the side of the Christians.

Mean while, in the US, Obama persecutes Christians and helps Muslims, especially Muslim terrorists. Obama is turning Christians against the US. The Muslims already hate us even though we are helping them.

Then you read about Obama betraying and even insulting Europe and Europe is making nice with Russia to replace the now unreliable US as an ally.

Then you read about Obama shafting Egypt and Egypt making nice with Russia to replace the US as an ally.

Then you read about Obama shafting Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabia making nice with Russia to replace the US as an ally.

Then you read about Obama shafting Israel and Israel making nice with India and other countries to build an alliance to replace the US as an ally. Today, I read that Israel is making nice with China because Obama shafted Israel.

China? Yep, Israel is making nice with China now and the US can't make nice with anyone except hostile Iran and, even then, it is a very weak alliance which will only be an alliance at all as long as Iran benefits from it.

Then, just like I told you they would, I just read that the countries in the far east like Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, India, and others are considering setting up a defense alliance against China because they cannot depend on the US to protect them from an increasingly aggressive China.

As I told you before, all of those countries around China are ramping up for war with China because they can no longer depend on the US for help. Did you know that Japan now has more war ships than Britain and more tanks than Germany? Japan also has at least four aircraft carriers and is building more along with a lot of missile ships, submarines, and other war ships. Once again, Japan has one of the largest, most powerful military fleets in the world and is working to change their laws so they can stage an offensive, preemptive strike. Get the picture yet?

If Obama sticks around for three more years, we won't have any friends, will only have enemies, and then what will we do? Think about this, no friends and only enemies for the long term; you know that, eventually, they will wage war against us as some united force. History and human nature teach us that much. Add to that that Obama has gutted our military and do you think we will win that war? Of course not and you know we will be forced to use nukes to survive but Obama is getting rid of our nukes also. Oops!

Obama promised us he would make us better friends with the rest of the world and he has done exactly the opposite, making us everyone else's enemy.

In this increasingly small world, you don't want to be an isolationist very long or it will hurt very much.

We really need to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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