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I just realized that everything is moving pretty much the way I said it might go about a year or so ago but much slower. We humans tend to want to move a lot faster than God is moving but we need to remember that He has a plan and will stick to it at all costs. Basically, He knows best.

The US State Department (US Satanic Department?) convinced Bush to take the bate on some misinformation fed to the US by the Revolutionary Guard stating that Iran is not developing nukes. They probably decided to believe it because they wanted to believe it. I guess they think Iran is fighting all of these international sanctions to make nuclear weapons grade fuel as a high school science project.

This plus the way the US helped the Muslims screw Israel at the Annapolis meeting puts Israel alone in the world. She has been forced to realize that the only ally she has now is God. She must depend on Him instead of on the US and Europe because they have finally completely betrayed her.

Now we have to piece some things together the way I was trained to do when I used to play in Uncle Sam's "Black Closet" and they taught us about espionage and spying. You have to connect all the dots and read between where dots are missing to get the whole picture.

Based on the way the State Department has convinced George W to treat Israel and the US's new policies towards her, the Israeli Defense Force recently stated that they can no longer consider the US an allie but must consider her to be the enemy aiding the Muslims in overthrowing Israel. They also stated that, as dire as the situation looks in the news for Israel, it is actually 10 times worse when you know about their classified intelligence. This makes their position and potential survival severely critical. The IDF also stated that they are extremely concerned about how Olmert is giving everything away and openly admitting that he believes there is no future for Israel or hope for her long term survival (if he keeps running things, he is right.) This last statement would encourage even the US to give up on her and take the side of the Muslims. Finally, the revived Sanhedrin has just formed a new Rabbinical Government and is having meetings. Gee, who told you Israel could return to being a theocracy over a year ago?

Now we put all those dots together in a line and fill in the blanks. The IDF is extremely concerned and feels that Olmert is leading Israel to its destruction. You can bet they have drawn a line in the sand for which, when Olmert crosses it, they will act and seize control with a military coop but they are hoping they don't have to seize control of the government to protect Israel and her people.

They are hoping that the Likud will put Olmert and his band of crooks out of business in an election before it becomes necessary to stage a military coop. That is the only reason the military coop has not already happened. The trouble is that the Israeli government has become so corrupt that Olmert and his cronies have been able to stave off the very needed election to get rid of the crooks.

I believe the statements by the IDF show that they are concerned that Olmert will go too far before an election can get rid of him. They also know that, with President Rice in charge of things, they are militarily on their own. It is now them and God and, fortunately for the people of Israel, it seems that most of the top IDF leaders believe in Yahweh. With the Sanhedrin forming a theocratic government at just this time, it also tells me that the IDF leaders are working to set up the new government as a conservative theocracy because they don't want to be seen as a bunch of power crazy military guys seizing control of the government when they are really trying to save their beloved country, don't want to set up another democracy that would quickly fail because of the large number of stupid liberal voters and crooked politicians, and would prefer to set up a conservative theocracy which would be more concerned with preserving Israel by trusting in God and standing up to the rest of the world than kissing the global butt and still going down the drain.

I believe, for these reasons, that the leaders in the IDF are working with the Sanhedrin to set up Israel's new theocratic government before they are forced to seize control of the country so that the new government will already be functional and control of the country can be handed directly to the new government by the IDF. This would prevent the world from being able to say that the IDF is just another mad military dictatorship.

All of this in conjunction with the US taking the Iranian sucker punch and Iran still building nukes requires that Israel will have to attack Iran completely on her own to survive when the rest of the world has believed the lie that Iran isn't building nukes. This will turn the world against Israel permitting her enemies to stage the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 using the UN as its cover while the rest of the world stands by watching and asking stupid questions as predicted in the Bible.

You have to remember that God is in control and has his reasons for everything. He will make everything work for the good regardless of how bad it looks to us.

Don't you just love it when God's plan starts coming together? I believe it won't be too long and the Jews will be building the third Temple.

If you haven't already done it, I strongly suggest that you accept Christ as your savior because we are getting a little short on time.

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