Temple Sacrifices

I have heard over the years non-Christians complaining about the inhumane animal sacrifices that are required by God at the Temple for certain occasions. Interestingly, I have never heard these God hating pagan liars remark about their animal and even human sacrifices. You see, ALL pagan religions require animal sacrifices with almost all, if not all, requiring human sacrifices but the hypocrites don't dare mention that to you.

You can ask any cop or sheriff's deputy, especially in the larger cities about the sacrifices they regularly find which were made by pagans. They will often tell you about a really horrible sacrifice they regularly find wandering around the streets made by witch covens, Satanists, and other pagan groups where they skin a cat, dog, or other animal alive and abandon it on a street or road to die a very slow and agonizing death of dehydration, exposure, and shock which can take up to three days. They also don't tell you about the universal pagan sacrifice of carving the still beating heart out of a living animal or human's chest which will cause the sacrificial victim to die more slowly than the Jewish way of slitting the throat because it will take longer for the life giving blood to drain from the brain. You can also bet they wont tell you about another common brutal pagan ritual of burning animals and even humans to death. If you have read the Law, then you know that God forbids these forms of animal sacrifice because they are cruel. I bet they don't tell you that either.

I also know they won't tell you about the universal pagan practice of drinking the sacrifice's blood. God forbids the drinking of any animal or human blood and any good biologist can tell you why. The organisms which cause the animal or human to be sick or die, such as viruses, bacteria, and parasites, are in the blood and, when you drink the blood, you get those organisms and die. For example, the organism for syphilis is normally found in the blood of sheep. If you have ever drunk sheep's blood, you have syphilis and, on average, it will take you about 20 to 30 years to die a horrible death with you being completely insane the last 3 to 5 years. If your sacrifice had the HIV virus and you drank the blood, you got the virus. If you have ever participated in a pagan ritual of consuming sacrificial blood like the vampire cults and all other pagans do, then it would be a good idea to trot your stupid little butt down to the doctor to see which organisms you put in your body and are killing you.

Almost all, if not all, pagan cults practice human sacrifices but God completely forbids any kind of human sacrifices to protect us from ourselves but especially to protect our children from us. Some pagan cults practice human sacrifices with adults but most prefer what I call the safe human sacrifice which is child sacrifice. You see, if your cult practices adult sacrifices, then you have to spend the rest of your life fearing some religious leader will take a disliking to you and have you sacrificed. This tends to scare some people away from such cults. But, if your cult only practices child sacrifice, then you are safe when you become recognized as an adult.

To understand the Temple sacrifices, you have to understand a number of things because God is not a simplistic being who does things for simplistic reasons. He is the most complex being in all existence and I believe He is so complex it is not possible for the human mind to comprehend the totality of His existence.

First, you have to understand that the Temple we erroneously refer to as the Jewish Temple because the Jews build it and maintain it is really God's Temple or home and the Jews just build it and maintain it for Him. You see, God is not some pompus, arrogant, snob like most human rulers who prefer to rule their kingdoms from some isolated thrown in an isolated palace away from their subjects.

God loves us so much He wants to live among us while He rules His domain of infinity. That is why God prefers for us to build a home for Him here on earth among us. As a matter of fact, the Jews are actually forbidden from doing the building of the Temple themselves so that the rest of us can build a home for God and the Jews just get to manage it. Most people don't know it, but the Holy of Holies is actually God's thrown room on earth and the Ark of the Covenant is His thrown. The Jewish rabbi's can tell you that, when the two previous Temples stood and God lived among the Jews, the part of God Christians refer to as the Holy Spirit, hovered over the Ark of the Covenant 24/7 while God watched over His people and took care of them from His home on earth.

Next, you have to realize that for all but one very rare sacrifice, the person making the animal sacrifice was required to eat the sacrifice after the rabbi's burned or cooked it on the alter fire. That's right, it was dinner....at God's place so He could enjoy having dinner with us. And it was cooked outdoors on what we here in the southwest US call a Bar-B-Q. So what God was really saying when He told us He wanted us to come to His home to make a sacrifice to Him was to bring our dinner over to His place for a really nice Bar-B-Q He had planned for us and to have it with our families and friends and to even meet some other fun people.

Another thing God was doing here, was that He knew about how we humans have this very strong propensity for killing something in sacrifice to our pagan gods and goddesses. So He decided to have us bring out dinner over to His place and sacrifice it to Him to take care of that propensity so we wouldn't perform those very cruel animal and human sacrifices to pagan gods. He ingeniously took care of an inner drive or need by telling us to come over to His place and sacrifice our dinner to Him while meeting our physical need for nourishment. Brilliant, isn't it?

If you look at the animals God required for different sacrifices, you will see animals like cattle, sheep, goats, and poultry. If you have been listening to today's nutritional experts, you should realize that God was also using our dinner at His place to teach us to eat a healthier diet for better health. He also told you not to eat the large pieces of fat on the animal to keep you from becoming human blimps with rampant heart disease like we are today.

But it just keeps getting better. Back in the days when God dictated the Law to Moses, there weren't any printing presses or photo copiers so the only "books" they had were scrolls and clay tablets which had to be written and copied by hand. That made it too expensive for most people to afford a copy of God's book teaching us how to live healthier, happier, and longer lives and how to peacefully coexist with each other, much less about His creation and history. Besides, very few people could read a book if they had one.

God handled this two very interesting ways. One way was to have his people form groups to share in the expense of building a building called a synagogue and then share in the cost of purchasing books for that synagogue. Then, on a regular basis, the members of that synagogue would get together and, the few people who could read, read from the books so everyone could share the knowledge.

The other way God handled this problem was that He designed our dinner with Him so that we learned about His Law, our history, and about Him, who He is, what He wants, what He has done, what He is doing, and what He will do in the future. So at the outdoor Bar-B-Q at God's place with all that great company, you got to learn some very important and interesting things. Having a regular dinner at God's place kept the most illiterate person well informed and educated in the Law, history, and about God plus you got to eat a really healthy diet.

But there is still more God did with dinner at His place. Did those God hating pagan liars bother to mention to you that the cleansing rituals of the rabbi's before they could handle your food included them being required to wash their hands? You know, like we today write laws and post signs requiring restaurant workers to wash their hands before handling your food to prevent spreading diseases. I didn't think so. I bet they also didn't tell you that the cleansing rituals also required you and your family to wash your hands and dinning utensils before eating, which was not required by any of their pagan neighbors.

So God also used those really great Bar-B-Qs at His place with all those great people to teach us about hygiene, cleanliness, and personal health. How brilliant can you get? I dare any political leader to try to achieve half as much with a simple thing like a meal.

So the next time one of those God hating pagan liars starts telling you how inhumane the Temple animal sacrifices are, just tell them, "ITS DINNER, STUPID!"

After the Jews finally rebuild God's Temple, feel free to enjoy a nice barbie over at God's place with all those nice people who practice personal hygiene and enjoy learning some important and fun stuff while God's people, the Jews, fix dinner.

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