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In his recent visit to the Middle East, President Bush has completely taken the side of the Muslim terrorists and sold out the country of Israel, our greatest ally. He is now making exactly the same demands on Israel that the Muslim terrorists are making. He has even decided that Israel must give up a stretch of land between Gaza and the West Bank to connect the two areas saying that the new Palestinian State can't be "Swiss Cheese."

Oh, but Israel can be Swiss cheese?

It is incredibly obvious that Bush has completely sold out to the same terrorists factions that are currently fighting the US and Israel in the idiot hopes of placating the Muslims so they won't wage war against the US. This is the biggest mistake Bush has made to date and the US will pay for this one really big time. Did you notice that the US got hit by a number of winter tornados just when Bush arrived in Israel? Gee, what a coincidence. Don't we keep getting those coincidences when Bush and other presidents sell out Israel?

I have to believe that the US State Department has something very significant on Bush and are using it to high-jack the US Presidency. In my opinion, it looks like Bush has become nothing more than a puppet while President Rice and her State Department buddies are running international policies.

What does this mean to Israel?

It means that, if the Israeli's do what Bush wants so HE can claim HE brought peace to the Middle East and save his own incompetent butt, Israel will soon cease to exist as a state and its people will be butchered off. It means that Israel no longer has any earthly allies and must now put their faith in God and do what is right to save the country. Their only ally at this time is God.

I believe that God has an IDF officer some where who has the back bone and common sense to realize that he must do what is right to save his country from the Bush betrayal by staging a military coup of the Israeli government. I believe he will know that he won't be able to return Israel to a democracy, he will have to take back Gaza and control of the West Bank, and he must take out Iran's nuclear weapons as soon as possible. I believe that he now knows that he has no other choice if Israel is to survive the insanity of Bush. This is what will cause the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39. I was hoping that a US president wouldn't cause this war but I felt all along that there was really little other possibility because of the US military might.

This is just another event which will force Israel to act sooner to save her life. It will not bring peace but will actually work to cause the coming war against her and force her own officers to take the action God is making clear they must take to survive.

Ever since this war of terror began, I have thought that something was going to go wrong that would cause the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 but, in vain hopes, that it wouldn't be us causing it but something preventing us from stopping it, I kept quiet and prayed. It seems like the answer to those prayers was no. It will be the US and a number of other countries causing this war against Israel. My only remaining prayer is that Bush won't get dumb enough to send US troops against Israel in this coming battle to be slaughtered by God. Unfortunately, I think he really is that stupid.

I think that every Christian US military person better realize that, if Bush is crazy enough to sell out Israel for the blatantly false promises of peace by the Muslims, a promise they have never kept with anyone, that he is also crazy enough to send US forces against Israel in the Battle Ezekiel of 38 & 39. I strongly suggest that every US soldier go right away and file papers with their military branch listing themselves as conscientious objectors to fighting in a war against Israel for religious reasons because you don't want to find yourselves fighting against God.

Bush will probably try to tell you that you are not fighting against Israel or God but against a few bad people who have taken control of Israel. You better believe that it will be God who will use these military officers to fight for the survival of Israel and you will be fighting against God.

This coming battle is getting closer one stupid mistake at a time and it just got very close. The other shoe has almost hit the floor. It won't be long now and we will hear that thud. Pray your butts off, this is going to be nasty. But always remember that, no matter how stupid our president and others get, God is still in control.

Soon, very soon.

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