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Something has been smelling kind of fishy about Barack Obama, the Democratic candidate for president of the US. He says that he was raised a Muslim, studied in a radical Muslim school, and converted to Christianity. Yet, there are not signs from him or Muslims that this is true.

I have been researching this for weeks considering whether I had enough evidence to write about it until I received the following e-mail from a site reader:

"Dear Sir;

Is it even possible that Mr Obama was raised a Muslim and has converted to Christianity? I thought that a Muslim that had publicly converted would have a religious death warrant placed upon his head to be collected by any good Muslim.

If Mr Obama is not afraid of this religious death warrant, could he have been sent to "deceive" the infidels to further the strengthening of the Muslim position?

I look forward to hearing from you again. Keep the faith.


I took this to mean that it is time to write about this subject.

According to the Koran, if some one converts from Islam to ANY other religion, he is automatically branded a hypocrite and is to be killed as soon as possible. As a matter of fact, he is to be "searched out and kill", according to the Koran. If he were to walk into a room, he would be shunned by all other Muslims for fear of them also being branded a hypocrite. They would either attack him to kill him or leave the room in protest of his presence. Also, all other converts from Islam, especially to Christianity go around telling everyone the ugly truth about Islam. This last reason is why Mohammed required that those who convert from Islam to any other religion be murdered. Mohammed was afraid such converts would warn the rest of the world to Muslim intentions and the rest of the world would unite and destroy Islam.

A great example here is Walid Shoebat who was a Muslim terrorist and converted to Christianity. There is a reward for his murder by other Muslims, he travels around the world telling everyone who will listen the ugly truth about Islam, and is shunned by Muslim leaders. Basically, Walid Shoebat is a hunted man because he converted from Islam.

We don't see anything like this from Obama. The most important things are not Obama's behavior but the behavior of others which Obama can't control. First, there is no reward for the murder of Obama which is an absolute requirement if he really were a convert from Islam to ANY other religion. Second, he doesn't say anything negative about Islam to warn the rest of the world even though, as a Christian, his life and the lives of his family would be at risk for not doing so. Third, he socializes regularly with upper class Muslims and radical Muslim organizations as if he still were a Muslim with the Muslims treating him like one of the boys and I have not even heard of even one such Muslim leader walking away from Obama in protest over Obama having converted from Islam. Fourth, Obama helps promote the political causes of Muslims such as the current Islamic leader in Kenya. As a Christian converted from Islam, he would never do anything like this.

What does this mean?

According to my research in Islam and about Obama, it can only mean one thing; that Obama is practicing Al-taqiyya or the practice of lying to promote the cause of Islam by claiming to be a Christian when he is really not a Christian in order to get himself, a Muslim, elected as President of the US. The behavior of the other Muslims tells me they know he is practicing Al-taqiyya by claiming to be a Christian converted from Islam.

Why would he do this?

Very simple; as a Muslim US President, all he would have to do to help Islam conquer the world would be to withdraw all of the US troops from around the world (as the US President is permitted to do) and permit Islamic terrorist and other forces to conquer country after country while pretending to talk or negotiate peace with the Muslims. This would make it possible for the Muslims to easily conquer most of the world within his four year presidency. After all, without the military aid of the US, Islam's 1.6 billion Muslims could walk all over 90% of the countries in the world.

My challenge to Obama is to prove he really did convert by taking a stand against Islam telling the ugly truth about Islam and fighting to stop their slaughter of others. But what we really see is Obama saying he will withdraw Military troops from Iraq as soon as possible. Gee, I wonder why?

Jesus told us to be discerning about such matters and that we could tell the tree by its fruit. We also have a saying that actions speak louder than words. I don't see ANY of the actions and only hear the words. Obama's fruit is Islamic to the core. In my opinion, Obama is a poser Christian trying to get elected so he can help Islam win the war against the US and its allies.

If it looks like a fish, swims like a fish, and smells like a fish, it isn't a duck!

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