Israel 17

I just learned some very important information about US/Israeli relations you need to keep an eye on. It seems that, since Obama became president, the number of visas being denied to Israeli citizens by the US State Department (you know that outfit Hillary worked for and the cause of Benghazi) has been increasing. The denial of visas to the US for Israeli citizens has increased from 2.5% in 2007 to 9.7% in 2013, almost quadrupled in just six years.

Some of the Israelis being denied US visas were coming to the US to visit US businesses and discuss importing US goods to Israel. That is really going to help the US job situation, isn't it?

This refusal of visas seems to be worse for Israeli defense workers plus intelligence agents working for Shin Bet and Mossad. These people normally work with the US military to help develop new military technologies and cooperating in fighting terrorism. It is reported that, in just the last year, the State Department has turned down hundreds of visas for Israeli defense personnel and those who do get visas are getting them for much shorter periods of time such as just a few months. That is really going to help our war effort against terrorists.

OK, we know that, as a Muslim, Obama wants to destroy Israel. Is this meant to cut Israel off and weaken Israel's economy and defenses before Obama plans to invade Israel? That would be my first guess and, at this time, the most probable reason. But another possibility here is to drive a wedge between the two countries making up the worlds strongest military alliance weakening both countries.

BTW, Netanyahu did have his meeting with Obama this last Monday and Obama was not as demanding and assertive. Netanyahu is reported to have told Obama that he will not compromise Israel's national security. It looks like Obama knew he was not in a good position to bully Netanyahu, you know, like I told you.

Obama has to realize that Israel and the rest of the world know that no one can depend on or trust the US or Europe any more, especially since Ukraine. The US and Europe have become toothless old guard dogs barking at the moon. In case you have not noticed, that doesn't scare wolves away.

It is very important to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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