I just found out another very important reason why Bush let Russia have a couple of states from Georgia (I have been wondering about that for years) and Obama is going to let Russia have the Crimea. It is called the Northern Distribution Network or NDN. It is a major ground supply route to and from Afghanistan, THROUGH RUSSIA, which carries approximately 40% of the supplies used by NATO troops in Afghanistan. It is mostly food, water, and building supplies with no explosive materials permitted. Without the NDN, the only other land routes we have to Afghanistan go through Pakistan which have been closed down several times for up to 7 months and are susceptible to terrorist attacks. Without the NDN, our troops would get just a wee bit hungry and thirsty and their bases wouldn't be as secure.

Everything else I have told you about why Obama doesn't stand up to Putin is true but, with this added in, there is no way any American president will stand up to Putin because Putin has the US and NATO by the short hairs as long as we need the NDN to supply our troops in Afghanistan. Putin is holding the NDN over NATO's head until NATO withdraws from Afghanistan and, since Obama is withdrawing US troops from Afghanistan by the end of 2014, Putin better get everything he wants as soon as possible, including Crimea.

This has me wondering what Putin's next move will be and very soon. I also wonder why Putin let NATO destroy his ally, Libya, with the NDN going through Russia. I believe that the only reason the US tried to go into Syria was because Putin let them have Libya and, after Putin stood up to them for Syria, things have changed in Putin's favor. But the West didn't like that and staged a successful political coup in Ukraine to isolate Putin and force him to be a good little boy. That is certainly part of why Russia took Crimea and is building military bases in other countries. It is also amazing that the West would try to isolate and control Russia with the NDN going through Russia instead of waiting until they had withdrawn from Afghanistan, what are they, idiots?

This is also why the West won't do anything significant to Russia over Crimea, especially the US. All they will do is put on a show for their voters, blowing a lot of smoke, and look the other way. All of their tough talk is bull crap.

It turns out that the war in Afghanistan is costing us much more than most of us knew. But it also means that Putin better make all the ground he can to expand globally before NATO no longer needs the NDN. Though, even then, our Western militaries have been weakened too much by the upper class trash for a serious confrontation with Russia, especially since Russia has a military pact with China. That would also mean we have to be careful about a military confrontation with China.

A few more reasons why no one will do anything to Russia for seizing Crimea are that, seizing Russian assets in Britain will cost Britain $105 billion a year in taxes or about 12% of UK's annual tax revenues and you know how important tax money is to commies/socialists. Russia has a not of money invested in Europe which could cost a lot in tax revenues and cause serious economic problems if Europe grabbed that money. Second, it turns out that Russia is currently providing about 25% of Europe's natural gas. It would get just a wee bit cold in Europe, if Russia turned off the gas, not to mention the price of gas would go up way up.

BTW, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev ordered the construction of a $3 billion bridge that would link Crimea directly to Russia over the 3 mile wide Strait of Kerch.

The more I dig, the more I find why no one will do anything to Russia for taking Crimea. Clearly, Putin knew what he was doing and Obummer and the West get to wear egg.

It is definitely time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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