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Obama is so desperate to stop Israel from destroying Obama's beloved terrorist organization, Hamas, that Ma Val went on TV and stated that we just can't tolerate Israel killing all of those babies.

For those who don't understand, that is a veiled threat to Israel that either Israel will stop destroying Hamas or the US will militarily intervene.

Which should tell you what?

That Israel is really cleaning Hamas house and our Muslims in chief, Obama and Ma Val, are a bit peaved about it.

I hope you understand that all of these demands for cease fire are nothing more than the Hamas allies trying to stop Israel from getting the job done by destroying Hamas so Hamas can't continue to kill Israelis. They claim that Israel has a right to defend herself but can't continue defending herself because civilians are dying, you know, like no civilians were dying when Hamas was rocketing, mortaring, and sniping Israeli civilians, including children.

My question is, if Obama and Ma Val are really concerned about children, why do they continue to kill children with complete disregard with their UAV missiles? Oh, I guess they don't care about those children.

Besides, have you noticed that Israel doesn't really seem to be afraid of Obama sending in what few troops the US has left?

This is probably because Netanyahu, who served in combat in the Israeli Army as a paratrooper, knows 1) Obama is a big talking coward and 2) the US doesn't have enough troops left, especially officers (Obama just fired 1,500 officers in the last few weeks along with at least 4,000 enlisted men), for a one front military and would probably get our butts handed to us by Israel. I get the feeling that Netanyahu is going to call Obama and Ma Val's bluff, because bluffing is all Obama can do any more. It is just a wee bit difficult to remain a bully when you have destroyed your bully club.

It is becoming increasingly obvious to everyone except liberal idiots that Obama and Ma Val are Muslims working from within the White House to help their beloved Muslim allies conquer the world using their proxy terrorist armies and, right now, they are not doing too well.

Has Obama been any good at anything in his life other than lying and being a "cool" punk doper?


This ebola pandemic is spreading "too quickly" to be contained or so says the WHO. It has now spread to at least five countries that we know of, if you don't count the doctor who contracted ebola and was intentionally flown back to the US for treatment. I just read that it has spread to Nigeria and Britain. Apparently, a woman dropped dead from ebola in the flight terminal right after walking off of her plane in England. That is two new countries within the last few days that we know about.

They keep talking about how this epidemic is out of control but ebola can't be spread by air (pneumonically) and can only be spread by making contact with body fluids from a contagious person. I am having some troubles believing what I am being told. First, this disease is spreading too fast to be spreading by contacting body fluids. Second, I did a little research and read some briefs on their tracking the spread of the disease. People are contracting ebola from contagious people with contacts that are too brief and casual for most of them to contract the disease by contact with body fluids. Therefore, the only logical possibility is that this ebola virus is being spread pneumonically. Third, the CDC is preparing for this disease as if it is coming very soon or already here and they are covering it up while telling us that it is very unlikely ebola will make it to the US.

Then why all of the frantic preparations? Did you know that the CDC is setting up Ebola Quarantine Centers in 20 cities across the US? Did you know that Ebola bio kits have been sent to National Guard units in all 50 states? Did you know they are providing special hazmat suits for doctors and nurses? Did you know they are setting up special and expensive isolation units for Ebola patients? Did you know that DHS has mysteriously whisked very sick people away from INS locations to secret locations who had the death throw symptoms of ebola? Word has leaked out that one is in Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan.

Do you get the feeling we are being lied to?

The lie won't last long, especially since ebola has already made it to England. But the very fact they are lying is telling me they are scared and they should be.

I just read that they have had more than 70 people from the first three countries infected with ebola who crossed the Mexican/American border illegally and were either captured or turned themselves in just this year. That doesn't include the people from the now five countries infected with ebola who were not caught and didn't turn themselves in. I read that better than 75% of the illegals coming across the US/Mexican border are coming from countries other than Mexico and that less than 5% of the illegals are being caught or turning themselves in.

It isn't if but when will a carrier of ebola from an infected country make it across Obama's wide open US/Mexico border and start killing people, especially in our schools. I think the CDC knows this and may already be tracking to find some people who may be ebola carriers already inside the US and, as this disease spreads to more countries, especially in Central America, it will mean that the disease will get here sooner.

I have read that the people from the ebola infected countries illegally crossing the US border are first traveling to Central American countries and then to the US, with the help of those Central American countries. Some of the infected people will become contagious in those other countries causing a pandemic in those countries so what you can expect to see will be outbreaks of ebola in those Central American countries all the way up through Mexico and the US. Every country which is participating in this illegal alien invasion with Obama is about to get an ebola pandemic because they are participating in this illegal alien invasion with Obama.

I guess God really meant it when He said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out." Yes, God does punish us for our crimes against His Laws. Deal with it. Mean while, be sure to tell those dear to you that you love them and goodbye every time you leave them because it may be the last time you see them.

But it isn't just ebola. I read that the diseases coming into this country via illegal immigrants include but are not limited to Ebola, MDR-TB, Chikungunya, Swine Flu, Dengue, Norovirus, Bird Flu, Hantavirus, Varicella, and Variola, just to name a few.

I just read that China announced it had sealed off the city of Yumen because of the bubonic plague getting out of control and there are so many Chinese crossing the Texas/Mexico border that the federal government has added Mandarin translations to emergency signs across the Texas border regions. Remember that I have been warning you about the rodent and bird pandemics caused by killing off house cats and how the Black Plague or Bubonic plague was spread by rodents causing the global human population to decline by 25% in just a few years? It's back and our pandemic rodent population is ripe and waiting for it. Mean while our bird pandemic is waiting for the bird flu. It looks like we are going to get hit with both barrels at the same time.

And you think that we are not being punished and God is not cleaning house?

I have read liberals on FB laughing and ridiculing these diseases coming into the US because they think it is a big joke and conservative propaganda. They will stop laughing when it is their friends and family members who are dying. Remember that I told you that these diseases don't distinguish between conservatives and liberals and that God is turning increasing numbers of people against the liberal Marxists? How many of them will turn against liberal Marxism when they are doing the dying because of what their liberal commie traitors leaders have done?


Remember that, outside of Israel, Britain has been considered our number one ally? Remember that I told you that she is shrinking economically and militarily because her beloved socialism has destroyed her economy and her military?

I just read that, because of Britain's socialist cuts in her military, she is now down to just one tank division and will now have more horses than tanks (168) and fewer tanks than even Switzerland. Of course, the idiot PR people always make it sound like an improvement by saying their military is more agile, meaning, they can more easily throw down their weapons and run when defeated.

The west has fallen. It is all over but the kicking and screaming while our enemies continue to pillage and rape us.

Think about this, we know that Scotland will vote this coming fall to secede from Britain, which is now made up of England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland. How much weaker do you think England's army will get before Ireland takes back northern Ireland leaving only England and Wales, at which time there will be no Britain?

Did you know that England will have to do away with the British Union Jack flag because that flag is made up of the English, Irish, and Scottish flags? The Scottish part of the British flag is the blue back ground and white diagonal cross, which the Scottish people are already waving proudly. There will also soon no longer be a United Kingdom or Britain, only England and Wales.

England will soon be as valuable to us as an ally as Samoa Islands, in the Pacific. They are this small, impoverished island nation, you know, like England will soon be. Don't you just love Marxism? It turns great nations into impoverished nations and does it really fast.

Remember that I told you that God is right now turning people against liberal Marxism?

BTW, did you see where ISIS gave credit to John McCain for helping ISIS successfully invade Iraq?

BTW, I am still waiting to see why Obama has built that amphibious feel in the Persian Gulf. I have not heard anything about it for some time now.

You know, it just might be a good idea to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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