Israel 19

Some very, very interesting things are happen in Israel which make Israel a very important dot in figuring out a new picture.

Because of the increasing Islamization and anti-Zionism of Europe and the ICC investigating Israel for defending itself by invading Gaza, Netanyahu just told Israeli businesses that they should change their focus to doing less business with Europe and doing more business with Asia.

Now, what should that tell you?

In order for Israel to do less business with Europe and more business with Asia, Israel MUST sell Euros to buy Asian currencies. There is no other way for Israel to do less business with Europe and more business with Asia. This was a subtle but very powerful message.

Remember that this is at a time when Putin is dumping Euros and buying rubles to fight back against the Euro-American sanctions destroying Russia's economy and Switzerland mysteriously dumping Euros for Swiss francs, both already driving down the Euro and putting a really big dent in the European economies along with Putin cutting off 60% of Russian gas going to Europe and having already transferred a lot of her business from Europe to China, also doing significant damage to the EU economy. Remember that the EU economy was already struggling with Germany being forced to prop the EU economy up to keep the EU economy from just completely going bust. Now, with Israel also dumping Euros to do more business with Asia, the EU economy will go bust. It is not if, but when and when looks like right now.

One of two things will happen which will soon finish off the EU for good. Either Germany is already planning on bailing out of the EU to go it on their own (probably cutting a deal with Putin) and Switzerland and Israel found out about it and are also getting out while the getting is good or the economy will soon go bust forcing Germany to leave the EU. My money is on the former. Don't be surprised to find out that Germany has been secretly printing Deutsch Marks to replace their Euros. There is even a strong probability that Germany, Russia, and Israel are all in on this together because they all got tired of being screwed by the EU.

Note that, for the Asian countries to be doing more business with just Russia and Israel, they will be dumping Euros and dollars to buy rubles and shekels. This will drive the Euro down even more.

The EU and US are the power base for the upper class trash who started all of this mess and, if the EU goes bust, the Euro-American upper class trash criminals could lose almost everything they have outside of the US. This will put a huge hurt on their plans to set up their global commie dictatorship.

Man plans, God laughs.

Don't be surprised to see both Russia and Israel also dumping US dollars to do more business with Asia because the US has been causing trouble for both nations. After all, most of our businesses have been shipped over seas, you know, to Asia.

This is also at a time when Netanyahu is not only been openly encouraging all Jews to leave Europe and return to Israel, but the government of Israel is now working to help as many Jews as possible move to Israel. This is probably partly because there is about to be a very bloody war in Europe between the commies/Muslims and the good guys.

The Jewish Aliyah (Jews returning to Israel) is now a government supported effort to return all Jews to Israel, especially from Europe, but also from throughout the world. This will greatly increase the number of Jews returning to Israel and, as the killing increases in Europe, it will turn into a flood of Jews returning home or Exodus III.

So, what do you think will happen to Europe? Will she splinter into a hundred pieces, returning to the Feudal system, or will Germany just take over most of Europe to get those bad loans back?

Also, since Iran is now building missiles in Syria, how long do you think it will take for Israel to destroy the Iranian missile factories in Syria because those missiles will also pose a threat to Israel? Will she wait until they have the factory almost finished or until Iran has a bunch of unfinished missiles in the factory to maximize damage?

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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