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Oil Prices

Remember that I told you that the low oil prices would hurt the terrorist sponsoring nations and their terrorist proxy armies?

I recently read that Hezbollah is nearing bankruptcy. It seems that Iran's oil revenues are way down forcing Iran to cut back on the money and weapons they are sending to Hezbollah while Hezbollah is fighting a war to help Syria beat the Sunni Muslim terrorists. Oops!

It seems that some Lebanese, who claimed to be Hezbollah members, complained that they had not been paid for several weeks, Hezbollah has less money to bribe politicians, and the price of oil is likely to stay low for the foreseeable future so top Hezbollah terrorists are scrambling to make up the losses from Iran. According to Matthew Levitt, an analyst at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy in Washington, D.C., this is the worst the terror group has faced and Levitt said, "I think Hezbollah is very concerned,"

You can bet this is also hurting other terrorist groups like ISIS, who gets most of their revenues from selling oil, Al Quaeda, Taliban, and Hamas.

US Terrorism

Over at Breitbart, Bob Price wrote the following: "GARLAND, Texas - The protest over the Honor the Prophet conference nearly turned violent as the two sides clashed over an incident in the parking lot. The confrontation occurred as a Muslim driver was laying on his car horn as he attempted to leave the parking lot and a protester placed a sign with an image of Muhammad under the front tire of the Muslim's vehicle."

"The incident occurred shortly after another heated verbal altercation occurred in the parking lot driveway that served as a demilitarized zone of sorts. The crowds from both sides had filled the driveway and the Muslim driver was attempting to exit the parking lot. He was blaring his horn in an inflammatory manner. One of the protesters placed a sign with the image of Muhammad under the front right tire of the vehicle and the driver stopped before running over the image."

"The vehicle was quickly surrounded by people from both groups and heated words were exchanged. One of the Muslim-side protesters wearing a La Raza brown beret a Che Guevara shirt attempted to remove the sign from in front of the vehicle and a scuffle ensued. Calm leadership on both sides de-escalated the confrontation before it got out of hand."

"Garland police moved in quickly and moved both groups back to their side of the driveway and peace was restored."

There was an accompanying video which told a slightly different story. It looked like the Texans moved into the Muslims and forced the Muslims to back down. It didn't look like the Muslims wanted to mess with a bunch of ugly looking Texans. Maybe they remembered the Alamo? We need more Texans.

On another note, one of our glorious leaders recently said that what you just saw happen in Paris will soon come to the US.

Will come? Where has he been? What does he think the Fort Hood shooter, Boston bomber, two different beheadings in store parking lots, and other Muslim terrorist attacks were in the US?

Some one needs to let this expert know that the terrorists are already killing people in the US.

What God is doing with these terrorist attacks in the US and Europe is that we tied our troops hands so they couldn't win the wars against terrorist in other countries so God is causing those wars to come to this country so you get to see the horrors of war, share in the PTSD, and see families and friends killed by these monsters in our countries. If you and your country survive to have a next time, you will fully support your nations' troops winning such wars in other countries so you don't have to live through the hell of war in your country.

God gave us the opportunity to win this war against terrorism in other countries but we blew it by letting our liberal commie traitors, liberal media, politicians, liberal college professors, and others betray our troops so those troops couldn't win the war in those other countries and now we are and will continue to be punished by fighting that war in our countries. Eyes will open and you will learn to hate treason and traitors.

Christian Aliyah

In the 2015 World Watch list compiled by Open Doors USA, a human rights organization which has monitored Christian persecution worldwide since the 1970s, it said that nine out of the top ten countries where Christians suffer "extreme persecution" have populations that are at least 50% Muslim. The list said that "Islamic extremism is by far the most significant persecution engine" of Christians in the world and "40 of the 50 countries on the World Watch List are affected by this kind of persecution." The list said that an average of 772 acts of violence occur against Christians, 322 Christians are killed for their faith, and 214 Christian churches and properties are destroyed EACH MONTH.

God is using the barbaric Muslims to move His Christians and Jews to where He wants them. God is just a wee bit ticked off at us and now it has come to the point to where you obey or you pay. If God tells you to move, you will move or die.

You really need to pray for and help your Christian brothers and sisters get to safe countries as quickly as possible.


I have heard and read atheists making the following comments. One was asked by a Jewish Rabbi, "Would the world be a better place if all Muslims converted to Christianity?"

After some thought, the atheist stated yes and the Rabbi stated, "I guess all religions are not the same then", dispelling the liberal myth that all religions are the same.

I heard one atheist state that he would rather live in a country run by Christians than in a country run by liberal communists. Eyes are opening and people are choosing.

In a personal dream God gave me, He showed me that not all of the people in our new Christian nation will be born again Christians. He showed me that many people in the new nation will be left behind by the Rapture and have to fight the Muslims when the Muslims conquer the world. There will be many people in our new Christian nation who will not be Christians but will prefer to live in a Christian run nation to living in a nation run by liberal communists, pagans, Muslims, Buddhists, or anyone else. Eyes are opening.

Respiratory Illness

It seems that Colorado is being hit with a rise in cases of upper respiratory illness caused by a virus this year.

Gee, who would have thought that legalizing pot, increasing the number of people in Colorado sucking the chemicals from pot into their lungs, and a large number of people moving to Colorado to suck all of those chemicals from pot into their lungs would increase the number of respiratory illnesses and vulnerability to respiratory virus infections in Colorado?

Expect to see this happen everywhere they legalize pot. You should also expect to see other medical problems develop in those states.


I just saw a headline which said, "Criticism of Economists for Inaccurate Predictions 'Unfair'."

Really? These people with the right degrees from the right universities on big salaries can't make good predictions with all the data they have access to and it is unfair to criticize them for being so stupid?

I guess it isn't PC to pick on the highly educated mentally challenged experts.

Now do you believe the upper class trash has been inbreeding too long?

I told you that their predictions were consistently wrong and you have seen that my predictions have been consistently right. Now others are noticing that these experts are consistently wrong and "picking on them". It is a lot easier to make accurate predictions when you leave out the smoke and mirrors and focus on what counts.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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