Israeli War


Remember that I told you that the Muslims have been planning this attack for years?

In this video they tell you that the Muslims have been planning this war for years, they plan to kill all Hebrews everywhere, and they plan to destroy America, meaning kill everyone here too just like I have been telling you.

They are telling me with their words that they still have not figured it out yet that it is all Muslims want to destroy all non Muslims and not just Iran and her proxy forces. They have broken the most important law in warfare, which is "Know your enemy." They don't know crap about Islam and still think they can have peace with Muslims who want to butcher them.


After I went to bed last night, I realized that I should have explained my reaction to the sudden emergency meeting for the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) I posted in my last essay because some of you might have not understood it as well as others, so here I am at 2:30 am writing instead of sleeping.

First, God showed me years ago, maybe a couple of decades ago, that the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 MUST happen before the soon coming Tribulation, which He told me is going to start soon, and then He gave me a dream in November 2008, right after Obama was elected, which I post in May of 2009, showing that Obama would seize control of the US Government by nuking Chicago and blaming Israel and lead an army to fight in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 so I knew it had to happen before Obama got too old or died. At first, I assumed it would happen while he was president but assumptions rarely work out. You have to stick with the details God gives you.

Second, in doing my research and reading the Bible I realized decades ago that all of the nations mentioned in the Bible as leading armies to invade Israel in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 are now Muslim countries so it had to have something to do with Islam.

Third, I began studying Islam following 9/11 and learned a long time ago in studying Islam that Muslims are required to conquer the world and murder all non Muslims, but especially the Christians and Hebrews. I also knew about the Muslim Mahdi and many other things I have already taught you about Islam on this blog. Basically, I read the Koran, Sharia Law, their end time prophecies, Hadiths, studied their lives and nations, and everything else I could find for decades.

Fourth, I studied the true history for the Land of Israel and knew the Palestinian thing was bogus. It was created by the Romans in 70 AD and the Muslims started using it about a century ago to fool the stupid people in the West because almost none of us studied that history and would know better.

The Romans changed the name of the Land of Israel to Palestine in 70 AD after putting down a Hebrew rebellion to keep the Hebrews from rebuilding the Land of Israel as punishment for the rebellion and the Muslim Arabs didn't conquer and move into the area until the 7th Century or 600s AD (500 years later) so the only people who could even claim to be the true Palestinians are the Hebrews, who have occupied that land for 3,500 years now. I do my homework.

The Muslims are upset at the Hebrews because the Hebrews finally got their land back from the oppressive conquerors, the Muslims want the Hebrew land back and the Hebrews dead. That is the short story.

Fifth, I had watched and studied Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam for more than half a century, knew he was getting his people into the key US Government agencies for training and experience, having some of them quit, organize the government for the Nation of Islam as a fifth column government within a nation, train up the rest of their people, and manage that very well trained and organized government, while keeping some of his people, like Austin, inside the US Government for a number of reasons like providing intel, promoting Nation of Islam people up higher into the US Government, and be able to use key resources of the US Government, increasingly making the US Government a puppet or proxy government to the Nation of Islam, you know, that deep state thingy. When Obama was president, he promoted a bunch of them, like Austin, really fast to finish taking over the US Government very quickly.

All of the lefties in the top of today's government agencies are Obama's people he promoted there.

I also learned they had plans for a violent takeover of the US Government to turn it into a Muslim Caliphate and proxy army and, with the help of the Muslim nations, conquer the world. Yes, they are all crazy, power mad psychopaths just like all upper class trash and their puppets.

I also learned that Farrakhan had visited Iran and its leaders at least dozens of times since the Muslim leaders took control of the country in the late 1970s under Jimmuh Carhtuh, Farrakhan is very good buds with them, and has influence inside the US Government via his agents. I watched that very closely and still do.

When Obama first began running for president, I researched, watched, and studied him, quickly finding out that what the lefty media told us about him was pure bull crap. He is a devout Shiite Muslim raised in a Muslim Madrasa or school and not a Christian and is a top member in the Nation of Islam. I found out that Farrakhan and Obama believe Obama is the Muslim Mahdi, who, according to Muslim end time prophecies, will rule the world.

Knowing all of this, I have been watching for decades for the trigger moment or event that would cause the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39. I knew it would be obvious, when I saw it because God would make it obvious to me.

For years I watched one amateur hour after another by Hamas in attacking Israel because they would just get a bunch of cheap "dumb" rockets (not smart or guided) they would fire into Israel and murder people to scare them and then get their butts bombed by Israel.

Then I saw this complex attack into Israel by Hamas and my military training and military history studies told me someone smart had to plan that baby and, the more I learned about what happened, the more I realized that it took them at least a few years to plan it plus at least a few more years to smuggle the weapons into Gaza and train the terrorists, with someone providing cover to keep the Israeli Mossad from finding out and the only organization that could do that was the Nation of Islam/US Government. Something was going on and it got my attention so I began watching closely.

Part of the problem for Israel was that they had it too easy for too long fighting a bunch of amateurs and suddenly got surprised by a professionally designed attack plus they had fallen for that idiot lefty gun control crap, disarming their people so they would be unprotected and vulnerable, also called "easy prey". In my opinion, those lefties who disarmed the Israeli people should be hung for treason because they helped cause that slaughter of their own people.

I mean, you disarm your people in a war zone so they can't protect themselves? Really?

My farts are smarter than those nuts. It is the stupidest thing that Israel has ever done.

After Israel defeated Hamas and pushed them back inside Gaza and started preparing to invade Gaza to completely eradicate Hamas to protect the people of Israel from any more attacks, I knew Hezbollah would take advantage of Israel having so many forces pinned down in Gaza and attack Israel in the north so I started watching that but I also saw other "shadows moving in the background", as the military intelligence used to call them, (all of the other Muslim countries getting a little upset at Israel eradicating the Hamas terrorist group so they couldn't continue to murder Hebrews) that got my attention and I realized this might accelerate into the soon coming Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, which caused me to watch and study even closer.

I saw Hezbollah openly attacking Israel and then Iran openly threaten to attack Israel with Hezbollah, if Israel eradicated Hamas, and saw tension building in all other Muslim nations.

Then I saw Saudi Arabia suddenly call an emergency meeting for the OIC (all Muslim countries) concerning Israel eradicating a Muslim terrorist group in Gaza. They said it was out of concern for the Muslim Arab civilians but that was just a cover.

Those nations attending that military conference about Israel eradicating the Hamas terrorist group, them having all of the nations the Bible says will move to invade Israel causing the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, all of those nations hating and wanting Israel to be wiped off the face of the Earth, a number of those nations like Turkey, Iran, and the Nation of Islam, who used Afghan Joe as the front man to fund this war by Joe giving Iran $16 billion, them having been calling for all Muslim nations to unite and destroy Israel for decades, the lefty media and propaganda that was turning people against Israel as the bad guy instead of the terrorists being the bad guys, knowing that the Nation of Islam (and US Government) had to help plan that war up to and including invading Israel, and so many other factors told me there were just too many magic coincidences for this to not be the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 and that Farrakhan, Obama, and the Nation of Islam/US Government have to make their move soon if they want to prove that Obama is the Muslim Mahdi instead of some other Muslim proving it.

BTW, the peace agreement between Israel and Saudi Arabia was just a distraction to keep Israel from finding out about the Hamas invasion because Saudi Arabia knew about that invasion, was probably involved in planning it, and was pretending to make nice with Israel to put Israel at easy and distract her and it worked. It was a sucker punch that Israel fell for because her leaders don't know crap about their enemy, Islam.

BTW, those two carrier groups sent to the West Coast of Israel were sent by the Nation of Islam's people in the Pentagon to be used by Obama to keep any Israelis from escaping west through the Mediterranean Sea. It is called an encirclement and they are closing the circle with those fleets by pretending to be on Israel's side.

Remember that I told you that the US was taking munitions from their military reserves in Israel and selling them to Ukraine?

It was to further disarm Israel for this coming invasion by denying her access to those munitions. They have been planning this for a very long time.

Man, SAC trained me well in espionage, didn't they?

Plus God uses that training to show me everything.

Basically, all of that coming together at once was God showing me that this is the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 and things are going to suck even worse for a while. A lot of people are going to die because of the global upper class trash psychopaths. They just can't leave other people alone.

Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash and their puppets cause better than 90% of our problems and all of the worst problems?

That is the nutshell version.

So, what will happen?

Based on what the Bible says and God has shown me, this is what will happen.

In that meeting, you know they will discuss wiping out Israel and all non Muslims in Israel to protect Hamas and take back the land the Muslims stole from the Hebrews 1,400 years ago and the Hebrews finally got back in 1948, upsetting the Muslims. They will tell all of the Muslims in Israel to leave Israel so they can finish what Hamas started by slaughtering every man, woman, and child in Israel to get all of the Hebrews.

You know that Turkey, Iran, the Nation of Islam and others will INSIST on uniting their armies to invade Israel and kill every man, woman, and child and with everyone of those Muslim leaders having the fantasy of THEM, personally, being able to stand on the Temple Mount, prove they are the Muslim Mahdi, and they can rule the world; knowing that Israel is at least the fourth greatest military power in the world. So they will all decide to unite and invade Israel together to start their global Jihad to set up their global Caliphate with a standard ruling Muslim council of 10 leaders plus their Mahdi based out of Mystery Babylon.

Sound familiar?

Hey, the Euro-American Royals are not the only inbred, power mad psychopaths in the world, who want to rule the world. There are plenty of them all over the world. We have an abundant crop of human nuts and fruits in this world. History proves that to be true.

The Muslims can't just fly their forces into Lebanon and Syria because Israel has been attacking all of the airbases and air ports in both nations capable of handling large numbers of large military transport planes. They will have to either bring their forces into Lebanon and Syria by ship on the west side or fly them into Turkey and Iraq, then drive their forces in mass into Syria and Lebanon, after setting up their air defenses to protect those forces.

According to the scriptures, they will set up their air defenses really fast and then all of those leaders, feeling safe, will make Damascus their headquarters for the war so they can all run around making deals about who will rule what after they conquer the world and them all being close enough to Jerusalem that, as soon as the Temple Mount is secure, they can have a race to be the first one to stand on the Temple Mount and prove THEY are the Muslim Mahdi and THEY will get to rule the world.

Obama will have to be there so he can quickly be choppered in to stand on the Temple Mount as soon as it is secure to prove he is the Mahdi and Farrakhan will be with him so they will leave Valerie Jarrett in charge of the US as his vice president and the first female US vice president to maintain control of the US for the Nation of Islam.

BTW, after Obama imposes Sharia Law, the USA will become officially known as the "Nation of Islam" with Obama as your Caliph.

To be there, Obama has to be the US national leader so he can be in control and under the protection of the US Military to get him to the Temple Mount first so he can prove he is the Muslim Mahdi.

You can bet that the Nation of Islam/US deep state Government has already planned that out. According to what God told me and I told thee almost 14 years ago, they already have a formal ball fund raiser for Afghan Joe's election reserved and planned for the top ballroom in the Sears Tower on a Monday that is not a holiday but is a work day during normal work hours with the guests already invited, with Afghan Joe and Kruela already planned to be there.

They already have the 10K nuke bolted into the nose of the twin engine, 8 passenger private plane that is white with red on the sides, a detonation button wired to the steering wheel, and a Muslim suicide bomber pilot trained to do the job by blowing that thing east of the Sears Tower at the right time to take out Joe and Kruela, along with everyone else they want to get rid of, you know, like the Muslims did for 9/11.

They already have the Commierats plus at least 8 RINOs bribed to vote Obama into being the Speaker of the House so he will automatically become the US president, can declare a national emergency, declare martial law, suspend the US Constitution, Congress, and the Supreme Court, impose Sharia Law on the nation to make himself the US Caliph with absolute power and control and enforced by their deep state, assemble his already trained Muslim/lefty army (Antifa, BLM, all of the black gangs in the US, plus any of the stupid lefties who want to destroy Israel by being Obama's cannon fodder to clear the Israeli mine fields ahead of their army), and plans to transport those forces to the Northern Hills of Israel to lead the invasion into Israel to make sure Obama gets to the Temple Mount first.

According to the Bible, two things will happen, after they have at least most of their forces, probably all, assembled in Syria and Lebanon or the Northern Hills of Israel and just before they start their invasion; the first will be that God will cause a massive earthquake in that area, you know, like some of the recent earthquakes in that area but worse, that plus the legendary military prowess of the Israeli Army will cause confusion among the invading forces so that they will turn their weapons on each other, thinking "those guys over there are the Israelis attacking us" just like the Bible says, and they will kill 5 of 6 or 83.3% of their own invading force before they suddenly realize they just wiped out most of their invading force and Israel didn't lose one soldier so, in a fear of being slaughtered by Israel, they will panic, throw down their weapons, and run for the Euphrates River as fast as they can, with Israel closely following them to take all of the land to the Euphrates River just like the Bible says.

Man plans, God laughs.

Second, with all of those leaders and probably quite a few of the Israel hating upper class trash Euro-American Royals and their media in Damascus to cover all of those great leaders, God will fulfill the prophecy where He said he will rain down fire and brimstone on Damascus, destroying it and killing everyone in it, so that it will never be rebuilt again so that all of those wonderful, power mad leaders will get to fight over who will rule in Hell along with all of the rest of the rulers who are already there.

That will free up the Western nations to fight for their freedom from the oppressive rule of the remnant of the lefty and Muslim forces, while Israel easily takes all of the land from the fleeing and terrified Muslims down to the Nile River and Indian Ocean from the fleeing Muslims that God promised Abraham.

Man plans, God laughs.

That will destroy enough of the bad guys and their armies to be destroyed so that, after we fight wars and rumors of wars to reclaim our nations, there will be peace for a little while but, the remaining nut cases will quickly regroup, reorganize, and start over by uniting all Muslim nations under the last Caliphate, forming a new military, and preparing to conquer the world under Billy Boy Clinton, after he signs a 7 year peace treaty with the nuts running Israel, after the Tribulation begins. Then things will get really nasty.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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