I Told You So 10

This is a major I told you so because it involves a number of things that I warned you about. The current Wall Street problem was caused by the same left wing nuts who are trying to lay it on Bush. First, at least an increasing part is being caused by the abortion and other things I told you about years ago. Remember the supply and demand of the demand for stocks decreasing because the idiot liberals killed off the people with abortions you would have had to sell your stocks to so you could retire? Well, increasing numbers of you are retiring and those people are not around to buy your stocks so you can get your money back and retire. Oops. Because of the liberals killing themselves off with abortions, drugs, and homosexuality, you don't get to retire or will have to live a significantly decreased standard of living. This problem is only going to get worse and the Dow has already fallen over 500 points in just one day.

Those simple minded fool liberals are trying to solve this problem by legalizing 10 million illegal immigrants so they will pay taxes into the system and buy those stocks to undo the damage the liberal programs have done to our economy without admitting they screwed this up in the first place. There is one little problem with their plan (as always, there is actually more than one), many of the illegal's they want to make US citizens are getting old enough they will soon be reaching retirement age and they will only make the problem worse. This is what happens when you let the fools who caused the problem try to solve it. The problem just keeps getting worse. You really, really, really, really, really must vote the idiot liberals out of office and conservatives into office for AT LEAST the next 40 to 50 years so they can clean up the liberal messes and there are many. Some just have not matured into full scale problems or crises yet. Give them time, they will. I have the utmost faith in liberal ideas.

The only solution to this problem is to open the US doors to LEGAL immigrants in their 20's who are hard working people. These people will be working for at least the next 30 years paying taxes into the system, buying stocks for their retirement, and will also cause an economic boom similar to others when we had large scale immigration such as following World War II when many people migrated here from Europe because the Europeans had devastated their economies with another war we had to save them from. Just legalizing tens of millions of illegal immigrants won't hack it, especially when millions of them are already living legally on welfare, social security, and other government programs without having paid taxes into them because of the idiot liberals. Those people have to go home or get a job or this problem won't get fixed.

One thing which is massively contributing to this mess is more of the genius of the former president the liberals love to call brilliant, Bill Clinton. While he was in office, he put together a policy which Bush and McCain have tried to undo but can't get past liberally controlled Congress which REQUIRED banks to give loans to poor people who couldn't pay those loans so "everyone can have a home." How sweet. Well, they got a home until they couldn't pay for the loan any more and then the banks got the homes in foreclosures and you have to pay for them with your tax dollars. I told you eight years ago that I wouldn't want to be the president to follow Bill Clinton into office because the things a president screws up usually don't come home to roost until at least from three to ten years. Billy's screw ups are still coming home to roost and may do so for at least another 5 to 10 years.

I have a question. If this is the man the liberals consider to be brilliant, just how stupid must the rest of them be? Can we afford Obama? Not from what I am hearing about his economic policies.

Bush has really screwed up on permitting the liberal media to castrate him in the War Against Terror and selling out Israel but he has to be admired for staying the course on economics and in Iraq and Afghanistan to get the job done. Bush's economics has taken a beating from the Bill Clinton caused problems including 9/11. All the top liberal jerks keep saying we are in a recession or depression and then they turn around and say, "Well, we will be soon." They have been saying that for years and the economy just keeps growing because Bush won't raise taxes. One thing you have to say about Bush is that his economy has taken a licking and just keeps on ticking despite the liberal propaganda machine trying to scare you into causing a recession.

Listen, if Gore, Kerry, Obama, or Super Bill had been president at any time in the last 8 years, we would now be in the worst depression in the history of the US. Our economy would make the 1920's economy of Germany look like a slight down turn. Probably at least half of you would be standing in bread & soup lines....well, if you would have survived this long. Many of you would have starved to death by now.

I have been watching McCain more closely and he is a social liberal but the man is actually a fiscal and military conservative. I think we need this man to solve the fiscal and military problems Brilliant Bill caused. Also, the ticket will permit a very intelligent conservative female to get more experience at the national and international level for when she runs for president in 4 or 8 years. McCain warned us years ago about many of the fiscal and military problems we are now facing and tried to prevent them. Palin has been doing much of the same more recently. We need this pair in office yesterday. We definitely don't need Obama in regardless of who his running mate is. I believe he will be the worse president we ever had, even worse than Brilliant Bill and Grinnin' Jimmy; maybe combined.

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