I Told You So 100

As news of the Russian troop movements taking over Crimea come in, it is increasingly obvious this was well planned in advance, almost certainly based on intel provided by Snowden. Do you still think Snowden is a hero and not a traitor?

It is just like I told you, all of that crap about Snowden fleeing to avoid prosecution for releasing intel about NSA spying on US citizens, which had been made public knowledge by Reagan and Bush II, was just smoke and mirrors for the intel Snowden really provided to Russia and China. We are only beginning to see the results of the Snowden treason.

It is now clear that Spetznaz forces and the Russian version of the Marines from the Russian Black Sea Fleet based in a number of Crimean ports, working with Crimean forces, quickly took control of both airports, the government buildings, and other facilities including city streets and highways. The fleet sent Spetznaz forces to capture a SAM command site in Crimea, 13 Russian military aircraft carrying 150 troops each have landed at the commercial airport, which is obviously still under Russian control, there are Russian armored troop carriers patrolling Crimean streets, there are Russian helicopters patrolling the area, and Russian and Crimean troops have fended off an attack by Ukraine forces trying to recapture the Crimean government buildings.

Those 150,000 Russian troops and 900 tanks won't even have to fight their way into Crimea. They will have a nice leisurely drive, park their troops and tanks where ever they want, and, as soon as Spetznaz gains control of the Ukraine SAM control center (when, not if), Putin will peacefully fly in a variety of Russian war planes including fighter planes to control the skies. I give Putin 24 to 48 hours for military End Game and Crimea will once again be a state in Russia with Russia's Black Sea Fleet Crimean ports comfortably under Russian control.

One thing I noticed in this was that Russia used its 150,000 man army gathering at the Crimean border as a distraction while the real military assault came from the Russian fleet parked in the Crimean ports, which no one paid attention to. Putin is a magician who gets you to watch one hand while he breaks your teeth out with the other hand. That is a very important military lesson.

Yeah, this was just a spontaneous knee-jerk reaction by Putin to an event. Get the picture?

What has happened here is that the Euro-American upper class trash had planned an operation to gain economic and political control of Ukraine to isolate Russia, gain control of Russia's ports for its Black Sea Fleet in Crimea, and bring Russia in line with the upper class trash plans for a global dicstatorship, Snowden provided Putin with that intel, and Putin used the efforts of the Western upper class trash to open the Russian flood gates spreading Russian influence everywhere. Read major Russian backlash. In other words, Obama and company tried to hit Putin with an upper cut and Putin followed with about 20 strong left jabs and a powerful right cross to Obama's kisser.

What is Obama doing about this?

Obama is threatening to not show up at the G-8 meeting in Sochi this summer, which you know has Putin scared to death. Let me get this straight, Obama thinks that Putin is going to stop trying to take back Crimea and protect the ports for his Black Sea Fleet because 7 Western political turkeys won't show up for a meeting? Aren't you impressed with how great of a strategist Obama is? Obama is acting just like a spoiled rotten two year old, you know, just like I told you he is. Obama can't come up with anything better than not showing up at a meeting? Oh, that is right, Obama doesn't have any other options because he has destroyed the US and brought it down to the level of other nations, you know, just like he said he would. Good luck being a bully with that.

Obama and his commie buddies have turned the Russian bear loose. Only God knows what China is planning and you better bet China is watching this very closely to see what Obama will do, which is make a "threatening speech" and go to happy hour. If Obama's best counter is to not show up for a meeting, you can bet the Chinese dragon will break loose and is going on the march very soon, you know, using the intel Snowden gave China. You can bet China's game is just as well planned out. Obama better learn to duck.

You better know that, for every move the West had planned before Snowden fled to China, Putin and China have counter plans. It can take from months to years to plan a successful uprising like they just pulled off in Ukraine and things at that level have to have a progression. For example, you have to accomplish plan A before you can begin plan B. This means that, not only the plans the Euro-Americans had on the drawing board before Snowden left, but also the newer plans which are dependent on those plans must be canceled or reworked from the ground up.

The most important thing is that both Russia and China know the Euro-American strategy in detail so that no matter what their tactics are, their strategy is now compromised and in serious risk because, when one knows the other sides strategy, it is too easy to predict their tactics. This means that the global plans of the upper class trash natural elites have just been royally screwed by Snowden.

Man plans, God laughs. Everything works to the good for God.

Remember that, when the plans of bad guys fail, it is God protecting us from those bad guys. The only good guys left are the true Christians and the good guys in the US government and military. We are currently watching bad guys fight bad guys and the only one I can find to cheer for is God.

Does this mean that Iran will use the Sunni and Shiite fighting to move forces into Iraq? Russia and Iran already backed down the US in Syria and Iran really wants to establish Babylon as the global capital of Islam. Will they do the same in Iraq? Don't put it past Putin and Rouhani. Keep an eye on this.

BTW, just in case you have not figured it out, we now have a new world order. Not the one the Euro-American upper class trash planned out but it is definitely different.

One thing this reminds me of is the fall of Rome, which fell because of the same reasons of upper class corruption for which the US and West have fallen. After Rome pulled its troops back to protect Rome, because it had become too financially weak as a nation, a full variety of forces began conquering the areas Rome had controlled and, eventually, Rome. The Saxons swept through Britain and the Goths, Huns, and Vandals took the rest of it. Right now, I hear some one knocking at the front gate. I quietly wonder, "Who's there?"

BTW, remember that I told you that either Israel or God would destroy Mecca and Medina when Israel takes everything to the Indian Ocean in about the western 1/3 of the Arabian Peninsula following the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 so Israel would not have the same mess with Mecca and Medina they currently have with the Temple Mount and so the Muslims would turn their attention to Babylon as their most holy city the way the Bible says they will? I found out that one of the things Iran wants to do with their nukes is destroy Mecca and Medina to the point they cannot be rebuilt (read radioactive) so the Sunni Muslims will be forced to recognize Babylon as the most holy site in the world for Islam, you know, just like the Bible says. Keep an eye on that one.

BTW, remember that I told you that Hillary won't really run, will back out, and Princess Chelsea will run for president in 2016? Have you noticed that they are saying Hillary won't run for president and are using the lame excuse of it being because of her "illness" and not because she is damaged goods? Watch for Princess Chelsea to announce her candidacy for president in the near future.

Believe in the Lord, Jesus Christ and you will be saved.

It is a really great idea to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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