I Told You So 102

One of the reasons why I am saying that the Euro-American upper class trash staged the political coup of Ukraine to isolate and pressure Russia into cooperating in the Euro-American upper class trash efforts to set up their global dictatorship is that, before the rioters overthrew the pro Russian Ukraine government and replaced it with a pro Euro-American government (a big red flag in of itself, hello), the Ukraine police arrested one of the rioters who was involved in instigating the riots and he had US CIA identification documents. If you put those CIA documents together with replacing a pro Russian government with a pro Euro-American government, Putin being against working with the Euro-American upper class trash to set up their one world government (Putin has chased all of those rascals out of Russia), and previous efforts to take down pro Russian governments like Libya and Syria, it should be clear it was a Euro-American upper class trash political coup of Ukraine to isolate Russia. It shouldn't take any more than that to show who caused this mess, you know, just like who is causing the messes in our countries to set up their global dictatorship, same criminals.

Less than 48 hours ago, I told you that I would give Putin 24 to 48 hours and he would have Crimea secured and in Russia's grasp along with the Crimean ports for Russia's Black Sea Fleet, which are very critical to Russia. This morning, all of the Crimean ports are either under Russian control or blockade, there is an estimated 20,000 to 30,000 Russian troops in Crimea and on those Russian ships, and Putin called back those 150,000 troops and 900 tanks from their training exercise WITH those troops and tanks having never entered either Crimea or Ukraine. Remember that the Russian government has passed a bill to annex Crimea. Crimea secured!

BTW, there are reports of Putin threatening the Ukraine soldiers with an attack and offering to accept any soldiers who defect. First, Crimea is going to need its own local military for self defense so the military job offers would make sense. Second, Putin may attack but doesn't have to because all he needs to do is cut off those forces supplies (he already has them surrounded) and starve them out, you know, like an old fashion siege. Sooner or later they are going to run out of food. Putin has clearly shown that he doesn't want to start a shooting war unless he has to.

But remember that those 150,000 troops and 900 tanks can still attack Ukraine within 48 to 72 hours any time Putin orders.

Gee, you mean that those 150,000 troops and 900 tanks really were there just for training? No, they were there to draw the Ukraine military to the Russian border to defend against an invasion by those troops so Russia's troops on the Russian Black Sea Fleet ships could take over Crimea without firing a shot and it worked, you know, just like I told you. A Russian fake followed by a Russian right cross to Obummer's choppers. Unlike Obummer, Putin is an excellent military strategist who knows what he is doing, don't forget that. ALWAYS, respect your enemy, Obummer never learned that one and is paying for it big time. And believe me, Putin is not finished AND you can expect the efforts by the Euro-American upper class trash against Russia to continue.

And what was the cost to Putin and Russia?

Their stock market took a little nose dive but it will quickly recover. If nothing else, it was an opportunity for the Russians to take a little profit because they probably sold high and will buy back in low with the idiots in the rest of the world taking the hit. Obummer, Cruz, McCain, and others are THREATENING Russia with sanctions, which have never been imposed (Europe needs Russia's business and natural gas too badly, you know, just like I told you) and sanctions have NEVER WORKED! The US military has cancelled any further military training exercises with Russia. China has stated they support Russia's take over of Crimea (they both know what is going on and China will need Russia to return the favor when she makes her moves, coming soon, also keep an eye on Iran.) Plus there is a surprising number of Americans who are being thrilled by Putin making our Chicken in Chief look like the spoiled little child he is (don't be surprised to find out that Obummer threw a two year old's stomping, screaming fit in the Oval Office.) And our more sane and rational citizens are embarrassed and humiliated by the childish actions of our glorious intellectually superior upper class trash leaders. Oh yeah, Russia had to use some fuel to move those troops around...plus a little wear on tires and parts.

Oh yeah, Obama has bravely pledged one billion dollars to Ukraine. You know that took some guts and has Putin terrified.

I am still trying to figure out just exactly what our corrupt upper class trash are intellectually superior to, my farts are smarter than those clowns because my farts would never tear down the US military expecting world peace. Duh, hello!!! The stupidity of the Euro-American upper class trash is mind boggling.

Have you noticed a trend here? The evil plans of the Euro-American intellectually superior upper class trash commie traitors are failing right and left. Their take over of Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria, and Ukraine have back fired every time. There is still citizen upheaval in Tunisia and Libya, a counter coup was successfully stage in Egypt, though the evil upper class trash are still staging riots in Egypt, Syria is winning the war against the upper class trash Sunni terrorists, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and other countries have all become Russian and Chinese allies (how many more allies can we chase to Russia and China?), and the Euro-American upper class trash are so stupid they can't realize that just maybe they should stop their mischief? Instead of gaining ground, they are losing ground and they keep up with the same nonsense? They have definitely been inbreeding too long.

Man plans, God laughs.

Now, what should this tell you?

When King Abdullah's plans consistently failed, Obama stabbed Kingy Boy in the back, dumped Kingy Boy, and ran off with another lover, Iran. Our Chicken in Chief is a coward or typical school yard bully, who, when things start going bad, he cuts and runs. A real fighter or warrior, when the fighting gets tough, they fight harder to win the fight. Not Obummer, when things head south, our Chicken in Chief is out of there. Most school yard bullies are the same way and I read some time ago that one of Obummer's class mates said that Obummer was a school yard bully, always picking on smaller kids. Based on Obummer's actions, I believe it because he is behaving just like a school yard bully, he will only fight against significantly smaller opponents. That is a very valuable less for everyone on the planet, especially our enemies and you can bet they have learned it.

You can see this in Obummer's actions as president. Any time he tries to force something bad on us and the people stand up to Obama, he backs off for a while to try it again (i.e. Obamacare, which Obummer is delaying...again) or he changes the subject to distract everyone but doesn't stand well against opposition. THIS IS A VERY VALUABLE LESSON! If we, the American people, stand against Obummer in sufficient force, he will back down, don't forget that.

I have also noticed that this is also true of almost all liberals. They bully people when they think they can get away with it and back off when they realize you might fight back. Basically, they are bullies and cowards. Why do you think they insist on disarming you before they fight you? Remember this.

Knowing this and that the intellectually superior upper class trash Euro-American natural elites' plans are consistently failing and Obummer keeps taking the blame for those failed plans, what should we expect?

At some point, the upper class trash plans are going to fail one too many times, Obummer will stab them in the back, dump them, and run off with another lover, you know, like the US black Muslims, just like my dreams told me so and I have been telling you so. Remember that Obummer told you that, if he had to choose between communism and Islam, he would choose Islam?

God will use that to take care of the upper class trash and then all we will have to worry about will be the Muslims, Russians, and Chinese. It will be one down and three to go, our chances will improve by 25%, actually by more than that because our greatest threat is the threat from within by our own upper class trash traitors. With our upper class trash traitors out of the mix, our chances could improve by 50% or more. Hang in there, God will take care of it, even though we don't deserve it. It will be purely by God's grace....again.

One good thing about this for Obummer is that it is definitely distracting everyone from Obummer's other problems and crimes. You know Obummer is calling this a welcomed breather.

Remember that all of this chaos and the failure of the upper class trash plans is because the upper class trash has destroyed the US military so the US military won't be able to stop the upper class trash from staging a political coup of the US to set up the upper class trash's global dictatorship. Guess what, now that the US military doesn't have the power to stop the upper class trash, it also doesn't have the power to stop Russia and China, plus we don't have any allies. Yep, they are the smart ones.

I have been reading that some think China will be next to test the international waters with an invasion of Taiwan but I think that would be too risky for their first move. I think a much less risky and more practical first move for China to test the international waters would be the Senkaku Islands in Japan. They are uninhabited, it will be more likely China can quickly take them without firing a shot, and will be seen as less of a crisis by the rest of the world. Taiwan will require a very expensive and bloody fight, which will cause a greater international outcry. China has already made a very poorly contested grab for the islands by extending her air space out to include the Senkaku Islands. Keep an eye on the Senkaku Islands.

Man plans, God laughs.

BTW, how is that pagan democracy thing doing?

It is always important to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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