Rome II

This essay is about the fall of the West or what I call Rome II. This is not an essay predicting what may or can be expected to happen in the future, it is instead about something which has been going on for years and is going on RIGHT NOW! Get it straight, you are RIGHT NOW witnessing the fall of the greatest civilization in the history of man. Today is tomorrow's history.

The military fall of Rome began with the corrupt members of its upper class stealing from or sacking its own nation and government, destroying it from within, which forced the government to decrease the amount of money being spent on their military. The military fall of Rome did not begin with the Roman military losing battles but with the Roman military losing money, troops, and strength leading to its first significant military losses on the battle fields.

This first military loss began in the US and Europe by at least the 1970s with our corrupt upper class trash significantly increasing their stealing from or sacking our nations, destroying our nations from within, and tearing down our militaries, but was briefly reversed in the US by Reagan rebuilding our military in the 1980s and resumed by Bush I, Clinton, and Obama. The fall of Rome II began decades ago, actually even before FDR with increasing government corruption. It was a huge red flag when Hagel told us in 2013 that the US didn't have enough troops to invade little Syria. By that time, we were pretty well into the fall of Rome II.

The first significant military loss for Rome was when a group of Germanic tribes ambushed and destroyed three legions of Roman troops in a forest in what is now Germany. That defeat of Roman troops sent a huge message screaming around the world to every power mad dictator with a slingshot that Rome was no longer invincible.

Not long after that, Rome was financially forced to withdraw it troops from around its empire to protect the Roman home land. When Rome staged this military withdrawal to an isolationist protection of just Rome, every warrior tribe in the area went on a rampage quickly conquering and pillaging the countries Rome had left unprotected. The Saxons invaded the Island of Britain, after being defeated once by Rome, the Goths raided everything from current Switzerland to current Turkey before invading Italy and sacking Rome (they were the first but not the last), the Visigoths raided through France into Spain and throughout Northern Africa before finally sacking Rome, the Huns invaded current Germany and France before being defeated, and others followed.

Rome II's first major defeat was Vietnam with almost 58,000 US dead, more than just three legions, so the West has been falling for some time, just like happened to Rome. Rome did not fall overnight, it fell over centuries and we are falling even faster. Years ago, after being defeated once in the Cold War by the US, Russia invaded the nation of Georgia with no military resistance by Rome II, letting Russia have Georgia the way Rome let the Goths have Southeastern Europe. Then China seized control of some South China Sea islands, which had belonged to the Philippines and Vietnam, with no actions taken by Rome II. Then the Muslims seized control of Tunisia, Libya and Egypt with the help of Rome II to appease the Muslims with Egypt regaining its freedom but still in chaos. Rome II tried to help the Muslims take Syria but failed because of Russia and Russia responded by taking Crimea with Rome II doing nothing but generating a lot of hot air from their politicians. Right now, most of Rome II or Europe is under siege by the Muslims with daily rioting and killing of the European people while other Muslims terrorists are being infiltrated within the US borders by our traitor leaders.

Rome II's Vandals, Goths, and Saxons are already within the gates and the fighting has already started. The fall of Rome II is not something in the future, Rome II is falling in flames and being sacked by our Saxons, Vandals, and Goths while you read this. Our enemies are here in our streets RIGHT NOW, not tomorrow or next week, much less next year. Rome II is falling RIGHT NOW!

And just like with the fall of Rome, we are right now being plunged into the Dark Ages II! This is not something that will happen tomorrow, next week or next month, we are being plunged into Dark Ages II RIGHT NOW! RIGHT NOW, you are living the most horrible time in the history of mankind so far and it will get worse. History teaches us that is true, the worst is still yet to come because our greedy, power mad upper class trash sacked our nations weakening our militaries and permitting our enemies to begin conquering and sacking us and our allies.

People need to wake up to the fact that the West is falling RIGHT NOW and not some time in the future.

So, when you see the Russians, Chinese, and Muslims invading, conquering, and sacking other nations such as China taking the Senkaku Islands in Japan, just remember that you are watching the fall of Rome II. Welcome to Dark Ages II, courtesy of our corrupt upper class trash, may they all be sacked and murdered along with everyone else they have caused this grief for.

Wake up, it is time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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