I Told You So 105


Remember that I told you Hillary isn't really going to run for president because she is damaged goods?

For some one who is supposedly running for president, I had noticed quite some time ago that her "campaign" was rather pathetic and unprofessional while everyone was focusing on her running for office. I told you that Princess Chelsea has been groomed and will run for office while mommy dearest bows out. Hillary "running" is a slight of hand and smoke and mirrors to set up Chelsea.

I just read that, surprise, surprise, Hillary's friends, advisors, and other experts on the Commiecrat side are saying Hillary should not run. Gee, who would have figured!


Basically, because she is damaged goods, you know, like I told you. They are also throwing in a bunch of other lame excuses such as she is old and sick but it is mostly because she is damaged goods. Please note the con here is that it isn't Hillary backing away from a fight she knows she can't win but her friends and consultants insisting, "for her health", that she give the fight to some one else, you know, younger, like Princess Chelsea. The technique is that, at some point in the near future, Hillary will reluctantly accept the advice of her friends and consultants to bow out of the fight at the same time Chelsea announces her bid for president.

Did I forget to tell you welcome to the web site where you get tomorrow's news today?

So what should all of this tell you?

Soon they are going to announce Princess Chelsea's candidacy for president, you know, just like I told you. It is all in the timing and how they tell the story.

There is another reason why Hillary shouldn't want to run for president. His name is Rahm Emanuel, Mayor of Chicago and the guy who ran Obama's first presidential campaign in which Hillary was severely hit below the belt and some mysterious bit of intel he had on Hillary caused her to back down and bow out instead of fighting back. What Rahm had on Hillary back then, he still has on Hillary now plus much more, especially about Benghazi. Oh yeah, did I tell you that Rahm is preparing to run for president? Hillary doesn't want to tangle with that little monster, Rahm doesn't play nice and has the goods on Hillary. Rahm would shred Hillary in a heart beat and she knows it.

Mean while, I keep reading that Chelsea is still on the campaign trail campaigning for....no one, not even mommy. Gee, I wonder what that is all about, NOT! Keep an eye on Princess Chelsea and Rahm the Barbarian. That should make an interesting fight.


Well, Crimea is now part of Russia and Putin is tearing the West apart in the silly sanctions games. The Russians have openly laughed at Obama and insulted him.

Did you notice that Putin has beefed up his forces on the east side of Ukraine to 200,000 troops and who knows how many tanks? They are all positioned next to major roads for quick entry into Ukraine. Putin has also been beefing up his forces in Crimea.

Now, what do you think Ukraine has done?

The only thing they can do against a massively superior force, move everything they have to Eastern and Southern Ukraine to defend against an immanent invasion by Putin. They really don't have a choice, it is the only move Putin has left them.

Mean while, if you have learned anything about Putin, you know that Putin is quietly moving the ground forces from his Black Sea Fleet Putin used to take Crimea without firing a shot back aboard the Black Sea Fleet a few at a time and probably late at night or early in the morning to prepare to invade Odessa and Transnitria in one quick move without firing a shot. Shortly after midnight, some night in the not too distant future, the Black Sea Fleet will quietly slip out of port and make the short sail to Odessa port.

After Putin takes Odessa, Ukraine will be FORCED to remove most of her troops from the east and south to relieve Odessa permitting Putin to quickly move his 200,000 troops into Eastern Ukraine taking the states which have a Russian majority population. End Game Putin.

BTW, I just read that National Geographic is going to map Crimea as part of Russia, Kazakhstan and Argentina both support Putin, the Russian stock market is rallying with Obama telling investors to not invest in it, and Putin's ratings are almost double Obama's. End Game, Putin. Obama and the lefties have made clowns out of us. Get the picture?


Remember that I told you that China would soon test the waters again to see what the weakened US would do?

I have to admit that I didn't expect China's next move to be this. China quietly moved a navy spy ship to off shore of Hawaii and closer to the Continental US than ever before. This is a pawn move by China to see what our Chicken in Chief, Obumbler, will do. My guess is play more golf.

This is very interesting because it was not a move against a lesser military power such as Japan, Taiwan, or South Korea but against the biggest guy on the block. This tells me that China's strategy is probably to take out the toughest guy in the group knowing the rest will just surrender. You need to keep a very close eye on this one.

What should the US do?

Over the years, our liberal commie traitors have deactivated the US Naval/Marine defensive island chain which ran from Guam and Okinawa back to Hawaii and included such islands as Wake, Midway, Kure, Johnston, and Palmyra, leaving only Guam, Okinawa, and Hawaii with a great big gap right in the middle. The right move at this time would be to reactivate that defensive line of islands as US Naval/Marine bases to rebuild that Pacific defensive line against China. Buuuut, that is going to be just a wee bit difficult to do with our military having been so terribly devastated by our liberal commie traitors, more cuts to our military still coming, and those liberal commie traitors have used their beloved "conservation" to also destroy almost all of the military facilities on those islands, you know, "returning them to their original habitats".

Gee, now I wonder why our liberal commie traitors would destroy such a significant military defensive line against China while China has been building up for war against the US for more than a quarter of a century? You think that it was probably to set up the US for a surprise attack by China similar to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, you know, by their commie friend?

BTW, by some incredibly strange coincidence, Obama is cutting hundreds of millions of US dollars in military financing for Hawaii. Yep, let's weaken our Hawaii defense even more right now. Get the picture yet?

Why are Michelle, her two daughters, and her mother heading to China right now? Just another coincidence?

One thing we might still be able to do is kick all of the liberal commie traitors (A.K.A. conservationists) off of those islands, put in military spy stations to monitor any Chinese naval military movements towards the US and back those spy stations with limited Navy fighters, bombers, and other aircraft (a few nuke armed B-52s on Wake, Midway, Johnston, and Palmyra might help slow the Chinese Navy down - Carl doesn't play nice when you mess with his country), small units of Marines on each island, and at least one carrier fleet stationed in the area to hold those islands as long as possible. Unfortunately, our military may not even be able to do that any more.

You know that our Muslim in Chief won't go for that plan.

It is definitely time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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