A few days ago, I read that Russia had just secured the last military base in Crimea which was being held by Ukraine forces. Yesterday, I read that Russia had just secured the last Ukraine warship in a Crimean port. It was obvious that Putin was still tying up lose ends in Crimea before making his next move in Ukraine and he may still have a few more lose ends to tie up.

Today I read information released by the US military stating that the US military had just obtained intel over night confirming that Putin is definitely going after Transnitria and the Eastern Ukraine states which have large Russian populations, you know, just like I told you. The US military said that Putin has 20,000 troops right on the Ukraine eastern border and enough other troops near enough to quickly invade and march through Ukraine to Transnitria and that the US military feels Putin could launch his attack at any moment. The US military also stated that they would not be able to stop Putin, even if they wanted to stop him and you can bet Putin knows it, you know, just like I told you.

I find it interesting that the US military made it sound like they expect Putin to take the hard way in by doing a straight on frontal assault into the bulk of the Ukraine forces stationed in the east against the Russian forces.

I will be absolutely surprised if Putin does that because Putin is trying to build up his Russian forces for the coming wars. I seriously doubt Putin is going to unnecessarily waste troops trying to obtain more troops by invading the hard way against the greatest resistance instead of going in by the back door against the least resistance. It will do Putin no good at all to get 100,000 troops killed to gain another 100,000 troops for the coming war. Putin needs to be as smart and efficient as possible and conserve his troops as much as he can by using tactics which will get Putin what he wants with the fewest Russian casualties.

I think everyone is fixated on Putin being land grabbing when Putin is really troops grabbing. Putin has to conserve his troops and military equipment as much as possible. He can't afford to waste anything.

Then I realized something else and did a little research. I think Putin will do one even better than what I had previously told you and may not use his troops stationed along the Ukraine eastern border except to tie down the bulk of the Ukraine forces, you know, just like Putin did when he captured Crimea.

I think what Putin will do is use his Black Sea Fleet to take the port city of Odessa, which is the third largest city in Ukraine and probably Ukraine's most important remaining port, you know, just like I told you. Putin will use Marines and his Spetznaz (special forces) from his Black Sea Fleet to secure Odessa (the way he did Crimea), send a second force from his Black Sea Fleet the few miles northwest to take Transnitria from Moldova, you know, just like I told you, and Putin will land some Spetznaz forces and their vehicles by air at an airport near Kiev to take Kiev, Ukraine's capitol, while sending Marines from his Black Sea Fleet 300 to 350 miles straight up a major highway from Odessa to Kiev to reinforce his Spetznaz forces in Kiev, forcing the Ukraine government and Ukraine forces facing Putin's Russian forces in the east to surrender without a fight. The only fighting Putin's forces will have to do will be against the small forces stationed in Odessa, against a few forces in Moldova to get Transnitria, the few small forces he will encounter between Odessa and Kiev, and the few forces which will be in Kiev because the bulk of Ukraine's forces are in the east to defend against a Russian invasion. Putin's forces won't even have to engage the bulk of the Ukraine forces.

If Putin does one quick strike, the way he did in Georgia and Crimea, he could easily seize Kiev and reinforce those forces in Kiev with Marines before enough of the Ukraine forces in the east could get to Kiev to stop Putin's forces and there would be very little fighting and loss of Russian soldiers. That is what I expect Putin to do, fake right, and hit with a hard left hook ending the fight in one quick and easy blow. End game, Putin.

And all of the pompous, arrogant western politicians will wet their pants, increase the global warming with a lot of meaningless talking, and do nothing of any significance, you know, like a bunch of small, frightened bantam roosters crowing to scare off a big Russian bear while the rest of the world mocks Obama, the spoiled, arrogant child king.

It is definitely time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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