I Told You So 108

Remember that I told you that Princess Chelsea will be the Commiecrat presidential candidate for 2016 and not Queen Hillary?

I just read about an interesting interview with Princess Chelsea for a magazine in which Princess Chelsea "left the door open" to running for a political office some time in the future. I would say it was much more like a really big hint that Princess Chelsea will soon run for "something".

Everything that is and has been going on with Hillary and Chelsea is all show building up to Hillary deciding not to run because she is sick, is unpopular, and just damaged goods. Then Princess Chelsea will decide she needs to run because she "can't see anyone she would want to vote for". Please note that Hillary still has not made a formal commitment to run, she is leaving the door open for Chelsea.

Did you know that the woman who threw the shoe at Hillary is already out of jail and there are no charges? Don't be surprised to find out the shoe throwing woman is a liberal activist and it was all orchestrated by the Clintons as one of many things Hillary will use for lame excuses to not run. Have you also noticed that for most of the public appearances by Hillary, she is not using stage make up and her wardrobe looks like crap so she will look sickly and, after she withdraws, liberals will naturally say, "I though she was looking kind of ill" to show each other how observant they are?

Let's see, Hillary is very damaged goods (read should be in prison) and she missed a Congressional hearing with the lame excuse she was too ill so she didn't have to also face charges for purgery to keep from going to prison for other charges AND has never had that Congressional hearing even though she has gotten well enough months ago to campaign? Hillary resigned from the position of Secretary of State early and went on the campaign trail early but still has not officially committed to run? Hillary is not using stage make up and her wardrobe looks like crap so she will look sickly to people instead of looking professional and healthy to get people to vote for her? A liberal woman throws a shoe at her during a speaking engagement and gets out of jail quickly? Chelsea suddenly starts campaigning at the same time as momma but not really campaigning for momma or herself or anyone else or anything in particular and then Chelsea suddenly "leaves the door open" about running for a political offices in a magazine interview?

I don't know about you but that is just a few too many coincidences for me.

So, when do you think Princess Chelsea will announce her candidacy for the presidential election in 2016?

I will give you a hint, it will be shortly after momma decides not to run, with all sorts of lame excuses, and everyone is demanding Princess Chelsea run so it will look like Princess Chelsea is giving into popular demand to run "for the people". In other words, it is all orchestrated in advance to make a really great show for the libtards. Get the picture yet?

With all of this happening so early in the campaign, I expect it to be within the next year because Princess Chelsea will want to help the currently very hurting Commiecrats keep and take offices in the 2016 election so they can help her pass everything necessary for Princess Chelsea to quickly set up the US commie dictatorship. You know the Clintons are not going to want Princess Chelsea to be president and not have control of both houses in Congress.

Keep an eye on this, it is happening right now.

BTW, did you read about the Russian fighter jet, a Russian Su-24 or Fencer, buzzing the US warship, USS Donald Cook, a destroyer, in the Black Sea a dozen times at low altitude? That was Putin mocking Obama. For some reason, I don't think Putin is afraid of Obama and the plane buzzing that US warship may have been a warning for the US to stay out of the coming fight in Ukraine.

I also read from very reliable sources that Ukraine has had to hire mercenaries from Greystone because too many of their soldiers and cops are going over to Putin's side. Oops. I think those soldiers and cops know what is going on, read the writing on the wall, and are getting out of dodge before it is too late, you know, when Sheriff Putin gets into town. Putin has even complained to the US Pentagon that Putin will have to fight about 150 mercenaries from the US military. Also, the Ruskies have grabbed the government offices in at least six cities the last time I checked (just like in Crimea), they have also seized the Sloviansk police station and airport (just like in Crimea), Putin is claiming that east Ukraine is asking for Russia's help (just like in Crimea), and a very frantic Ukraine is asking for UN peace keepers, you know, like that will do any good. (Ask Israel about that one.) Mean while the UN is talking about sending money to Ukraine. Hey, maybe they can buy Putin off?

Remember that I told you about the Liberal Wars (liberals fighting liberals)?

I just read that a lot of the high tech rich liberals, you know, like from Silicon Valley, are real pushy elitist snobs looking down their noses at the rest of liberals and are turning the middle and lower class liberals against them. I have been noticing increasing numbers of liberals looking down their noses at each other and wondering what is going on. The lower class liberals are doing things like tipping the upper class liberal cars over, especially those itty bitty electric ones that look like big roller skates, and things are escalating quickly. You know how the liberals love to hate everyone else? Well, they are increasingly turning their hate against other groups of liberals. It seems this liberal class warfare thing is getting to be a real problem in ultra liberal San Francisco.

Then there are the radical feminists, radfems, who are fighting at the national level with the transgender activists, the TERFs. It seems they are really getting into a knock down, drag out fight against each other and are using their liberal dirty tricks on each other.

All of this infighting between different liberal groups or the Liberal Wars couldn't happen to a more deserving group. Keep an eye on this, I am starting to enjoy it. Better them than us. Divide and conquer, baby, divide and conquer. God is taking care of it.

Did you also notice that Harry Reid's son is behind trying to steal land from the Nevada rancher and that the Feds withdrew after that was made public. You still think they are not all criminals abusing the power of government to steal from us? I also just saw that the Feds are returning with more troops and guns. The Feds refuse to lose this fight because Reid would lose too much money? Will the Feds start the shooting here? If this turns into a shooting war and good people get killed, war will break out across this nation within days. The US military will be forced to intervene, arrest the upper class trash responsible, and put an end to this insanity on the part of the corrupt upper class trash.

The Wisconsin GOP is voting next month on the state's right to secede from the US? Are they planning on starting a new nation or joining Canada? I would have expected Texas to be first, especially with all the tough talk coming out of Texas. Interesting.

It is always time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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