I Told You So 110

Remember that I told you that the colleges and universities created a scam a long time ago to scare people into getting college degrees in order to increase the demand by young people for college degrees so those universities could increase their tuition and the price of the college books so they could increase the revenues for the universities so they could put more of your money in their greedy little pockets?

Well, they did their little "scare everyone" scam, it is coming back to haunt them and they are getting what they deserve but that isn't all. It is time for scam II.

By increasing college tuitions and the pay for college professors, they encouraged others to join the market, you know, just like conservative marketing says would happen, so that, today, there is a a very large number of secondary educational institutions with a very large number of college professors and staff members turning out a very large number of college graduates. There is a veritable glut of secondary educational institutions, professors, deans, college presidents, and college graduates.

But, in all of their intellectually superior genius they forgot something very important. They blatantly ignored that there are only so many jobs which require having a college degree and once they reached market saturation and went into market super saturation, the remaining students wouldn't be able to get jobs with their now worthless and over priced college degrees and word would get around that increasing numbers of college graduates wouldn't even be able to get jobs with their worthless and over priced college degrees to begin paying for those worthless and over priced college degrees. They also ignored several other things, first, that once word did eventually get around that most degrees are worthless and over priced and the demand for college degrees would decrease leaving a glut of colleges and universities competing for what was left of the now declining market. That day has arrived, my friends. Oops.

The universities hit saturation in the mid 1990s, went into super saturation by 2000 and are now in crisis mode. They can't get enough students to pay their inflated salaries and are about to lose their worthless liberal, under worked, over paid jobs.

And their solution to this problem they created?

A friend of mine, who works for a university, was selling the idea of free college educations on FB. The latest liberal socialist racket is to force tax payers to pay for college educations and degrees those tax payers won't get and con the young people into believing they are getting free college degrees in spite of the fact that those college degrees are being paid for by other people.

Listen, when universities start conning people to get them into college (which started with the scare tactics), you know things are not doing well in liberal utopia (well, OK, nothing the liberals have tried to do has worked out so their version of utopia can't be anything but a really bad wet dream.) It should be very obvious that the entire liberal socialist thing about getting a free education and that knowledge should be free is a con to force tax payers to pay for those educations and that knowledge in order to keep those corrupt liberal socialist college professors, deans, and presidents from losing their over paid and under worked liberal socialist jobs.

Of course some people will fall for the scam they are getting a free college education but most will quickly wake up to the fact that nothing is free and some one has to pay for those college degrees to cover the professors', deans', and college presidents' inflated salaries and the universities' inflated overheads. The majority of tax payers are not going to like the fact they are paying for worthless, over priced college degrees which won't provide the graduates with jobs. Also, by forcing the tax payers to pay for those educations so institutions selected by the government can provide free educations for their students, it eliminates competition from the many other colleges and universities the government won't select to subsidize putting those schools, you know, where the students will still have to pay for their educations, out of business and forcing those schools' students into the government selected schools.

Oooo, those dirty rotten little liberal socialists are devious little critters, aren't they. Nothing like controlling the market and keeping competition out to protect your over paid and under worked job. Hey, then you don't have to worry about competition and can use all government selected universities for brainwashing and forget about educating the students for getting jobs at all, that way, everyone has to go on Welfare upon graduation and be controlled by the government. Get the picture yet?

Is there anything good liberals have contributed to this planet?

Plus there is another cost the college student has to make for getting a college degree, they have to spend four very important years of their young lives working to obtain those college degrees. So, how do you think those college graduates are going to feel when they can't get a job with the worthless college degree they spent four very important years of their young lives working to obtain knowing they are going to have to spend the rest of their lives paying for that worthless, over priced college degree with their taxes earned by turning burgers at minimum wage?

But, hey, why turn burgers when you can sit around on Welfare smoking now legal dope, screwing, and partying until the government FEMA buses show up to take you to your last home, you know, FEMA death camps, all paid for by our corrupt government? That legal dope will have you so stoned you won't even know you are being murdered by the government. Gee, I wonder why they are legalizing dope in all those liberal states? It couldn't be for control, could it?

One little racket I became aware of is they will let you go to school for free (you don't pay for the degree, some one else does involuntarily) for two years knowing that, once you have completed the two free years, you will figure that you might as well stick around for the two remaining years to complete your degree, which, of course, you will have to pay for. It is a psychological trap, the bate is the two free years and the trap is that you will have already committed two years towards your degree and might as well finish the program, even though your degree will be worthless and you can bet the liberals will hike the price on the last two years even higher in spite of the fact the tax payers will have paid for the first two years. Then they conveniently forget to tell you that you will spend the rest of your life paying for your worthless education and everyone else's worthless education with your inflated taxes. NOTHING IS FREE!!! It is just a con and they will get the money out of you plus a lot more.

Any time any liberal says the word "free", duck, because you are about to get screwed.

But, hey, don't worry, after Pharaoh Obama sets up his dictatorship in the near future, he will purge these turkeys along with the rest of the liberal commie traitors. At least Pharaoh Obama will finally do some good for this country.

BTW, did you notice the complicity of CNN in beginning to work to get Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emanuel, elected president? They are trying to make Rahm look like a really great mayor when he has one of the worst mayor records in the nation. Some of the big boys want him for president because Queen Hillary is damaged goods, you know, just like I told you about both. This is virtually the same group which put Obama in office, you know, against Hillary. Watch for the announcement that Rahm is going to run for President and don't be surprised if Hillary announces right after that she won't run. What ever Rahm had against Hillary to back her down against Obama, he still has.

Also, did you notice all the cuing and awing by the liberals over Princess Chelsea being pregnant with an "inhuman mass of cells", especially the women, including quite a few non liberal women? And it is still going on. Did you also notice the liberals regularly referring to the Clintons as the American royal family, you know, like I told you they see the Clintons? It will be the Queen Mother, Hillary, and Princess Chelsea. You can bet the baby's timing was planned to get all those liberals, especially women, oooing and awing over mother Princess Chelsea so the twits will eventually insist on Princess Chelsea running for president, especially after Queen Hillary announces she won't run.

"But, what about the baby?" you ask, thinking the baby put Princess Chelsea's political aspirations on hold.

Hey, I know, let's do the math. I like math.

Look at the calendar and you will see that kid will be born in less than nine months, before this coming Christmas. It will be at least two years old by the time of the election in 2016. Starting two years before the election, the media will begin relentlessly bombarding everyone with incredibly good quality pictures of Princess Chelsea and her darling baby, awwww, which will cause all the stupid women (not the smart ones) and idiot men to go gaga over princess Chelsea and her new baby, you know, the way the same idiots just did over England's new royal baby. For the next two years, you will regularly have pictures of that "cute little darling kid and Mommy Chelsea, awwww," growing up to be about two years old by the day of the election. Those pictures will be everywhere. We are talking major free press disguised as baby pictures. With Princess Chelsea's groomed credentials, her belonging to the "American royal family", everyone being bombarded on a daily basis with cute pictures of the kid growing up with Mommy Chelsea, and the rigged election, no one will have a prayer against Princess Chelsea and her spoiled brat kid, not even Rahm. Get the picture yet? They will sweep the election with a super duper land slide and you bet the Clintons know it. Like I said, this is all planned in detail and is the best PR campaign for president ever. Princess Chelsea can't lose, too many emotional idiots and dead people will vote for her.

A side effect of the Mother, Princess Chelsea and baby thing will be a massive explosion of liberal women having babies, you know, just like Princess Chelsea. Bummer, huh? That is all we need, more liberal brats growing up to steal from us because "we owe them". Hey, they are intitled to us being their slaves so they don't have to work for a living.

Did you read about rapper, Iggy Azalea, who makes a lot of money singing about being a slut, complaining because people in crowds sexually assault her (both men and women) and she is always getting threats by her fans that they will sexually assault her in crowds? Hey, if you sing about being a slut, people, especially stupid ones, will treat you like a slut. She has quit "crowd surfing" because of the assaults. Let's see, I am sure it was God who said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out".

It is always a good thing to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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