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Bundy Ranch

I like to admit when I am wrong and I was partly wrong about the Bundy ranch controversy in Nevada when I said the militias had been turned against Bundy by the media character assassination thing falsely accusing Bundy of racists comments when all he did was comment on some of his observations and the militia left. It turns out that only some of the militia left. The rest saw through the media con and have been refuting that Bundy made racist comments and have stayed. There have even been some conservative blacks defending Bundy's comments as not being racist at all. Well, I guess the liberal con failed this time and Reid and BLM will have to try a new con to get rid of Bundy and steal his land. There for a minute, it did look like Reid had won but so much for the news media reporting accurately.

Moment of Silence

Remember that I have been telling you for years that the Republic of the United States of America is dead and just has not finished kicking yet? Now increasing numbers of people are catching on to what I have been saying for years. They are now officially calling our new form of government an oligarchy which is just a nice way of saying a dictatorship run by a relatively small group of corrupt rich people, you know, the upper class trash. That is right, the Republic of the United States of America is now officially dead. This government is no longer any kind of democracy but is a commie dictatorship being run by the upper class trash or an oligarchy, you know, like I have been telling you for years. Let's have a moment of silence for the old gal, she served us well until the liberals murdered her. As I have told you before, this is where you get tomorrow's new today.


In Russia they are passing around maps showing the land in Ukraine which was conquered by the tyrant Russian ruler, Catherine the Great, calling it the "New Russia", which was a term used for Ukraine following the conquests by Cathy (she was one of the most cruel people in history). It is also being noted that Putin is referring to his plans for Ukraine as the "New Russia", hint, hint. The maps show that Cathy conquered all of Southern Ukraine, including Odessa, and even parts of Transnitria, hint, hint. Guess what Putin's plans are? Yep, just like I told, Odessa, Transnitria, and Southern and Eastern Ukraine to soon return to being Russian real estate.

Things keep getting worse in Ukraine so it shouldn't be much longer until Putin invades. It is probably those fearsome Obama sanctions which have been keeping Putin at bay. Bwahahahahaha! Speaking of which, Obama has just placed more sanctions against Putin's pals but still has not placed any against Putin. Is Obama that afraid of Putin? Did you know that in Russia, having the US place sanctions against you is a badge of honor? Yep, Obama, Clown in Chief, is really scaring the crap out of those guys, isn't he?

Tea Party

I previously told you that I had seen signs that the Tea Party had already been infiltrated by liberals shortly after it was set up. It was recently made known that the Tea Party is busy paying its leaders more than they are spending to get conservative politicians elected. One leader is reported to be paying herself two salaries, one as their glorious leader and another as a consultant. To whom is she consulting, herself?

Yep, the corrupt liberals have definitely taken over the Commiecrat Party, the GOP, and the Tea Party. We should not be putting our faith in anyone to save our undeserving butts but God, Himself, because no one else can save us. The liberal pagan organization is too large, too organized, and two well funded. Have you noticed how the liberals keep hiding things and lying about everything? Gee, you would think kind, caring, loving, honest folks wouldn't have to hide or lie about anything.

Non Profit Corporations

Speaking of hiding things, did you know that NONE of the top non profit corporations in the US get even just 3% of their revenues to where those revenues should be going? That is absolutely terrible business management those CEOs are being paid the very big bucks for. Where is all that other 97+% of the revenues of your donations and government funding going?

Remember when they were having those occupy sit-ins by the liberal commie traitors and all of those people just sat around messing those parks up for months? Where were they getting the money to buy food? It was stated that better than 90% of them were on full time salaries. By whom? Get the picture yet?

I first became aware that very little of the annual revenues of non profit corporations were getting to the people those revenues were supposed to go to in the 1980s. I did some research and found out that those great big non profit corporations are using your donations to employ huge secret armies of liberal activists for things like sit-ins, rioting, and terrorizing citizens, you know, you. In other words, the liberal commie traitors infiltrated and took over those major non profit corporations back in the 1980s or earlier to use for this commie coup to set up their beloved commie dictatorship.

Does that give you an idea of how long the liberal commie traitors have been planning this coup? Does that explain why I have not given ANY money to ANY non profit corporation in more than 25 years and have no plans to do so any time in the future? If you are giving to any of those non profit corporations, why are you paying them to destroy your nation, steal from you, and enslave you?


UKIP is a relatively new political party in the UK which is for stopping the current status quo in England (revolting against their corrupt leaders) and getting England out of the EU. Basically, they are staging a political revolution for the people of England. I reported a while back that they had surprised everyone by surging to the second highest ranked political group in England, just behind the "conservative" party and ahead of the liberal communist party. I just read that the UKIP just surged past the conservative party and is now more popular with voters than any other party and growing with elections coming soon.

Can you read the writing on that wall?

If not, let me help you. The people of England are fed up with the corruption of their government and having to pay extra to keep the EU afloat when England is in a depression, quickly "slipping back into the Dark Ages". Basically, they are rebelling against their liberals' beloved communism, which has destroyed their nation, and having to prop up even more corrupt governments in other EU countries to keep the corrupt and failed EU afloat. If the UKIP wins the next election and England gets out of the EU, so will Germany and there won't be an EU, you know, just like I told you would happen.


The German people have been wanting out of the EU for years but their idiot leaders have been keeping Germany as part of the EU so the German people can keep giving money to even more corrupt EU countries, you know, like Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Ireland. I just read where the Italian PM insulted the Germans who have been propping up the failed Italian government and the Germans or just a wee bit peaved. Hey, take my money and then call me names?

Yep, Germany may not wait for England to leave the EU, they may leave before England and, when Germany leaves, so will England. So the big question is, "Who is going to get mad and leave the EU first, England or Germany?"

Have you noticed that Germany has been making buds with Russia and refuses to set sanctions against Russia? Watch for Germany to join the Russian Economic and Military alliance soon, of course, after they leave the EU.

Wicked Witch of the Northeast

I just read that Billy Boy Clinton has said that Hillary is going to run for something. Something? Is that telling us that he knows it won't be for president, you know, like I have been telling you? Hmmm, maybe she will be running for New York Senator again? Run, Toto, run!!! Keep an eye on this.

Did you notice that Hillary is courting Christian voters by talking about how religious she is. Atheism is a religion, they worship the Un-gods, Accidents and Coincidents. Why, she prays before the shrine of her mirror every day. Karl Marx is one of her favorite gods and "The Communist Manifesto" is her favorite bible.

Just when you think the liberals have gone as low as they can get, they dig the hole deeper. They have not only invented infinite stupidity but also infinite immorality because their stupidity and immorality are never ending.

The Evil Warlock of the Northeast

The terrorist organization, which the US refused to classify as a terrorist organization in spite of the fact they openly engage in terrorism, Fatah, just signed a pact with the officially classified terrorist organization, Hamas, to make them both buds and, instead of John Kerry calling the new Palestinian organization a terrorist organization, Kerry distracts our attention from the new Palestinian terrorist organization by calling Israel an apartheid state? Doesn't quite sound like the US liberal commie traitors are on Israel's side, does it? Get the picture yet?


That Libertarian and former governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson, is running again to steal votes from any conservative candidate so it will be easier for a liberal candidate to win the election for president in 2016. I have told you before that the libertarians are not conservatives but are liberals with a different name. Their game is to disguise themselves as conservatives under the name of Libertarian to steal votes from real conservatives. Believe me, Gary Johnson is about as liberal as you can get.

Driver Less Cars

Did you see where Google has finally gotten their driver less cars to function well on the freeways but can't get them to function well on the much more complex city streets? They are developing these driver less cars for liberals who are too stupid and/or lazy to even drive their cars, it must be all of that legal dope. For now, you will have to either walk or ride your bicycle to and from the freeways to get to your car.

First, liberals were too lazy to work for a living so the government has been stealing from you to provide liberals with a better living than many of you have, especially now that the government is stealing from you. But now the liberals have gotten too lazy to even drive a car? Maybe it is too stupid or too stoned? Tell them to stay home and play video games. What is going to happen when they get too lazy, stupid, and stoned to play video games? Automatic video game playing by Google where you just watch?

Dope Stores

Do you know what all of these robberies and shoot outs at newly legal pot stores is all about? Those dope stores are trespassing on gang and cartel turf and the gangs and cartels are robbing the stores and shooting up their places. When they made pot legal, the gang bangers didn't just give up and go home like the simple minded liberals told us they would. The gang bangers are fighting back to regain their turf and keep their clients. Shades of the 1920s Mafia wars. Guess who has the biggest guns, the stores or gang bangers? This will get interesting.

That is today's soap opera of "As the World Burns".

We all need to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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