I Told You So 111

Remember that I told you that Russia could stop our being able to use the space station in retaliation for all of these sanctions and then told you that Russia had mentioned that as a possibility?

Russia just announced that they are not planning to use the space station beyond 2020, meaning "good luck getting there, chumps". Of course, they could also decide to continue using it and just not provide our astronauts with transportation to the space station or stop service tomorrow.

But, while NASAs engineers are frantically working to design a super duper trampoline to get our astronauts to the space station, Russia said they will no longer launch US Air Force satellites into orbit.

Hold it, Russia is launching US military satellites into orbit? What genius dreamed that one up? Just how stupid have our intellectually superior upper class trash leaders become?

Mean while I keep waiting for Putin to shut down the route through Russia we are using to provide 70% of the supplies to our troops in Afghanistan. You know that one will happen if Obama, our village idiot, keeps placing sanctions against Putin and his fellow leaders.

I just read that a huge number of major US and European corporations, which invested in Russia following the end of the Cold War, are seriously concerned that Putin will be pushed far enough to sanction (read nationalize) their holdings in Russia. These major corporations are seriously concerned of a backlash by Putin for Obama's sanctions, after all, the US and Europe have a lot of assets tied up in Russia.

Then I read something extremely serious, as if all of that wasn't serious enough. Russia stated that they will shut down 11 GPS sites in Russia until further notice.

Hold it, instead of using GPS satellites over Russia, we have GPS sites in Russia? And we expected Russia to not shut those sites down during a time of war so our missiles, bombs, planes, and other weapons systems could reach their targets in Russia? What idiot dreamed that one up?

Almost every weapon system we have uses GPS for guidance and navigation so that shutting down GPS would effectively disarm the US military during battle. Guess who would win that fight?

Now, remember that Putin has not pulled his covert forces out of Ukraine, has repositioned fighter planes to Crimea for better tactical positions against Ukraine, and has ordered his best special forces teams into Ukraine meaning he is not only still in this fight but is escalating the fight? Remember that Putin just staged a nation wide nuclear military war game for waging a nuclear war against the US which would put all of his troops in position to start a nuclear war against the US? Now Putin has shut down 11 GPS sites in Russia so that none of our weapons systems can function in Russia or find their targets?

Is Putin ramping up for a nuclear war against the US or what? Putin is definitely giving us enough warnings to back off, isn't he?

And right now I am wondering, "What is China doing?", along with, "Where did I put my lead lined asbestos underwear?"

You know that, when the nukes start flying, Pharaoh Obama is going to wet his britches and run crying to mommy Val. Obama is the absolute worst person to be president in a nuclear war and you bet that both Putin and China know it. Hey, if you are going to conquer the world, do it when the only country which can stop you is being run by an idiot.

BTW, I am seeing more liberal-against-liberal wars breaking out. For example, I read about how the homosexuals, travestites, and transgenders are now fighting each other because they have different agendas which conflict causing them to turn on each other. Now Jesse Jackson is going after the liberal Silicon Valley ultra rich guys who have been financing most of the idiot liberal commie traitors and their programs because Jackson considers them to be racist. I guess they didn't give Jackson enough money? Isn't that like kicking the gift horse in the mouth?

Then we have the same BLM nuts going after ranchers in Texas to take their land away and the National Forestry Service locking gates in Otero County, New Mexico to keep the ranchers' cattle in that area from accessing water. The Otero County Commission just sent the Otero County Sheriff out to unlock the gates so the cattle can have water.

The big question is, "Why is the Federal government so blatantly trying to put all of these cattle ranchers out of business?" The Feds are very clearly waging war against cattle ranchers.

Mean while, all our corrupt and incompetent politicians can do is play silly word games with each other. They are clearly all in the same bed. I believe all this childish drama is just a distraction to keep us from looking at what is really important and to make it look like they are not all sleeping in the same bed when they obviously are. They are acting like a bunch of little two year olds running around just saying things and fighting over what people are saying instead of about the crimes which are being committed against us as if silly words are more important than evil actions, you know, like turning loose thousands of illegal aliens convicted of violent crimes. Smoke and mirrors via childish drama queens.

How is that pagan democracy thing working out? Ready for a Christian theocracy yet or do you still believe the myth that voting for corrupt people makes them responsible people? Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil.

It is definitely time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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