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I just read an article where Billy Boy Clinton stood up for Hillary because big meanie, Rove, questioned whether she suffered any brain damage with her concussion and illness with a picture of sweet, innocent, helpless little Hillary standing off to one side with her hands folded in front of her while her big, tough husband (bwahahaha), Billy Boy, took up for her.

Let me get this right, Hillary is so incompetent and weak she can't stand up for herself and she is running for president? If she gets elected president, what is she going to do, call in Billy Boy to defend her every time some one like Putin, Xi (China), or any other world leader doesn't say pretty please? If she is so incapable of defending herself, how can we expect her to defend us? Obviously, we can't because she didn't defend anyone at Benghazi.

If Billy Boy Clinton was one tenth as intelligent as the idiot lefties like to make him look, he would have realized, "REALLY BAD IDEA!" He would never have stood up for Hillary but would have let Hillary defend herself to show that Hillary was strong enough to take care of herself. All Billy Boy did was make Hillary look weak and incapable of being president. In that picture, with Hillary standing off to a side looking so sweet, innocent, and helpless, they looked like a couple of liberal morons. They even made the liberal doper child, Obama, who goes crying to mommy Val every time he gets a booboo playing that extremely dangerous and physically taxing sport of golf, look almost manly. Obama is such a wimp he has to take vacations to recover from playing golf and Billy Boy and Hillary made Obama look tough, well, tougher.

And then, Billy Boy did admit that Hillary's health is a serious issue?

Listen, if it were not so serious, the political news would be the best sitcom in history. The stupidity of the "intellectually superior" upper class trash is mind boggling. If these really are the most intelligent people on the planet, we are really screwed.


For those of you who don't know, LIGNET is a think tank for the CIA out of Langley. They are supposed to be the genius spooks for the regular spooks. LIGNET just stated the alliance between the Ruskies and Chicom (Chinese Communists) is bringing them closer together and the duo is trying to fill the power vacuum left by the declining West. LIGNET said that, "If the new relationship evolves into a grand alliance, it would be the most significant geopolitical shift since the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991."

No kidding! I have been trying to tell you that since the Ruskies and Chicom signed their mutual defense treaty years ago and LIGNET just figured it out? No wonder we are in such trouble when the smartest spooks we have take years to figure out something that obvious? Besides, they still have not figured out that the Ruskies and Chicom alliance becoming a "grand alliance" isn't in the future but has already happened. Their alliance is already at least as close as the Germany/Italy alliance of WWII was ever.

I bet that was a big light bulb time, wasn't it? Did you get that picture?

Upper Class Arrogance

The upper class has very subtly convinced most people that they, the corrupt upper class, should be running and trying to "fix" our economy, you know, the economy they broke.

First, if you just study current events, forget about studying history, which is much more revealing, you quickly see that everything the corrupt members of the upper class touch, they break. They have messed up absolutely everything they have gotten their slimy little hands on. Second, they keep screwing up the economy to pay lazy people to keep voting their criminals...uh...politician puppets back into office. Third, they are always making deals and compromises between each other to benefit all their corrupt members as much as possible, screwing everything up even more. And these people are so arrogant they believe they should be allowed to fix anything? They are the problem. I wouldn't hire any of them to manage an outhouse.

For example, it is these same upper class trash who have caused every war we have had to die fighting. The upper class trash start out by saying we don't need such a strong military during peace and should down size our military so we can put that money into "more noble" things, you know, like education (so the college professors can make more money at the expense of national security.) After they have convinced the ignorant and stupid people to permit the compromise of their own national security for "free" money stolen from their military, the upper class trash put into action all types of corrupt programs to launder that money stolen from the military into their greedy little pockets. The corrupt members of the upper class will continue doing this until their military is so weak it couldn't defend its nation against an invasion from Tahiti. Then one of the corrupt members of a different nation realizes just how weak the military is for this corrupt nation and decide to conquer that nation and sack it, the corrupted nation gets conquered, and the corrupt members of the upper class get sacked losing everything they stole from their government and people because the intellectually superior upper class trash NEVER learn from history.

In a nut shell, that is exactly how almost all wars begin, especially in the modern era. Corruption brings about weakness which draws the power mad conquerors like moths to a light, which causes death and destruction, and results in the corrupt upper class trash losing everything when their nation gets sacked by the conqueror.

We are watching that happen right now. The corrupt members of the upper class have devastated our militaries and put all that money in their greedy little pockets, Russia, China, and the Muslims realize the weakness of the West and are working towards conquering the West so they can pillage the corrupt, greedy upper class trash who caused this mess. We are now at the part where the power mad start conquering other nations working towards conquering us, you know, at the end of the cycle.

Get this straight, when Rome fell, the invaders didn't just walk in five minutes later and sack Rome. The first thing they did was conquer other countries which had been under the protection of Rome like the Island of Britain, Gaul (France), Spain, Northern Africa, and others. If you pay attention, you see that is exactly what is going on right now. Russia has invaded or is still invading Georgia and Ukraine and is expanding and building military bases around the world, China has seize the islands in the South China Sea which used to belong to the Philippines and Vietnam and is threatening the Japanese islands of Senkaku while expanding around the world, you know, like building the larger canal through Nicaragua so her military ships can reach the US East Coast, Islam is taking everything it can, especially in Africa, and North Korea is threatening war against South Korea. You think they don't smell the blood? You think Rome II has not already fallen? The Barbarians are already past the gate and fighting inside our countries for control and most people don't even realize the West has fallen.

Listen, history proves CONCLUSIVELY that it is military might, the knowledge to effectively use that military might, and the willingness to use that military might which acts as a deterrent to create peace! Military weakness always results in war. In other words, you have to scare bad guys into behaving because nothing else works. Buying bad guys off only gives them more money to grow stronger by purchasing more weapons and hiring more troops, a motivation to invade other countries.

More Experts

Who gave these people permission to be experts? Did you? I sure didn't. They get the right degree from the right university and still can't figure out the obvious but are considered to be experts because they bought a piece of paper from the right university saying they are?

I just read that these "experts" are demanding that Iran be made to come clean on her nukes. Really?

Listen, Iran has been working hard for more than 30 YEARS to make nukes, has had the assistance of other countries with nukes like Pakistan, North Korea, China, and Russia and these experts can't figure out that Iran already has nukes? Just how stupid do you have to be to be an expert? Oh yeah, all you have to do is buy the right piece of paper from the right university and you are an expert. No brains required.

The right questions are not, "Does Iran have nukes" or "is Iran building nukes". The right questions are, "How big of a nuke arsenal is Iran building", "what quality and throw weight are her nukes", "does she have nukes which will fit on missiles", "are such nukes already mounted on missiles" and "how many nukes are mounted on missiles", "does Iran have nukes in her satellites she currently has orbiting earth" (she has at least five such satellites currently orbiting earth), and "what other nukes could Iran have and be planning to use such as nuke armed missiles in cargo ships or in her submarines" (Iran has a small fleet of subs.) Those are the questions our experts should be asking. It should be blatantly obvious to even stupid people that Iran has nukes.


Remember that I have been telling you for years that the only reason we have not had run-away inflation caused by the trillions of dollars the government has been printing is because so many people have been losing their jobs, their disposable income has decreased along with their spending, and this has been steadily decreasing demand for goods, all of which have kept prices low?

The number of people losing jobs dropped last week to a seasonally adjusted 297,000, the lowest it has been in seven years. They are saying this is a sign that the economy is "firming up".

Remember that I told you that, for the economy to bottom out, the number of people finding jobs must equal or surpass the number of people losing jobs for AT LEAST three consecutive months and, for the economy to turn around, the number of people finding jobs must equal or surpass the number of people losing jobs for AT LEAST six months?

This sudden drop may be a sign the economy is about to bottom out or there may be another reason they are covering up or they may simply be running out of people to fire because the labor force has gotten so small. Wait three months and we will find out which it is.

But a warning here is that, if fewer people are losing jobs and disposable income, the demand for products will stop decreasing and we are in for one heck of a nightmare of inflation because of the trillions of dollars they have printed in the last five years. The US dollar will become completely worthless. This is going to hurt because of our upper class trash geniuses.

Did I tell you that they screw up EVERYTHING they touch?

Christian Theocracy

I just realized that some of you may not be doing the math on my statements and think I am talking about forming a Christian theocracy with the current batch of corrupt, greedy poser "Christian" preachers you regularly see on TV, you know, like Benny Hin. So, let's do a little math together. I like math.

What have I been telling you about what God is doing right now to the Church?

God has drawn a line in the sand and is requiring everyone in the church to chose between God and paganism. That is right, God is purging all of the poser Christians out of the church and will only leave the good and true Christians in the church. When these poser Christians figure out that remaining under the Christian banner will not only no longer benefit them but will cost them, they will quickly dump Jesus and the Bible and convert to whatever form of paganism they feel will benefit them most.

Think not?

The Catholic Church is already leading the way. Remember that they recently publically stated that they will dump Jesus and the Bible by the end of this year and convert back to paganism? Which, of course, means they have already decided to relocate the Vatican from Rome to Babylon like I told you they were considering months ago. Guess what religion they are going to convert to? You got it, Islam.

Now that the largest church in Christianity has decided to dump Jesus and the Bible and convert to Islam, you can bet others will quickly follow. This will happen very quickly with increasing numbers of churches using the same pagan excuses just used by the Catholic Church and build to a stampede to dump Jesus and convert to Islam, especially after Obama sets up his Muslim dictatorship and Shiria Law in the US. All of those fake prophets will suddenly stop preaching and healing for money in the name of Jesus and start preaching and healing for money in the name of Allah.

It has already started with the Catholic Church, you know, just like I told you would happen years ago. Remember that I told you that entire churches will dump Jesus and the Bible and convert to paganism? It is going on RIGHT NOW, with the Catholic Church leading the way!

The Christian theocracy will be built by and made up of true Christians and not poser Christians. By that time, all of the poser Christians will have crossed God's line and be the enemy. We will know who they all are because only the true Christians will continue to stand for Jesus through the Christian persecution that is coming. We won't have any of these corrupt, poser Christians making up our new Christian theocracy. Get the picture yet?

This new Christian Theocracy will be the greatest Christian nation in history because there won't be any poser Christians involved in running it, only true Christians. It will be a true work of God.

Now, doesn't that sound a lot better?

The things I have been warning you about for years are happening right now so it just might be a good idea to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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