Liberal Wars

Remember that I have been telling you about the liberal wars breaking out with liberals fighting liberals? Remember that I told you that the liberal white commie cracker traitors are planning to kill off all Muslims, all non whites, and they have to purge their own traitors because no one can trust a traitor? Remember that I have told you that their liberal commie organization is so huge, their plans are so complex, and their organization is running so well with coordinated plans and efforts that the liberals have to have a huge data base of all their liberal commie traitors in order to manage such a huge organization so well? Remember that I told you that the Muslims told me almost 25 years ago that they were in bed with the liberal commie traitors working to overthrow our government and the first people the Muslims intended to kill off or purge after seizing control of the US would be the liberal commie white cracker traitors? Remember that I have told you that the Muslims have easily been working with the liberal commie traitors long enough to have either obtained or pieced together that entire data base so they know who every liberal activist is, where they work, where they live, and everything else about them?

So we have this huge white cracker traitor organization in the process of seizing control of the US and then the world with a huge data base for controlling this organization and all of these liberal wars are breaking out. Just what do you think is going to happen next?

The normal human behavior would be for them to use that data base to go after and eliminate each other, you know, like they are planning to do to the rest of us.

I was just reading an article by a conservative black female writer about how she has been treated by the liberal commie white crackers. Her story focused mostly on how she was treated by the liberal white commies in 2008 before Obama was first elected. In her story it is very clear that the white liberal commies believe that blacks are inferior and need us to take care of them. Why, the blacks just can't get by without us. She said one liberal commie white cracker school teacher told her that "we need to abort as many of THEM as possible", meaning blacks. Another liberal commie white cracker female got mad when she lost an argument with this "inferior" black woman and said, "Well why don't we just line them (blacks) all up an exterminate them?"

Now, with UN Agenda 21 known by everyone that these white supremacist NAZIs plan to butcher off more than seven billion "inferior" people (read all other races) globally, Obama failing in office worse every day "proving" blacks are inferior, and this book "proving the genetic inferiority of other races to us superior whites" suddenly coming out, you still think the upper class liberal white crackers don't plan to purge the global gene pool of the other races' "inferior genes"?

I see more blacks, Latinos, and other races waking up to this and taking a stand against it. It is turning out that the other races are not as stupid as the white supremacist liberal commie traitor Luciferians think they are and the white crackers are not as brilliant as they think they are.

Then we have this batch of idiot traitors already turning on each other with the liberal verses liberal wars with the liberals now fighting each other over specific rules, turf, and political correctness without first having won the fight to set up their glorious dictatorship. I know I have warned you that these liberals have to be the stupidest people on the planet.

Then we have the case where top US military officers were going to a meeting in the US Navy Ship Yard to consider evidence for arresting Obama for treason and were ambushed. Remember that those military officers staged a military tactical retreat and decided to wait to move until they have enough evidence to put away at least the top 30,000 liberal commie traitors? That is a lot of evidence. Remember that I have told you that the US military is in control of both NSA and the CIA? You KNOW the US military has that liberal commie traitor data base and know who all of the traitors are, the military just needs enough evidence to put them all away, which will take a little time. Now do you understand why the liberal commie, Feinstein, is in such a panic and constantly ranting about stopping NSA snooping on her and her commie friends in Congress? Gee, I wonder what she is hiding from the military, treason anyone? Feinstein is now proposing a House bill to prevent NSA from snooping on traitors in Congress but that won't work because the US military is required by the US Constitution to fight all threats to our government, both external and internal. Therefore, any such law to prevent the military from doing its Constitutional job will be unconstitutional.

Then we have the liberal commie traitors pulling an Obama by betraying the Muslims by suddenly turning against Shiria Law, which they have known about for well more than a decade. To the Muslims, this is a clear cut act of war and must be retaliated against, if for no other reason than to silence those speaking out against Shiria Law, which is an act of blasphemy. Oh, did I tell you that the Muslims have been working with the liberal commie traitors since at least the 1970s and you KNOW the Muslims also have a copy of that data base used by the liberal commie white cracker traitors to organized, control, and manage their minions of liberal activists. After all, the Muslims have to have copies of at least parts of it so the Muslims can contact and work with the liberals, don't they? You KNOW the Muslims have pieced that puppy together in the last 40+ years and have their own complete master copy and everyone knows that no one can trust a traitor.

It should be obvious that the liberal commie white cracker traitors are getting ready to make their move against the Muslims and everyone else. The things the commies are doing right now would be called preparing the battlefield by the military. The upper class trash are turning their racist white cracker liberal traitors against the blacks, Muslims, and every other group scheduled for termination. You KNOW the liberal commie white cracker traitors have a B data base which is a detailed list of everyone they plan to purge, where they live, where they work, everything about them.

Just what do you think is going to happen now that the liberal commie traitors have declared war on the Muslims?

My thinking is that the Muslims will use that liberal data base to take out specific liberal commie traitor targets, especially in the media and Hollywood. Mean while, I expect the liberal commie traitors to take out specific targets on their data base. This war will quickly turn into gang warfare that is unprecedented in this country. No one will be safe on either side, factions will form, and the killing will be massive. After all, the commies plan to slaughter seven billion people, the Muslims plan to butcher six billion people, and that is a lot of killing.

It is interesting but the first shots in this coming civil war may not be fired between liberals and conservatives. It is beginning to look like the first shots will be the bad guys fighting each other. We conservatives may get to watch the killing for a while before we have to start fighting.

When you think about it, it is normal human behavior for bad guys to fight bad guys. Look at the drug cartels waging war against each other, the street gangs waging war against each other, the Mafia Wars of the 1920s, the Muslims fighting each other all over the world, and now the liberals and Muslims fighting each other in the US. Yep, the bad guys are all nuts.

Why do I keep seeing the liberal house of cards as a flaming meteor quickly approaching the end of its journey? Man plans, God laughs.

It is definitely time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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