We are now in a war of patience with the two sides trying to outlast each other. The traitors are trying to wear down your patience and you need to be trying to wear down their patience because their patience is wearing thin. You see this in their increasingly aggressive and stupid actions. Remember that they are human and prone to making the same mistake you can make. The idea is to hold them off long enough that they begin to make the stupid mistakes and not you because, who ever makes those stupid mistakes with turn most of the people against them.

Remember that we are to seek God's will in this and that includes God's way of doing things. God tells us repeatedly in the Bible to be eager for nothing because, when we become eager, we stop waiting for God's will and start doing stupid things, you know, our way that will hurt us. We must believe and trust in God knowing that He is taking care of it and we are only to do what He tells us to do and when He tells us to do it.

Believe me, I understand how you feel. In the job God has me doing, I have to read the news seven days a week with God showing me how evil these people are and what they are doing. On some days, I get so fed up with their evil that I don't want to read another news story telling me how evil they are. They make me want to puke. I will take a break and go looking for something funny on the Internet or do something off of the Internet.

I keep reminding myself that God is doing more than just one or two things in this mess and He isn't just working in my life. God is working in all of our lives and will continue this thing along this line until He has accomplished all He wants with the mess at this level in all of our lives and then God will cause it to advance to the next level. Be patient because God is teaching us patience and testing our patience and remember that, with God, if you don't learn the lesson and/or pass the test, you will keep taking the same lesson and tests until you do learn and pass them. In God's school of life, there are no grades, only pass or fail and we must pass before we can move on to the next lesson and test. God told us that life is a test.

There is currently a movement within the Tea Party to do this thing they are calling the American Spring, which is really nothing more than an armed political coup. Remember that I told you that I saw signs that the Tea Party had been infiltrated when it was first formed and we can't trust in any human organization because the liberals have gotten extremely good at quickly infiltrating our organizations and taking them over? We must put our faith in God and not our government, our organizations, or any other pagan god. It is becoming increasingly clear that the liberals have infiltrated and taken over both the Commiecrat and Republican parties. Via infiltration, they have seized control of our government and nation turning it into an oligarchy or pagan communist dictatorship destroying what used to be a Christian republic.

I believe this American Spring armed political coup was designed and is being pushed by the moles or infiltrators in the Tea Party to create an excuse to steal our weapons from us. Believe me, these traitor moles will cause this political coup to fail at just the right time so it cannot succeed and then the liberals will use this failed armed political coup as justification to steal your weapons. So stay away from it, do not support it, and even make it obvious that you oppose it so it cannot be used against you. It is clearly a trap, don't fall for it.

The reason the liberals are trying to stage this trap and to also cause people to want to disarm all white males because of the liberals pointing out that all of the mass murderers are white males, is because they are losing their patience. Because of this, I already pointed out in my essays, "Solution" and "Warning 2", an opportunity they have provided for you to turn the tables on them because they are already making stupid mistakes. They are getting desperate to disarm you so they can set up their glorious dictatorship. These traitors really, really, really want to steal all of your weapons from you before they set up their traitor dictatorship as soon as possible.

What should that tell you?

Your patience and persistence has caused their evil little plans to fall significantly behind schedule and they are starting to try to rush things with stupid ideas and programs which will open doors for you. Watch their folly, looking for those doors they are opening for you and take advantage of every opportunity they give you to turn the tables on them. Let them lose their patience first so they will make the stupid mistakes and not you. Look at how blatant their mistakes are now making their actions obvious and how stupid their lies are getting. I have seen that God is using these things to open the eyes of other people to see what you already see and chose sides. So be patient in God and wait until God is finished with this part and then God will move things on, His way.

This is why God sends us prophets or messengers to tell us what God is doing, will do, and what we are to do so we don't screw things up doing things our way. God showed me and I showed you how God will take care of this. God is going to use Obama and his Muslims to kill off and get rid of the upper class trash white cracker Luciferians so you won't have to hunt them down and kill them. The Muslims will do it for you. Isn't that nice of them?

Remember that God has used me to show you the four major threats you are currently facing, the Euro-American upper class trash white cracker Luciferians, the Muslims, the Russians, and the Chinese?

God is going to use the Muslims to get rid of the Euro-American upper class trash white cracker Luciferians so there will be one threat down and only three to go. Then God will have the Muslims lead the Russians and Chinese to their destruction in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 so you don't have to worry about any of them invading your country while you fight your revolution to set up a new country. Pretty smart, isn't it? Get the picture yet?

If you try to start this war before God has properly set things up, you will be fighting all of the liberal traitors and the Muslims, Chinese, and Russians will gladly join in. It will be a very huge and ugly mess with hundreds of millions dying in the US. We won't have any cities left. Be patient, wait on God.

Remember that God showed me that Obama and his Muslims will nuke Chicago while the upper class trash are having a formal ball in the Sears (now Willis) Tower to get rid of the Euro-American upper class trash?

I wondered for some time about why the upper class trash would be holding a formal ball in the Willis Tower on a Monday, which would be a normal work day and not a holiday, and during normal work hours or between 8 am and 5 pm. Then God showed me a few things.

What is the day of the week the liberals provide news about things they don't want most of you to know about but they want to be able to say they told you so?



Because, on Friday, everyone is looking forward to the weekend and most people don't pay attention to the news. The last workday of the week is the worse news day of the week.

What day of the week do the liberals show something on the news they want the most people to see and take note of?

The first workday of the week, Monday, if it is a normal workday and not a holiday.


Because, on the first workday of the week, the people have gotten their weekend fun behind them and want to catch up on the news, therefore, the most people watch that day's news. If Monday is a normal workday, then Monday is the best news day of the week.

If you want to get an announcement, you know, like Hillary not running for president and Princess Chelsea running for president, on the 5 pm and 6 pm Monday news from New York City to Los Angeles, when do you stage the event for the announcement?

On Monday during normal work hours, you know, in the center of the nation (Chicago) between 8 am and 5 pm.

Why would you use a formal ball to make the announcement?

Because you are trying to use emotion, drama, and romance to excite everyone, especially liberal women, you know, like Cinderella's Ball with Princess Chelsea being Cinderella. Get the picture yet?

I also told you that Obama would declare martial law, suspend the US Constitution, institute Shiria Law, and try to replace our different government agencies and military with his CNSF.

How did I know Obama would institute Shiria Law in this country?

Because God had told me about 10 to 12 years ago, during the Bush administration, that God was going to cause polygyny (marriage between one male and multiple females, most people wrongly call it polygamy) to be made legal in the US. I spent most of the Bush administration trying to figure out how God was going to do this. God said He was going to do it so I knew He was going to do it, just not how. I figured it might be something like some slick attorney using the Mormon religion and Constitutional freedom of religion to make it legal. Right after Muslim Obama was first elected president, within days, God gave me a revelation that it was going to be Obama instituting Shiria Law and, also, it would be Obama who would nuke Chicago. God later confirmed it would be Obama nuking Chicago in another dream.

Then I knew that, for Obama to set up his Muslim dictatorship, he had to first suspend the US Constitution and God showed me that it is only the US Constitution which keeps our states legally bound together and, as soon as the Constitution is suspended, every state in the nation will be legally permitted to secede from the Republic of the United States of America. When the states do this, they will be able to legally seize control of all federal government properties in their states including the US military and their weapons. This will create a "Mexican stand off" between Obama and the states so Obama can't completely replace our military and other government agencies with his CNSF, though Shiria Law will have already been imposed for at least a while making polygyny legal. Obama will have to ask for volunteers or his moles from the different government agencies and US military taken over by the states to further fill out his CNSF getting most of Obama's moles out of our government agencies and the US military.

Then God showed me that Obama will take most of his CNSF (made up of mostly liberal traitors and black Muslims) to invade Israel and that we are not to try to seize control of the US until after Obama has left with his CNSF. Any offensive actions by us before that will result in failure and increased hardship. Obama taking most of his CNSF to invade Israel will greatly decrease the number of traitors who will kill our people and we will have to kill in the coming revolutionary war to set up a new nation, a Christian theocracy. God knows what He is doing.

You have to understand that, if we are in a Mexican stand off, Obama will feel secure in taking a huge amount of his CNSF to invade Israel because he can leave Val behind to run the nation while Obama is gone and, after Obama has conquered Israel and established himself as the Muslim Mahdi, he will be able to return with a massive Muslim army to finish off the US forces. All he needs to leave behind is enough forces for Val to hold us off until Obama comes back with his massive Muslim army of hundreds of millions. When God destroys Obama and his CNSF in the Northern hills of Israel (Lebanon and Syria) in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, there won't be anything left to save Val's butt from us. See what God is doing?

God also showed me that we are to let the traitors have a tiny little place or nation (they will probably still call it the USA) on the East Coast, probably either Maryland, Delaware, and the eastern half of the peninsula south of Delaware or New Jersey and New York City. The reason for this will be so the traitors can have a refuge to flee to when they start losing the revolutionary war so they will be less likely to stay in our new nation and wage guerilla warfare against us, killing more of our people. The traitors will flee to this place for sanctuary, after we have won our revolutionary war and are hunting them down to kill them. They will get their little commie dictatorship and we will get our freedom and lives.

Basically, God is going to clean our house of traitors and Muslims for us, His way, so we can have a chance at having a new nation, a Christian theocracy. God is taking His time to do the job right so wait for God to finish what He is doing. Trust in God and be patient. Mean while, use the opportunity God just gave you to turn a bad tactic by the liberals against them that I described in "Solution" and "Warning 2". This will significantly delay their progress.

BTW, I hope you realize that all governments are some form of theocracy. Our current communist dictatorship is a pagan theocracy, Russia is an Orthodox Christian theocracy, China is an atheist or pagan theocracy, and Islam is a Muslim theocracy. Every nation has its religious morals, ethics, and values and is, therefore, a theocracy. Your government will either be a Christian, Jewish, or pagan theocracy with there being different forms of paganism.

How is your current form of pagan theocracy working out?

BTW, remember that I told you that God told me in a dream that 80% of the government agents and military are on our side and only 20% of them are traitors?

Did you notice that, when Pharaoh Obama made his recent speech before the graduating class at the US Air Force Academy, they conservatively estimated that better than 75% of our future officers refused to show Obama respect by remaining seated and not cheering or applauding Obama when he walked on stage? Gee, what a coincidence. Gee, most of them are on our side. Only about 20% are traitors. Who would have figured? You know, just like God told me and I told you. Hang in there and be patient, God knows what He is doing.

Mean while, keep an eye on Chicago. When you see the upper class trash throw a formal ball in the Willis Tower on a Monday, normal workday and not a holiday, during normal work hours, call in sick and take the family on a nice picnic somewhere at least five to ten miles up wind of Chicago. If you want to be able to look at Obama's nuke explosion, A.K.A. Obama fireworks, take some welder's goggles for everyone and be sure to put a light filter on your camera.

It is always a good time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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