I Told You So 115

All you liberals out there, I told you the upper class trash was going to purge you, didn't I? They are doing it in two phases. First, they cut off your federal government funding they caused you to become dependent on so will you become just like the rest of us and, Second, they give you the bus ride to the FEMA camps, you liberals first, because nobody can trust a traitor.

The upper class trash promised all of the liberals that the upper class trash was going to redistribute wealth from the rich 1% (themselves) to you to get you to buy into all of the "free" federal government give aways. You know, they gave us Welfare, cushy government jobs where you were did very little work, were grossly overpaid, and under the protection of unions, they subsidized industries with things like government grants to universities to increase lazy and greedy college professors' salaries, government subsidizing Hollywood and TV, government funding to inflate public school teachers' salaries, subsidized police forces, and the many other ways they bought our votes by giving out "free money".

First, that money isn't free because you liberals sold your souls and butts to the Devil worshipers and sold out your families, friends, and neighbors. Your free money is costing everyone everything we had including our freedoms. And, oh yes, they are now, not in the future, RIGHT NOW cutting back on all of that free money to save money but the tax payers won't get any of it back. You know, they are cutting back on food stamps, laying off government employees such as social security workers(replacing them with computers and online web sites), cutting back on military spending, and more. If they are not cutting back on government spending in your area now, they will soon, you know, like funding for universities, public schools, law enforcement, and everything else. And your beloved unions won't save your butts because they are part of the con.

Gee, I wonder where all of that "saved" money is going? You know, the money they save by cutting back on the military, food stamps, and now laying off government employees?

You know it isn't going back to the tax payers or to pay off the debt the upper class trash ran up to stick as much of your money as they could into their greedy pockets as quickly as possible. Nothing like stealing from you before you earn it, right? They just can't steal fast enough, can they? Could it be that they are "saving" giving money to you so they can stick it in their own greedy pockets? Please note that the top 1% upper class trash never did give you any of their money, almost all of which is protected from taxes by special loop holes in the laws only they know about because they wrote those extremely complex laws. Gee, could it be we have been falling for upper class trash smoke and mirrors for decades? You mean it is, like I have been telling you, that the upper class trash has been redistributing money from your pockets to their pockets and not from their pockets to your pockets? Gee, who would have figured that? Anyone who has been paying attention, you know, conservatives.

Get it straight, the liberal upper class trash commies are the top 1% and they don't have to destroy your nation to set up a tyrannical dictatorship to "redistribute" their wealth to you. All they have to do is start writing checks and putting them in the mail. Gee, could it be the liberal upper class trash never intended to redistribute their wealth to you? Bet on it.

The only reason why these traitors have destroyed our nation to set up their already existing dictatorship (remember the oligarchy thing), is for greed and power to control, steal from, and enslave you.

And now the upper class trash feels it is in such control and they have such confidence of achieving their end game, they are starting to purge the traitors. First, by cutting off all of that "free" government money by cutting back on food stamps and laying off government workers who thought, no, they just knew they were going to be part of the inner core who would end up ruling everyone else. It has already started, will be slow at first, and then will accelerate quickly. Then will come the FEMA bus rides, but hey, they are free! You don't have to pay a dime for the ride, well, OK, so you are going to pay with your life, but enjoy the ride because it will be your last. But, hey, traitors first because no one can trust a traitor. Yep, the purge has begun and the traitors have not even figured it out yet. You liberals are now becoming one of us except you liberals are red flagged as traitors.

You government employees need to think about it. The upper class trash Euro-American Luciferians plan on purging everyone on the planet except a maximum of 500 million people. Who are they going to want to keep around, over paid government employees making up an expensive, bloated, worthless and incompetent government or producers who make food, clothes, cars, planes, houses, and fix things? Why would they want to keep a bloated government with over paid employees and do without food, clothes, and stuff? Better than 95% of you government employees are scheduled to be purged. It is only common sense.

How is that liberal, "If you want to believe a lie, then it is true" thing working out?

Maybe, just maybe it is time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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