I Told You So 116

This is one of those 1 am essays where God kicked my butt out of bed and told me to write and I am and you will soon see why.

Remember that just a few days ago the CDC was lying and telling you that it was almost impossible for Ebola to get to the US and I told you they were lying and why? Remember that they were telling you that Ebola is so difficult to contract because you have to make contact with a contagious person's body fluids and I told you that it is spreading too fast and has to be spreading pneumonically or through the air?

Yesterday, the CDC upgraded their alert warning for Ebola in the US to their highest level or the "we are screwed" level and they are scared, very scared. Basically, Ebola is either here or its arrival is imminent. My guess, based on their actions and not their words? It is here right now and spreading.

But God has showed me a few other things about Ebola and what God is doing with it.

Remember that the CDC told you that Ebola is spread by contact with body fluids from a contagious person? What do you do when you have sex?

Answer: you exchange body fluids. (light bulb time?)

Guess what that makes Ebola?

The most deadly sexually transmitted disease in the world. Oh, BTW, you also exchange body fluids when you kiss. Even a little peck on the cheek can kill you.

They are saying Ebola only has a mortality rate of 60% to 90% but this is the first time I heard anything other than the 90% figure and they keep focusing on the 60% number to keep putting everyone at ease so you won't all go running through the streets screaming like in the idiot movies.

BTW, Ebola kills within 8 to 10 days and it has the symptoms of a number of other diseases such as the flu and hay fever so that by the time you go see a doctor, you are almost dead and have been infecting a lot of people.

Guess which crowds will be most effected by this little critter?

You got it, the adultery, swinger, homosexual, and poser Christian crowds. I guess God really did mean it when He said, "Thou shalt not commit adultery" and "homosexuality is an abomination". I guess the liberal Christians (an oxymoron) who taught you that it is alright for saved Christians to sin by committing adultery were wrong and we will be held accountable for our actions and punished here on earth for our sins, especially the willful sins.

Now, which groups do you think Ebola will be hardest on?

You got it, all of the social liberals, you know, the liberal Marxists, Libertarians, and poser Christians. The social conservatives or conservative Christians will be safest. Gee, I guess that will turn one or two people against liberalism, won't it? You know, just like God told me He is doing. Get the picture yet?

On the Internet I keep seeing liberal activists putting other liberal activists at ease by telling them the propaganda that it is very difficult to get Ebola and that, by the time a person becomes contagious, they are usually bed ridden and can't get around (which is probably why it is spreading so rapidly around the world). And the liberals are buying it, with plenty of condescending jokes and laughter aimed at conservatives, of course.

Remember the woman who walked off of a commercial airliner in England and dropped dead in the terminal? I read that one doctor said they were surprised at how healthy the Ebola patients looked just before they died. That doesn't sound to me like they are bed ridden and can't get around to infect other people.

Gee, this couldn't be the liberal upper class trash putting out propaganda to keep their idiot liberal activist thugs behaving in such a manor to cause them to become infected with Ebola and PURGE themselves, could it? Remember that I have been telling you that the upper class trash are going to purge better than 90% of the liberals who helped put them in power? (Light bulb time?)

Gee, it kind of looks like the upper class trash are purging their beloved liberal activists along with the rest of us RIGHT NOW! They will only need the FEMA buses to carry off the dead bodies or quarantine the infected people in the FEMA Camps to finish dying.

Remember a number of years ago when a number of upper class trash intellectual academe publically stated that Ebola would be a very good way to depopulate the planet? Gee, you don't think those monsters engineered Ebola to spread pneumonically and then introduced it into the population in Africa, do you? UN Agenda 21?

And this is only Ebola and doesn't include the many other diseases the upper class trash just forced on us with their illegal aliens. If you get two or more of these deadly diseases at the same time or close enough to each other, you are probably dead.

Remember that God told me and I told you so?

Are we getting the picture yet that it just might be time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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