I Told You So 119

Remember that I told you that I was wondering why Obama built the large US Naval amphibious force in the Persian Gulf? Remember that I told you that Obama committing US forces to stopping ISIS for humanitarian reasons and to help the Christians being slaughtered by ISIS was a ruse and that Obama is really doing it to prevent Baghdaddy from invading Israel and proving Baghdaddy is the Mahdi, instead of Obama being the Mahdi?

Actions speak louder than words. Obama has not provided any help or support for the Christians being slaughtered, the French are doing that. The only ones Obama helped even a little bit were the Yazidi, a pagan cult dating back to ancient Babylon. Even with them, he only did very limited food drops and then sent in special operations to see how many people are trapped on the mountain. When it was reported that the number of Yazidi trapped on the mountain was far fewer than the media had been reporting, he declared it wasn't enough people to warrant saving them and has even stopped dropping food and water to them.

What, one person isn't worth saving?

It kind of shows where Obama's heart is at, doesn't it? It burns in Hell. Obama doesn't care about anyone or anything but Obama. Everything else is a lie.

Then, true to form, we find out that Obama has a special group of more than 100 CIA and special operations people hunting Baghdaddy down to kill him, you know, just like I told you Obama was doing. It has also been reported that Baghdaddy has fled the nation of IS, you know, the Caliph thing, and is in hiding because Obama is hunting him.

Mean while Obama is only conducting enough limited air strikes against ISIS to help the Kurds and Iraq recover some very strategic ground taken by ISIS such as an important dam and to prevent ISIS from taking more land but even a lot of that is being done by France and Britain.

OK, so Obama won't drive ISIS, a terrorist organization, back with air power but will do limited air strikes to keep ISIS from gaining more ground and won't help rescue anyone, Christians or others, well, except the Muslim Kurds and Muslim Iraqi government. Yeah, I guess Obama going to the aid of Christians being slaughtered was a front for stopping Baghdaddy from being declared the Mahdi, you know, like I told you. You can't believe anything Obama says because he is a Muslim who very effectively practices al-taqiyya, you know, lying for the good of Islam...or his own good.

BTW, since Obama declared the Yzidi problem was solved and he would not rescue any of them, almost 400 more men have been murdered by ISIS for not converting to Islam and their wives and children taken as sex slaves for the ISIS Muslim terrorists.

See how easy it is to predict Obama's actions when you know who he is and what his goals are? That is why it is so important to know the truth about people, it makes it easier to understand and predict their actions.

It is very important to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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