Tin Hat

In the 1950s, McCarthy tried to expose the liberal commie traitors in this country but the FBI decided they wanted to wait until they could get all of the commies in one huge bust for better headlines than to nip the problem in the bud so they didn't support McCarthy and let the liberal controlled media eat him alive. They threw McCarthy under the bus for more sensational headlines and never got those more sensational headlines because of it.

That was the biggest mistake this country has made since WWII. It emboldened the commies and permitted them to berate and discredit anyone who realized that the commies really were working to destroy the US from within by simply stating that those people's efforts were "McCarthyism". The liberal commie traitors gained the upper hand in the PR war for our country's survival and simply called anyone who said anything about their acts of treason "conspiracy theorists" while belittling the idea of them having any conspiracies. Oh no, the liberal commie traitors couldn't possibly be conspiring to bring evil on us, that would be preposterous.

After the fall of the Soviet Union, the KGB declassified and released tens of thousands of documents proving the conspiracy theorists to be right. Tens of thousands of documents proved that the US liberal commie traitors were working with the Soviet Union KGB to overthrow the US from within to set up a communist dictatorship within the US but, by that time, the commies had such good control of the media that they had no problem ignoring and generally sweeping all of that information under the rug. The fact remains that the conspiracy theorists were right in their observations.

Today, the conspiracy theorists keep telling everyone that the same group of traitors didn't stop committing their acts of treason against our nation just because the Soviet Union imploded and are still working to overthrow this country from within to set up their liberal commie dictatorship. These observant people are trying to tell everyone that all the liberal commie traitors did was regroup, reorganize, change strategy, and continue with their treason and other crimes.

To combat this, the liberal commies continued to call these people conspiracy theorists, belittle the idea of conspiracies, and have taken advantage of a new fear to call these people "tin hatters", which is meant to be even more demeaning than just calling them conspiracy theorists. The tin hatters name came from the conspiracy theorists finding out that the government was working on using microwave radiation and electronics to be able to receive messages from human brains and send messages to our brains to control us so some people became so afraid they started wearing hats made out of aluminum foil to stop the microwave messages from getting to their brains.

BTW, this tin hatter insult persists in spite of the fact that the government has developed the ability to control objects with our brains and, oh yeah, they can at the very least scramble your brains with strong enough microwave signals. This technology was made known more than a decade ago.

So here we are decades after released KGB files proved that our liberal commie traitors were working to overthrow our government from within blindly believing those power mad, greedy, and very evil people just threw up their hands and quit their insane pursuit of absolute power when the Soviet Union fell in spite of the fact these same people are very clearly working to destroy the US from within and set up a liberal commie dictatorship in the US simply because our lying liberal Marxist Stream Media belittle the idea of a conspiracy (still) and have discredited the conspiracy theorists by calling them tin hatters?

We don't have to wait to find out the conspiracy theorists are right (again) because the liberal commie traitors are openly bragging that they have already destroyed our Republic and replaced it with their "oligarchy" or communist dictatorship. The liberal commie traitors are very quickly tearing the US Constitution apart one line at a time right before our eyes and even trying to completely do away with what is left of the US Constitution. They have infiltrated every part of our government (including courts), educational system, media, entertainment, and everything else. They have a huge following of brainwashed puppets who will do the bidding of the upper class trash without question because of the false promises made to them by the upper class trash, never questioning whether the upper class trash is also lying to them. The liberal traitors believe the lies because the lies sound so good that they want to believe the lies.

You have to understand that these evil leaders belong to an extremely evil pagan cult called Luciferian. They worship the Devil, Satan, under the name Lucifer while denying he is the Devil or Satan. They are the most evil power mad cult and the worst sociopaths in the history of the world. They are so power mad that my research is showing that they love to torment, humiliate, torture and murder their own followers to enjoy the power they have over those followers.

The way it seems to work is that they will select someone who has a lot of talent or is great looking and is very ambitious. They offer these young people a deal to where the upper class trash will invest considerable money in those people to make the young people rich and famous. If the young person accepts the deal, it will be for something like a 10, 20, or 30 year contract where the young people literally sell their souls to Lucifer, in which, during the duration of their contract, Lucifer and his followers in the Luciferians will work to make the young people rich and famous. As part of the deal, the young people will be required to have both heterosexual and homosexual sex with all of the top leaders in their regional groups along with other members of the group. This is the leaders gaining power and control over the young individuals and abusing power.

But it seems to be even worse than that. The upper class trash are so maddened with their abuse of power that they love to humiliate the lower members by requiring such things as eating human feces and drinking human urine in front of the other members while being filmed. By this time, the young people are so afraid of the upper class trash leaders that they will do what they are required to do because the young people know that, if they don't, they will be killed. Many of them want to get out but they know the only way out is death and they know that the Luciferian leaders have so completely infiltrated and taken over our government that they won't be able to run and hide.

When these young people's contracts run out, the upper class trash decide whether or not to extend the young people's contracts for another period of time, like another 10, 20, or 30 years. If the young person's contract is not extended, then the people mysteriously die from things like drug overdoses, accidents, and suicides, you know, Lucifer getting the souls he paid for.

These Devil worshipping Luciferians are the most evil people in the world and are the Euro-American white cracker racial supremacist natural elites who have seized control of most of the world, including Europe and the US, and are now working to gain control of the entire planet. They have so much control over everything that the only things they fear are an armed up rising by the people or a military coup. They have disarmed all of the people in almost all countries globally and are working to diminish the power of all nations' military so they won't have to fear a military coup while working to secretly build up their own private armies.

These evil Devil worshipping monsters have crawled in bed with the Muslims, Chinese, and Russia, thinking the Muslims, Chinese, and Russians will work with them until the Luciferians decide it is time to depopulate those groups and the planet in one or more quick moves. While the Luciferians are believing they have good enough control of this game they couldn't possibly lose, the Muslims, Chinese, and Russians are waiting for the stupid Luciferians to decrease the size of the Euro-American militaries down to where the Muslims, Chinese, and Russians can quickly and easily conquer Europe and the US and purge the Luciferians, for obvious reasons.

God has shown me in several dreams that He is going to use Obama and his Muslim pals to conquer and purge the mid to upper level Luciferians to set up their Muslim dictatorship. When this happens, almost all of the lower members of the Luciferians will see Obama and the Muslims as their saviors or messiah, saving them from inevitable death along with all of the humiliations, torments, and such they would have continued to receive from their Luciferian masters. Most will convert to Islam and join Obama's CNSF while some will convert to Christianity.

I keep seeing signs that the Luciferians have not completely taken over the US government. Some of these signs include whistle blowers exposing the corruption of the Luciferians in the government such as some one recently telling Congress that Lois Lerner's e-mails are safely backed up. The top level military officers being fired tell us that there are still many good military officers and enlisted people to fight for us and they are one of only two reasons the Luciferians have not completely secured their dictatorship and gone completely mad killing almost all of us. The other reason is over 70 million armed law biding citizens.

I told you that God recently showed me that better than 80% of the people in key government agencies and the military are good people who know about the evil Luciferian and Muslim plans, have organized, and are preparing a counter coup against the Luciferians and Muslims, but they have to wait until after the Luciferian coup has been staged. I have also pointed out that the evil Luciferians and Muslims are working to replace all key government agencies and the military with their CNSF so no counter coup can be staged.

Mean while, the tin hatters are trying to warn the general public about the Luciferian conspiracy and the Luciferians are putting out false information to confuse, distract, and discredit the tin hatters while working to get people to not listen to the tin hatters. I see increasing numbers of people waking up to what is really going on and listening to the tin hatters but some of them are being confused by the confused and distracted members of the tin hatters. This is a fierce information war. We need to pray for the tin hatters because, if they fail, your lives are at stake.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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