I Told You So 120


Remember that the Marxist Stream Media have been telling you that Putin is just trying to steal three Ukraine states in the East? Remember that they have been telling you that Putin's move into the Southeast of Ukraine is just Putin trying to "create a land bridge to Crimea"? Remember that I told you that Putin is doing all of that so he can sucker punch Ukraine into moving enough of her troops to the east so he can more easily get Kiev, Odessa, and Transnitria?

Putin just told a top NATO official that Russia can have Kiev within two weeks.

Say what? Wasn't Putin just going after the three Ukraine states or a land bridge to Crimea?

A really big hint that the Marxist Stream Media missed was when Putin offered Bulgaria, Poland, and Romania parts of Ukraine in return for their support of Russia. You know, you have to kind of take Ukraine before you can divvy up Ukraine. Don't you think that should have been just a wee bit of a clue?

BTW, if Putin's big goal in his southeastern move on Ukraine includes taking the major port City of Mariupol, why doesn't he just do a quick and easy take over with his Russian Black Sea Fleet like he used that fleet to quickly and easily take over Crimea?

Because Putin's Black Sea Fleet is parked in a Crimean port less than one hour away from Odessa and Transnitria. Kind of tells you what Putin's real game plan is, doesn't it?


The Europeans have just admitted that they cannot defend themselves and NATO is useless so they are solving the problem by forming another trendy military club to defend them.

Say what?

That is right, my friends. The idiot socialists of the West have destroyed their own militaries so they could put that military money in their greedy little pockets. Their militaries have become so weak that they cannot defend themselves against the barbarians, even combined together in NATO, especially with the US military now rapidly declining. With the barbarians now knocking at the door (don't open it, they will come in), the idiots decide to scare off the barbarians by forming a new trendy military club.

Made up of what?

The same devastated militaries which cannot defend them in NATO. The morons are hoping one of their word changing games will scare off the barbarians. Basically, they are insulting Putin's intelligence and showing their own lack of intelligence.

What should they do?

Decrease the amount of money they are stealing from their respective governments and use that money to rebuild their militaries to keep from being sacked and robbed by the barbarians. I bet you know they are not going to do that.

But that is OK, because which side of town will the barbarians sack?

Hint: not the poor side.

So, do you believe me yet when I tell you that the upper class trash have been inbreeding too long, using too much dope, and are the stupidest people on the planet?


Remember that I have been telling you for years that we are in a rapidly worsening super depression while the Marxist Stream Media have been telling you that we were in a Super Recession and then, now, in a recovering economy?

Brad DeLong, one of the most prestigious Keynesian economists, a professor at Berkeley and former deputy assistant secretary of the Treasury under Clinton, says we are in a depression.

Hold it, that is really huge because it is all but an out right admission that Keynesian economics doesn't work. Keynesian economics were supposed to permanently do away with depressions.

Now, while everyone else is telling you we are in a recovering economy, he says we are in a depression?

You can also bet that is an understatement.

It is just common sense economics 101 that, if more people are losing jobs than finding jobs every month, decreasing disposable income, then the economy MUST be in a decline, cannot have bottomed out, and definitely can't be anywhere near a recovery. ALL of the rest of the "economic indicators" they keep using are just SMOKE AND MIRRORS! A recession or depression is caused by more people losing jobs than finding jobs causing a decrease in disposable income. An economy CANNOT be growing when its disposable income is decreasing. For an economy to be growing, more people MUST be finding jobs than losing jobs causing the disposable income to increase.

As I have told you before, we are in a rapidly imploding black hole economy, which is even worse than a super depression.

BTW, Obama recently said he is not asking for the moon. No, he wants all of planet earth, not the moon. There aren't any people to rule over on the moon.


Remember that I have told you that the liberal Euro-American upper class trash white crackers are using Obama as a "black" president along with black poverty, affirmative action, black crime and gangs, black rioting and looting, and such as an excuse to commit genocide against blacks in order to "purge the global gene pool of inferior genes" by murdering off all blacks?

That should be pretty easy to see with increasing numbers of liberals now blaming Obama for all of his and their mischief, turning against Obama, and even calling Obama the worst president in history, you know, worse than all of those superior white guys. Get the picture yet?

The upper class trash are also using these black riots, black lootings, Jackson and Sharpton, and other such things to make increasing numbers of you mad at all blacks and want to fight back against them. This is all called psychological warfare and divide and conquer.

I just read that the liberal TV dude, Bob Costas said, "And some of the issues that are afflicting black America are not the result of white racism." (Light bulb time?)

What, not all of the black people's problems are the fault of us whites? You mean, some of the black problems really are the fault of the blacks?

Watch it progress from some to all really quickly and then turn to a discussion about inferior black genes, putting blacks out of their misery, and purging the global gene pool.

You better bet that all of these illegal aliens, mostly but not all Latinos, are being used to turn us against Latinos to justify murdering them all off to further cleanse the global gene pool. And did you notice that the liberals are increasingly exposing the atrocities of their beloved bed partners, Muslims to turn people against them?

Then they are using American Indian poverty, dependence of US tax payers, and things like demanding a name change for the Washington Redskins football team to turn us against the inferior "savage" Indians.

Gee, that only leaves the Asians and the Euro-American whites. I wonder if the upper class trash liberals are going to use all of this militarism by China, Japan (WWII), Vietnam, Cambodia, and other Asian countries to justify murdering them all off?

Wow, that would only leave the "superior" Euro-American whites, you know, just like Hitler said it should be. Gee, I wonder who the real Nazis are?

Basically, the lefties are using multiculturalism to turn the whites against everyone else. It was a trap, people.

Think not?

Even the more liberal Europeans are turning against multiculturalism in mass and, therefore, immigration.

BTW, don't forget that this failed multiculturalism was dreamed up by the intellectually superior upper class trash and their intellectual academe. Maybe they are not so brilliant after all? Hold them accountable for their actions and failed brilliant ideas.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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