Judgment 2

One of my three readers sent me an e-mail which caused me to realize that we are not properly understanding what God is telling me with the information God is providing me and I am sharing with you. We are seeing God causing Obama to nuke Chicago and the other things as us Christians being punished for our crimes against God's Laws.

The truth is that we are already being punished for our crimes against God's Laws. God has permitted the very evil liberal Luciferians and Muslims to gain control of our government forcing all kinds of punishments on us. We are now living under a brutal and cruel communist dictatorship. Our nation is being sacked beyond poverty into international debt, they are trying to completely do away with our Constitution, especially our freedom of speech and right to defend ourselves, they have caused us to lose lives in and lose two different wars while permitting our enemy to spread around the world killing millions more innocent people including millions of Christians, they are causing our own government to commit crimes against us, spy on us, and oppress us, we are being persecuted by the liberals (i.e. the homosexuals and other liberals persecuting Christian businesses and individuals), the black Muslim gangs (remember that I told you that all black gangs are Muslim, the FBI revealed that in 1992) openly staging attacks against whites and screaming for us to be punished if we dare defend ourselves against them (pure Islam and Shiria Law already being forced on us), they have destroyed our economy and increasing numbers of people are unemployed, homeless, and living in poverty, they control our educational system, media, and Hollywood brainwashing our children with their lies and turning our children against us, the commies have already butchered 57 million unborn babies, the Luciferians are right now working to butcher more than seven billion people globally including almost all of you, along with many other persecutions these evil people are causing us, and you think we are not being punished RIGHT NOW for our crimes against God's Laws?

When God causes the things I have been telling you He will cause, God will be lifting that punishment against us. Think about it, when Obama nukes Chicago to kill off the evil upper class trash Luciferian puppet masters in the formal ball being held in the Willis Tower, Obama will be relieving us of the communist tyranny being forced on us right now by those upper class trash Luciferians while also destroying the most corrupt city in the US and those who cause it to be corrupt. Then Obama will quickly purge the remaining mid to upper level liberal Luciferians while causing the rest of the liberal traitors to join his CNSF and briefly imposing more Shiria Law on us, both ridding us of the remaining liberal communist Luciferian tyranny and briefly punishing and teaching us the ugly truth about Islam under a brief Muslim tyranny. When Obama then takes the majority of the Muslims and liberal commie traitors to invade Israel, where God will purge them in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 by killing almost all of them, God will be purging those evil people from the US in order to make it easier and less painful for us to win a war to free ourselves from their Muslim tyranny the way the Founding Fathers freed themselves from British tyranny. Then we will have to do much of the rest of the fighting to free ourselves from what will be left of our current tyranny and punishments for our crimes against God's Law. God has promised me that, after all of that, we will be tasked and blessed with creating a new Christian nation which God will cause to be even greater than the once Christian nation the liberal traitor Luciferians and Muslims have already destroyed.

And you think that is being punished?

No, that is God lifting our punishment by killing off all of the bad people currently persecuting us and blessing us for turning back to God and His Laws. This will be like the time when God sent an angel to destroy an army invading Israel to punish Israel because Israel repented and turned back to God before the army could destroy Israel. When, and only when, the Christians in this nation repent of our sins or crimes against God's Laws and turn back to God, will God cause these things to happen to free us from our current punishments for turning away from God and to paganism. These things will be our salvation from the punishments we are currently enduring and have brought on ourselves along with a very significant lesson. These judgments God has told me about will not be judgments against His Christians but judgment against the evil liberals and Muslims who are currently punishing and oppressing God's Christians.

To not want these things to happen is to want to continue our punishment at the hands of our oppressors and our eventual slaughter they are working to bring against us right now. We must pray for revival in this country so God will cause these things to happen to end our current punishment and bring God's blessings on us or these evil people will eventually butcher all of us. So, do you want the current punishments to continue or do you want God to do the things He has told me He will do to relieve our current punishments?

My prayer is, "God, please bring revival to your people turning them back to you so you will free us from our current tormenters and this horrible punishment by causing the things you have promised. God, please deliver us from the hands of our enemy and deliver our enemy into our hands."

Freedom isn't free, we must pay a price for it as our Founding Fathers did. We will be our new Christian nation's founding parents. The sword must pass through the fire to be strong.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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