I Told You So 123


Remember that I told you they are discrediting all of the different government agencies so they can justify replacing them all with their glorious Citizen National Security Force (CNSF), which will be made up of Muslims and liberal activist traitors?

Obama and the liberals are working to make all of the US government law enforcement, intelligence, and military look incompetent, evil, and anything else which will turn people against them to justify replacing these agents with his CNSF. He just blamed US intelligence for not warning him about ISIS in spite of the fact that they informed him by at least January.

It is Obama's usual trick of blaming some one else for his mischief. He doesn't want us to stop ISIS, so he drags his feet and, when ISIS succeeds on a rampage, Obama blames some one else. With Obama, everything that goes wrong for the US is some one else's fault so Obama doesn't have to explain why he is intentionally screwing things up.

I read where one retired Secret Service agent said that Obama and company have tied the hands of the Secret Service to the point to where they can't properly protect anyone, not even Obama. Then we have these White House streakers further discrediting the Secret Service by making it all the way inside the White House before being stopped. Gee, what a coincidence

Obama and company work to discredit all local cops by things like the Ferguson shooting and posting videos of "cops beating innocent people" on the Internet without telling us what the person did to get beat by the cops, you know, like attacking the cops the way the Ferguson cop was attacked and beaten. They are also making the cops look bad by asking why they need all of this free military equipment and the bad cops are not helping themselves or their colleagues. The liberals and Muslims are ignoring that the cops started getting all of that military equipment to fight the heavily armed street gangs, drug cartels, and other criminals. The good cops need that equipment to protect you. Plus liberal politicians giving really bad orders to cops and those cops enforcing those orders doesn't help the cops.

More and more I see the liberals and Muslims successfully turning the American people against the government agencies which protect us from the crimes of the liberals and Muslims. Get the picture yet?


Remember that I told you the liberal media would bombard us with pictures of the Clintons and the new royal brat?

Hey, the royal family is front page news everywhere. I strongly suggest you get some nausea pills and get used to it because it is going to be everywhere until at least well after the presidential election in 2016.

Watch, Hillary is going to decide that she wants to spend more time with the baby and they will gradually phase in Cinder-Chelsea as the 2016 presidential candidate.

Lone Wolf Attacks

Remember that I told you that these beheadings could be ISIS lone wolf attacks and you should keep an eye on it?

It is looking more like it every day. There have been two beheadings by Muslims since the ISIS threat of lone wolf attacks. Alton Nolen, who did the last beheading, was shown in a picture with two ISIS Sunni Arabs giving the ISIS salute. Gee, what a coincidence.

Oklahoma just arrested Jacob Mugambi Muriithi for threatening a woman with beheading. He is reported by The Oklahoman newspaper to have told the woman, whom he had not worked together with so it couldn't be a work related threat, that he was a Muslim and he "represented ISIS and that ISIS kills Christians". When the woman asked him why they kill Christians, Jacob replied, "This is just what we do." What, you mean to tell me that Muslims actually do go around killing Christians, unlike what Obama says and just like what I have been telling you?

I wonder what Al-taqiyya (lies for the sake of Islam) Obama is going to respond to that with. Oh, we all know that, according to Obama, "no religion requires the killing of innocents." What Obama didn't tell you is that Obama and his Muslim pals don't consider non Muslims to be innocents. In Islam all non believers are considered to be blasphemers, which is a capital crime in Islam, requires the death penalty, you know, like beheadings. So, yeah, Muslims don't require the killing of innocents (Muslims), just the killing of all blasphemers or non Muslims.

It is a matter of wording and perspective and you have to know the Koran and Islam to see thought their smoke and mirrors. They really have their lies down pat.

It is really looking like these beheadings are ISIS lone wolf attacks.

State of the Nation

Recently O'Mohammad said that the US is better off and the economy is fantastic, we just don't know it.

Based on whose definitions for "better off" and "fantastic"?

Oh yeah, Obama's Muslim definitions. Based on the Muslim definition, the US is better off for them with the nation being weaker and increased poverty. Our economy is fantastic for them because it is a black hole economy quickly collapsing into oblivion. Yep, our nation definitely is better off and our economy is fantastic for our enemies, you know, the Muslims and liberal commies. You know, more of the old liberal/Muslim wording and perspective thing. Always keep that in mind when Obama and his Muslim/commie pals say ANYTHING! They are NOT talking about the nation being better off from your perspective but from their perspective of destroying and enslaving the US.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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