I am absolutely amazed at how many "believers" don't really believe God because they don't literally believe what God says in His Word, the Bible.

A really great example of this was when Israel had control of the Sinai Peninsula. Israel had the IDF (Israeli Defence Force) literally sweep the entire peninsula for archaeological evidence that the Hebrew tribe of millions had lived in the Sinai Peninsula for 40 years. After years of searching, they were absolutely amazed they didn't find anything, not even one earring, and, to this day, I have not heard or read one of their all knowing, all wise, highly educated, grossly over paid religious leaders give the explanation for this surprise, which should not have been a surprise.

The answer is in the Bible or Torah, which the Jews are supposed to be experts on, and my first thoughts were, "What, didn't they read Torah? Didn't they understand Torah? Didn't they believe Torah?" Because, if they had read Torah, understood Torah, and believed Torah, they would have known they would find nothing and their surprise is the shame of their religious leaders who should have told everyone they would find nothing before they began searching. This regular failure of most of the religious leaders is why God sends prophets to straighten out the religious leaders. Get it straight, God never sends prophets who have it all wrong to deal with religious leaders who have it all right. God only sends prophets, who have it all right, to deal with religious leaders who have screwed it all up. (Not all religious leaders, just most.)

In Torah, at the end of the Hebrew wandering in the wilderness for 40 years and just before they crossed the River Jordan into Canaan, God said that, during that 40 year period of time, not one person had worn out one sandal and not one person had lost an earring.

Now, what should that tell you?

That God is omniscient, He is in control of everything down to the smallest detail, you know, just like God tells you in the Bible. If the Jewish religious leaders had read, understood, and believed that one statement, they would have warned everyone that the IDF wouldn't find anything and why. The simple fact is that there wasn't anything to find because God is omniscient and prevented everything from wearing out, breaking, or getting lost during that 40 years of wandering. Basically, without anyone in Israel knowing it to this day, the IDF proved God right.

The Jewish religious leaders need to quit using their heads for suppositories, get away from their customs and traditions, and turn back to believing God's Word and living by God's Law instead of by their customs and traditions. This one failure is to the shame of the Jewish religious leaders because God told them they would find nothing and why. None of them explained it so I just did.

The scriptures tell us that God is omniscient or in absolute control and that we are not to believe in coincidence and luck. Coincidence and luck are pagan religious concepts which say that their gods are not in absolute control and we have allowed their pagan teachings and beliefs to infiltrate our beliefs by believing in coincidence and luck, which has opened the door for their fanatical pagan religion of evolution, which is based entirely on coincidence. With miraculous coincidences on an astronomical scale, evolution could never happen. Get the picture yet?

What Satan does is infiltrate pagan ideas and concepts into Christianity and uses those pagan ideas and concepts to open the way for other pagan ideas and concepts to lead us astray from God, you know, just like Satan has down with the US over the last few hundred years and we are now paying for our desertion.

Before we can have a true revival, we have to get rid of the pagan ideas and concepts we have permitted Satan and his people (A.K.A. liberals) to infiltrate into the church and return to a purely Biblical Christianity. We made the same mistake the Jews made by permitting Satan and his followers to turn us from the Bible to our customs and traditions which permitted Satan to infiltrate his Satanic customs and traditions into our church causing us to gradually turn from God and the Bible to Satan and his cults.

What should all of this omniscience tell you scientifically?


First, we have to do a little scientific analysis. As I told you in my essay, "Waters", almost everything in our cosmos is made up of electrons, protons, and light photons. The electrons and protons are formed into atoms which are formed into molecules which are formed into whatever structures God desires. When something is created, whether by God or man, it has only so many molecules in its structure and mass and as the number of molecules decrease or are displaced in that object, the object "wears" or decreases in molecular structure and mass until it has lost or displaced enough molecules that it becomes "worn out". If something breaks, there is a separation between groups of molecules making up that something. That is the nutshell scientific definition for wearing and breaking.


Whenever anything rubs against anything else, a thing called friction takes place which causes molecules from both objects to be displaced or lost, this is called wear and when enough molecules are displaced by friction, the object is worn out.

2nd Law of Thermodynamics

2nd law of thermodynamics or the law of entropy makes it impossible for evolution to happen because everything is in a perpetual state of decay. Absolutely everything is constantly devolving or breaking down from a higher level to a lower level losing molecules including DNA, which is constantly losing information making it impossible for evolution to happen. There has not been one DNA mutation which added information to one strand of DNA. All mutations result in the loss of information causing our cell functions to decline with time and reproduction. Geneticists have calculated that human DNA couldn't function for more than a maximum of 100,000 years before it breaks down to the point of not being able to support life. At the current rate of DNA break down, human DNA definitely cannot last the millions of years required for evolution.

Gee, I bet they didn't tell you that on PBS, did they?

The Law of Entropy is primarily caused by the motion of atoms. As electrons orbit the protons in atoms, the electrons and their kinetic energy pull on the protons causing the protons to move slightly in the direction of the electrons which causes the atoms to move (the scientific term for this atomic motion is jiggling, I am serious.) As the atoms jiggle, they tend to regularly pull away from each other occasionally breaking hold on neighboring atoms causing molecular break down. This process is ongoing in EVERYTHING, hence the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics or the Law of Entropy.

As the speed of the electrons increases, the motion of the atoms increase, and molecular break down increases. Things which increase the speed of electrons include all forms of energy such as radiation, heat, and sun light. When the energy crosses the electrons, it increase the energy of the electrons which increases their speed and the motion of the atoms the electrons are in and increases molecular break down.

We do this with a thing we call cooking by adding heat or energy to the electrons in the food we are cooking which increases the jiggling of the atoms in that food, which increases the molecular break down of things in the food such as bacteria, viruses, and parasites, killing them so they won't harm us when we eat them. This molecular bread down also causes tougher foods to be easier to chew because of tissue break down.

This is also why refrigeration or freezing food works to prevent food spoiling. When you cool something down, you are decreasing the energy in the electrons which slows the electrons down, which slows down atomic jiggling, and slows the breaking down of molecules as well as slowing down normal molecular activity or chemical reactions which slows down the growth of bacteria, viruses, and parasites. This helps preserve your food longer. (Isn't science really interesting?)

The Law of Entropy constantly takes place with everything in the cosmos, even our sun or star, which is wearing out because the very forces of the sun 1) are causing the limited hydrogen atoms in our sun to convert to helium and 2) causing the sun to eject or displace millions of tons of matter or molecules every year. This entropy of the sun will continue until there are not enough hydrogen molecules left for the sun to continue to function and then the sun will cease to function, it will first expand, as described in the book of Revelation, and then supernova destroying out entire solar or star system, which is why the scriptures say that, if Jesus were to delay His coming at all, there will be no flesh or life left.

The proof for this?

In the final seven judgments listed for the Tribulation, it lists that the sun will increase its heat causing the Euphrates to completely dry up and people will get sores from the sun. The Euphrates is the seventh largest river in the world which means that every river, lake, and body of water which is at least the same size or smaller will also dry up, probably some much larger. This is very indicative of the sun expanding slightly before a supernova.

BTW, most of the rest of the last seven judgments are also indicative of the sun expanding. When the sun vaporizes all of that water from around the world, the water will form massive clouds which will block sun light reaching earth and cool the earth causing condensation and the global hail storm with hail stones of 100 pounds and the increased earth quakes and vulcanization mentioned will be caused by the sun's surface getting closer to earth and increasing the sun's gravitational effect on earth causing an earthquake which will cause the destruction of all mountains and islands. The increased vulcanization will increase the water in the clouds and seed those clouds with ash contributing to the terrible hail storm. Oh yeah, the darkness which will fall upon the kingdom of the Antichrist will be caused by the increasing radiation (read EMP, Electromagnetic Pulses) of the sun enough to destroy everything which has to do with electricity and electronics causing a darkness to fall on his empire. The only electronics which might survive will be hardened electronics.

This will all take place because the sun will expand to go supernova. Read those last seven judgments again and you will see the sun getting ready to go supernova and God has shown me it will all take place in the last 176.5 days of the Tribulation. Oops!!

Gee, could it be that the evolutionists lying about the cosmos being billions of years old has caused them to over estimate how long our sun will last by a few billion years?

Yep, if Jesus doesn't return before 2033 and heal the sun, earth, and everything on the earth, according to scriptures and the dreams God has given me, the sun will supernova destroying everything in our star system. Hey, we will get a really big bang out of that!

Now do you believe me when I tell you that only God can save our butts?

But, hey, you may not live that long because, every day, millions of people on this planet die who did not plan to die on that day and you don't know when your day will come, only God does.

You just might want to accept Jesus as your savior really soon.

The evolutionists hate the Law of Entropy because it alone makes it absolutely impossible for their pagan fairy tail, evolution, to happen. The evolutionists blatantly ignore the law of entropy so they can continue to believe in their fanatical pagan fair tail or false cult of evolution. If you don't believe evolution is a fanatical religion, just start talking to evolutionists about creation and watch them go ballistic because you have blasphemed their pagan religion of evolution, their pagan god, Charles Darwin, and their pagan bible, "The Origin of Species". They will give you a first hand lesson in just how fanatical they are when they go into their insane rage. How dare you blaspheme their cult? They are every bit as fanatical and much more than what they say Christians are.

What God was telling us when He said that not one person wore out one sandal and not one person lost an earring, is that God is omniscient and prevented ALL of the molecules in everything the people of Israel had from being displaced so nothing wore out and kept them from losing ANYTHING for 40 years. If the IDF had found anything, God would be a liar. In other words, God is omniscient or in absolute control and there is no such thing as coincidence and luck so evolution could never happen.

God is so omniscient and brilliant that He tells us that He knows and has a name for every star in our cosmos. God also knew down to the electron and proton just exactly how many electrons and protons He would need to create our entire cosmos and everything in it when God converted His energy into mass or electrons and protons to create the massive ball of water God used as the clay from which God created our cosmos and everything in it. Gods also knows every electron, proton, and photon in existence, where they are at any instant, and where they will be for every instant for eternity.

God really is omniscient and in absolute control. He has never been surprised by anything though He does permit us to do our will but He also knows what we will do before we decide to do it. In other words, God lets us learn a lot of stuff the hard way when we refuse to learn His way.

Just because you don't get what you want when you want it doesn't mean God is not in control. All it means is that God can say no as well as He can say yes.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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