I Told You So 127

Remember a few years ago when, during the spring, they announced that the number of Muslims globally had dropped from 1.6 billion to 1.2 billion in the previous decade and then, that fall, only about six months later, they announced that the global population for Muslims had gone back up to 1.6 billion, almost all via conversions, in other words, almost 400 million people had converted to Islam?

Remember that I told you that those 400 million converts to Islam were liberals, especially Euro-American liberals?

I have been watching and almost daily seeing people protesting that their children are being taught Islam in our schools by liberals. People are regularly pulling their kids out of schools and complaining about their children being forced to do things like say, "Allah is the one true god."

All of this is being taught to our children by the liberals who secretly converted to Islam. These liberals are not teaching atheism, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, or anything else but Islam.

Remember that these same liberals were teaching our children the Occult, especially witchcraft, via things like Harry Potter before this big conversion? And, after this big conversion they have been focusing on teaching Islam? Get the picture?

This and the liberals sleeping with the Muslims should tell you that more than 400 million liberals converted to Islam several years ago and I told you so.

Where else would the Muslims have so quickly gotten 400 million converts to Islam, conservatives?

I don't think so. Keep an eye on this and you will see.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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