Warning 3

After I published the last essay, I realized that it may not be the Tea Party or just the Tea Party Obama and company try to blame along with Israel for Obama nuking Chicago.

Who is the group the liberals, especially the feminists and homosexuals, have been causing the most trouble for since they have gained their almost complete control of the US government?

Answer: Christians, both civilian and military. The liberal pagans have been intentionally seeking out Christians and causing trouble for them. They have already blatantly committed and gotten away with crimes against Christians.

What I expect is that Obama will try to link Christian groups which currently support Israel (and have been supporting Israel to Obama's chagrin) to Israel and the nuking of Chicago. You have been warned. They will be coming after you and hunting you the way the Nazis hunted both Christians and Jews in Germany. Remember that these people are the modern socialist Luciferian Nazis, the German Nazis were also socialist Luciferians, and the German Nazis murdered 6 million Jews in their death camps but also murdered an estimated 5 to 7 million Christians today's Luciferians have been covering up. You don't hear about the Christians any more. I guess they don't want you to make the connection between them and the German Nazis. It just might give away their plans?

With a number of conservative Christian organizations currently supporting Israel, it won't be difficult for Obama and company to blame these Christian organizations for helping Israel nuke Chicago. You Christian leaders and preachers need to be aware of this and plan for it. After Obama declares martial law and sets up his Muslim dictatorship, they will be coming for you in spite of the fact that you and Israel had nothing to do with this and it was Obama and his pals who nuked Chicago as a false flag event to set up their Muslim dictatorship.

This explains a dream I had before Obama was first elected in which I saw that the government had rounded up all of the top Christian leaders with large ministries, seized everything they had, and put them in "retirement homes" effectively censoring them. I had another dream before Obama was elected in which Christians were hiding from the government and another one, after Obama was elected, in which Christians were hiding from Obama's Muslim dictatorship. You Christian leaders need to prepare your followers and your families to continue in your absence. I have been sent to warn the people of this world about things to come but especially to warn God's children.

Some of you Christian parents need to pray about getting your Christian children safely, quickly, and quietly out of country, you know, like to some of those missionaries your churches have been supporting, because you know that Obama and his liberal pagans will take Christian children from their parents, put the children in brainwashing camps, and use the children as hostages to make Christian parents submit to Obama's Muslim dictatorship. Think Shindler's list and the 1850s underground railway, organize. We have history as our teacher and should see the writing on the wall so we can prepare for what is coming. That is also why God sends prophets to his people before such disasters, to warn you. These are extremely evil people and nothing is beneath them. Plan for it.

You Christian leaders need to inform your Christian followers of this and prepare, organize for the worst, it is coming. When Obama and company start their persecution of Christians, all of the poser Christians will definitely convert to Islam and turn against Israel and true Christians "to show they had nothing to do with nuking Chicago, they're not traitors." These poser Christians who will convert to Islam will turn on you and turn you in. Some will have been church leaders, "great Christians" in the church, or your best friends. You all need to know that this current war against Christians is about to go "whole hog" and get really ugly. You better check your faith. You only have a few months to prepare for the war that is about to be waged against you. You have already been under increasing attack by the liberal pagans but, as they say in the country, you ain't seen nothing yet. Your faith will be greatly tested.

I hope you realize that what Obama has already started with this false story about "Netanyahu threatening to assassinate Obama" is to get people thinking and talking about the idea of Netanyahu assassinating Obama so that, when Obama and his Muslim pals nuke Chicago, with Obama "miraculously escaping and his family being killed", and blame Israel and Christians, even many of the people who had refused to believe the first lie will say, "Oh my, Israel and the Christians really did try to assassinate Obama." They will believe the second lie and be more likely to accept the Muslim dictatorship Obama will set up.

What I expect next is for Obama and company to do and say things intentionally designed to increase the tension between Israel and Obama along with more assassination stories while tying these Christian groups to Israel. The increased tension between Israel and the US will cause more people to believe the lie that Israel did nuke Chicago in an attempt to assassinate Obama. Basically, Obama is going to go drama queen on us but it will be his pals who do all of the acting so it won't be so obvious.

The pagans are going to hunt Jews and Christians again. Gee, I guess that tolerance thing didn't work out too well. Remember that when the pagans start teaching again that we Christians should be tolerant of pagans again because God said that tolerance of paganism is a sin and we are about to pay for that sin.

Remember that God said that, if you call on His name, He will hear you, He will come, and He will save you. Don't forget that because Obama already has his custom 10k nuke from Iran. Also remember that man plans, God laughs.

One last thing. God has let me know that He really hates the adultery thing. You must repent and start behaving, you know, living by the Laws God gave you, if you want God to save your butts.

You people who have not accepted Jesus as your savior, it just might be a really good idea to do that right now. Only God knows who is going to die in the next few years and almost NOBODY plans to die on the day they die.

You Christians better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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