Judgment 3

Earlier today, I was going over my older posts from back at the beginning of this site up through about 2009. I was very amazed at the huge number of predictions I had made and have come true or are coming true today, especially in the number of details. But there was something God showed me that was a real eye opener. The reason the US is about to get nuked is because the US REFUSED to permit, much less help, Israel to destroy the Muslim Iranian nuclear program which is a threat to Israel. Because the US was forcing the threat of Israel being nuked by Muslim Iran, God is going to permit the US to be nuked by Muslims with a nuke that was made by Iran.

I have shown you again and again that God really means it when He says, "Do unto others as you would have others (including God) do unto you", but I want to illustrate what is now happening to us based on the part of that warning about "Do unto others what you want God to do unto you".

In other words, what is God going to do to us because we did or tried to do it to Israel?

First, as I just showed you, we are going to be nuked by Muslims and Iran because we subjected Israel to the risk and eventual nuking by Muslims and Iran.

I have been shown in several different dreams that the US will be divided into two parts and it is because the US forced Israel to divide the land God gave her and give up some of it for peace she never got.

We are going to be subject to rule by Muslims who will impose Shiria Law on us because we have been trying to force Israel to submit to becoming a Palestinian state run by Muslims who will impose Shiria Law on the Jews.

We will have to spill our blood to free ourselves from that Muslim rule and build a new nation because we have been trying to force Israel into a position where they would have to spill their blood to fight for their freedom from Islamic rule and build a new nation.

What we are going through and will soon go through is mostly because of what we have been trying or succeeding at forcing Israel to go through. This is our judgment and our punishment for our sins or crimes against God and Israel.

Let me give you another example. There is a woman here, where I live, who, when she moved here, everyone let house cats roam freely to keep the rodents and rattlesnakes from their homes. She took it upon herself that, since she now lived here, we were all going to have to live the way she had decided we should live and she has an insane hatred for house cats. Therefore, she went on a rampage and, being financially well off and connected in town, she was able to get the stupid rich snobs in town behind her campaign to trap and kill all free roaming cats subjecting everyone to the risk of disease carrying rodents and poisonous rattlesnakes in their homes. I fought them for years because of my concern this risk posed to children but I am not well enough connected or rich enough to win the fight.

In spite of her wickedness and evil, I prayed for her on a regular basis, primarily for her salvation. One day, while I was praying for her, God tapped me on the shoulder and said, "I will take care of her with a rattlesnake." What God meant was that, when God got tired of her crap, He would have a rattlesnake bite her and kill her because she was putting everyone else at a risk of being bitten and killed by a rattlesnake, especially the children, by killing off all the free roaming house cats.

God is tired of our crap and is right now punishing us by doing unto us what we have been doing unto Israel. So, if you think of all the bad things the US has done to Israel, that is what God is right now doing to the US. God also meant it when He said, "If you curse Israel, I will curse you and, if you bless Israel, I will bless you."

Now, you need to understand that this judgment and punishment is being meted out on both an individual and a national basis. We, as a nation, are being judged and punished by what we have done to Israel as a nation and we, individually, are being judged and punished (also blessed) by what we have done for or against Israel individually. Those who have stood against Israel and have tried to cause or caused trouble for her, will be punished accordingly. Those who have helped or tried to help Israel will be blessed accordingly. God will do unto us both individually and as a nation as we have individually and as a nation done unto Israel. The individuals who will be punished the worst will be the leaders who have been forcing these things against the will of the people. I believe they are all about to die AND they will be killed by Muslims just like those leaders have been forcing Israel to permit Muslims to kill Israel's people and the upper class trash have been working towards killing off almost all of the people around the world. (Obama nuking and purging the upper class trash? Get the picture?)

Then there are the other judgments we are going through or will soon go through for other reasons. God let me know some time ago that the adultery thing we insist on doing, involving every aspect of adultery including heterosexual adultery, homosexuality, bestiality, pedophilia, pornography, and prostitution, is a VERY big thing with God. We MUST stop these behaviors or God will continue to severely punish us until we do.

Basically, we must repent or stop doing ALL of our sins or crimes against God's Laws including lying, stealing, coveting what others have, having other gods, idolatry, paganism, murdering, and everything else, then we must seek the grace of God through our Lord, Jesus Christ and the salvation or amnesty Jesus paid for our crimes on the cross, and ask for God to save our butts or we are really screwed. It is too late for us to not be punished at all, we have done too much, and we have rejected God's call too long. There are some things that we just must endure as our punishment such as being nuked by Muslims and Iran, our nation being destroyed, living under Muslim rule and Shiria Law, spilling our blood to free ourselves from this rule, and building a new nation but the time for these things or the duration for these punishments can be shortened by how long it takes us to repent, have a revival, and turn back to God. The longer it takes for us to turn back to God, the longer we must endure the punishment.

But this isn't just a judgment against the US. All of the nations are about to be judged and punished/rewarded based on what we have been doing as nations and individuals. You can bet that every nation which was part of these crimes against Israel will have to pay approximately the same price the US will based on amount of involvement and their ability to contribute to committing these crimes. To whom more is given, more is required and to whom less is given, less is required.

I expect that the US will not be the only nation nuked by Iran and the Muslims. I expect they will nuke Mecca and Medina and blame Israel, they will try to nuke Israel but will be stopped, and they will succeed at nuking other nations which have played a part in stopping Israel from being able to take preemptive actions to stop Iran from nuking Israel, based on those nations part in those actions against Israel.

Remember that I have been telling you that Iran has been building an arsenal of nukes?

She has one and those nukes are being spread around the world in many different ways such as by trucks, cars, ships, planes, UAVs, and just by humans.

Other nations which helped force Israel to be divided "for peace" will be divided by God. Other nations which tried to force Israel to live under Muslim rule and Shiria Law, will have to live under Muslim rule and Shiria Law.

Basically, God is tired of our crap and it is time to face the judge. We cannot prevent the punishment, but we can shorten and lessen the punishment by repenting and turning back to God. Those who will refuse to repent, will be destroyed. God flatly let me know in a number of dreams that the people who refuse to turn from their adulteries, God will kill them. God has had enough and we must pay the price for our crimes.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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